Free Praxis Core Practice Test: Math, Reading & Writing (2024)

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Welcome to Prepterminal’s Praxis Core practice test page. The Praxis Core Test assesses a candidate’s basic knowledge of writing, reading, and mathematics. We have developed a series of Practice Core practice tests, so you can familiarize yourself with the Praxis Core. Our Praxis Core practice questions will give you a sneak preview of what will appear on your Praxis exam.

Take our free Praxis practice test to determine how prepared you are for your test.

Reading Quiz

Writing Quiz

Pass Praxis Core: Tips and Tricks

Take a Praxis Core practice test

Take as many Praxis Core practice tests as you can. The more you practice the more familiar you will become with the testing style and question types. Through practice, you will also learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. This way you can tailor your study to improve your weaker areas.

Repetition is key

The more you repeat questions you are struggling with, the better you will become at solving such questions. Once you strengthen your areas of weakness, you will improve your testing score. Also, you will gain confidence in all areas of the test. This confidence will help you calm before test nerves.

Use the free Praxis study materials provided by Prepterminal

Prepterminal has a wealth of free information about the Praxis tests. Feel free to check out our Praxis guide and complete our free Praxis Core practice tests. This way you won’t be met with any unwanted surprises on the day of the test.

Praxis Prep Course

Beat the Test with Prepterminal’s Prep Course

You must score well on the Praxis Core, to be accepted for admission into many teacher prep programs. As this is an important stepping stone toward your future as a teacher, you should prepare.

Prepterminal offers a wealth of information about the Praxis tests and Praxis Core pages.
We also provide a comprehensive Praxis Core Prep course. The course includes 1 reading guide, 2 writing guides, 13 maths guides, and 1 graphic literacy & data sets guide. Get all the preparation you need with our 3 reading tests, 13 writing tests, 13 maths tests, and 1 graphic literacy and data sets test. And, you will have plenty of time to practice, as we offer lifetime access and 24/7 support for any queries you may have.

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