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The Caliper Assessment is a highly challenging test administered by employers to measure the cognitive and behavioral fit of applicants to a given job role. 

  • Length: Untimed
  • Number of questions: 112 questions

While other cognitive assessments tend to administer a number of questions in a very short time frame, the Caliper Assessment tests a candidate’s ability by asking higher-difficulty cognitive questions alongside behavioral questions in an untimed format. 

This may, on the surface, sound much easier than the timed format, but this is exactly how the Caliper trips up test-takers. The difficulty level of this exam is high enough that the unprepared won’t be able to take on certain questions no matter how prepared they are – you simply know the correct method or you don’t.

The good news, however, is that this makes it so much easier to prepare for this exam – provided you have the correct material! Prepterminal’s Caliper Assessment Prep Course is the all-in-one package to prepare for the Caliper from the ground up, with a step-by-step, modular curriculum that provides all-around coverage for any question you’ll face on the Caliper Assessment. Get started studying today, and get the boost you need to kickstart your career today!

What is the Caliper Assessment Test?

The Caliper Assessment is a personality and ability test. Employers use the Caliper test to screen candidates and to discover applicants who have the traits and skills that best suit the job. The test is typically used to find candidates for roles that carry significant responsibility within a company.

The test measures 22 personality traits and has an ability (or abstract reasoning) component. The Caliper assessment consists of five sections of questions, three sections connected to personality, and two sections related to ability. There are a total of 112 items, and the test generally takes 75-90 minutes to finish. However, the Caliper assessment doesn’t have a time limit.

Some of the personality questions require you to choose: ‘most’ and ‘least’ from a block of four items, other personality items use a seven-point Likert scale. The ability questions are multiple-choice, where you will be given a choice of four answers. The test is typically completed online (although there is also a paper-based version).

You must answer all questions on this test, as the Caliper assessment cannot be marked if there are any blank spaces on the answer sheet.

Can You Fail The Caliper Assessment Test?

Although you can’t fail this exam, you should be aware that key aspects of your personality will be examined and scrutinized. So don’t think that this test will be a walk in the park.

Prepterminal’s all-inclusive guides, practice materials, and authentic practice questions are the ideal preparation resource for anybody who is required to take the Caliper Test.

What Does The Caliper Test Include?

The test covers five subjects:

  • Non-Figural Personality Profiling
  • Figural Analogies
  • Figural Series
  • Matrices
  • Number Series

When the candidate is asked to take the Caliper test, they may be told that in the self-assessment section, which in this case is the ‘Non-figural Personality Profiling’ section, that there is no binary right or wrong answer.

In reality, there is a guiding rationale behind the questions and a certain pattern of behavior or responses will be preferable to others. To this end, Prepterminal’s expertly formulated course material will ensure that you understand the ‘correct’ course of action needed to succeed in The Caliper Profile assessment. PrepTerminal will provide you with a firm stepping stone toward your desired career path.

Caliper Assessment: Course Content

3 Benefits Of PrepTerminal’s Caliper Test Course

At a glance…

  • An easy-to-follow video-based course that you progress through at your own pace.
  • A Complete curriculum-based preparation course.
  • Various assessment tests, study materials, practice tests, and cognitive aptitude test sample questions.

What You’ll Learn In Our Caliper Test Course

Strategy and composure

In the Caliper Test, you will need to be able to think on your feet and do so consistently. PrepTerminal’s course shows you the strategies you need to keep your cool and answer accurately.

Sharpen your abstract reasoning

To further increase the challenge posed by this exam, the Caliper test includes abstract reasoning questions. Our course will show you how to prepare for, identify and tackle these types of questions.

Full preparation for all Caliper tests

The Caliper Test is administered by a wide variety of companies across a range of industries. Our course has been designed to prepare applicants for various fields, from financial services to the automotive industry.

How to approach the personality assessment

The Caliper Test includes a major personality component to help employers understand the ‘fit’ of your personality to the job. Learn how to approach the personality-based module content in PrepTerminal’s prep course.

Caliper Assessment Practice Tests

Take Figural Analogies Practice Test

Take Figural Series Practice Test

Take Matrices Practice Test

Take Number Series Practice Test

Learn the Key Focus Factors

When it comes to taking the Caliper test, you need to be aware of exactly what you need to look out for in the questions. Without a thorough understanding of exactly how the test-makers are trying to trip you up, it will be very difficult to come out on top. Our course comes fully equipped with the reasoning required to overcome these challenges.

Fluff-Free Preparation

The Caliper is a challenging test. With our course, you will learn the essentials with no extraneous information muddying the water. Our guides are straight to the point and will direct you towards the most efficient, fluff-free approach to acing this exam.

Who Is This Caliper Course For?

In most cases, someone who has been asked to take the Caliper doesn’t have a lot of time between being informed of the test and actually sitting it. Time is short, and it’s vital to get this right.

You may be an expert test-taker, or you might be a bit rusty around the edges when it comes to tests – no matter what, this course has something to offer you.

This Caliper Test Preparation Course is perfect for:

  • Inexperienced test-takers who need to learn concepts covered in the Caliper test from scratch.
  • Experienced test-takers who wish to sharpen their skills and jog their memory and maximise their chances of success.

This course has been carefully designed to most effectively prepare you for the Caliper test without wasting time on irrelevant information. With this course, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve prepared for everything you could encounter on your test.

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The strategies provided in the Caliper Assessment simulation test provided by Prepterminal were quite effective. On a few occasions, I encountered some particularly challenging questions (especially in Figural Series) and sought assistance from my friends to work through them. However, this ended up making me stronger in the real examination. Now, I work for Verizon and this prep course was crucial to achieve my goals.

Julian S

I had to study hard for the Caliper Assessment test, so I bought a prep course from Prepterminal. It gave me a good understanding of what the actual test would be like, even though some of the questions were slightly different. But, I didn't have any issues passing and now I've landed the job I was after (at General Electric).

Kevin C.

The Calliper simulation course of Prepterminal has been crucial in my preparation for the real Caliper assessment exam. It has boosted my confidence and reduced my anxiety. I highly recommend it.

Juan Antiono J.

I applied for a job at AT&T, a company that uses the Caliper Assessment Test for evaluating new applicants. I acquired the Caliper Assessment Test preparation package from Prepterminal to overcome my insecurities, and it greatly aided me in taking the test with confidence and passing it successfully.

Joe R.

I recently took the Caliper Assessment simulation test provided by Prepterminal and was very impressed. The test accurately represented the actual Caliper Assessment and helped me gauge my understanding of the material. The online platform was easy to use and provided instant feedback and explanations for each question, allowing me to learn from our mistakes and improve my scores. Just I'd wish to have had a few more examples included.

Greg A.

The Caliper Assessment prep course from Prepterminal provided exactly what was needed to feel confident and familiar with the real exam. My experience taking the course closely mirrored the actual test. I passed with a high score (84) and got hired by Walmart.

Zhao M.

This material presented here provides a helpful foundation for grasping the fundamental concepts and getting an idea of what to expect in the Caliper Assessment test, so I'm happy to have purchased this simulation course. Although, it's worth noting that some questions in the actual assessment may slightly vary from those presented in this course.

Hose Angel R.

The materials in this course provided me with crucial practice for evaluating my abilities, and while transitions between figures were occasionally slower than I would have liked, the overall material is comprehensive and digestible.

Michael R

I appreciate the organization of topics and questions in the Caliper Course by Prepterminal. The transition between topics flows smoothly. BTW, I like very much how the FIgural Analogies section is organized., including the videos.

Zvonimir A.

The Caliper Course from Prepterminal helped me secure a job at Coca Cola. Comprehensive, organized, and easy to understand. Moreover, I was pretty amazed with the Figural Series section. Highly recommend!

Tiffany S.

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