Learn How to Pass the FireTEAM Test

Last updated 10/2020

The FireTEAM test is a video-based entry-level firefighter assessment test used by numerous fire departments all over the United States to determine if a candidate has the ideal skills that are expected of an effective firefighter.

Prepterminal’s all-inclusive FireTEAM prep course contains guides, practice materials, and authentic practice tests and FireTeam Quizlets are the ideal preparation resource for anybody seeking to pass the test.


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Introduction to the FireTEAM Test

Many state fire departments now use the FireTEAM testing system as their firefighter entrance exam including California, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington.

It replaces the old test prior to the FireTEAM test which was taken using a pencil/pen and paper format.

The current FireTEAM test is video-based, meaning the candidate will have to watch a number of videos before being asked a multiple-choice question that is focused on what was shown in the video.

Although the test contains math and reading comprehension questions, fire departments today are particularly concerned with the character of the person they are recruiting and how well they respond to challenging situations.

As a result, the new FireTEAM test focuses its questions on character such as teamwork and situational judgment in order to determine if a candidate is not only physically and mentally prepared but morally prepared as well. They do this to make sure that candidates are able to handle the responsibilities of being a firefighter or at least have the mindset to become one.

What does the FireTEAM Test Include?

As stated above, the FireTEAM test contains math and reading comprehension questions, which may sound easy on their own, but there are parts dedicated mainly related to firefighting that the average person may not be familiar with such as the situational judgement test and the mechanical aptitude test.

This is one of the main reason why aspiring applicants turn to a FireTEAM practice test or FireTEAM test prep so that they can tackle it sufficiently as some of the questions or concepts on the actual test are difficult to find on your own.

After all, firefighting is a very rewarding but challenging job, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Before you can be considered for an interview, your fire department needs to ensure that you have the minimum mental and emotional strength needed via the FireTEAM test in order meet and work through the challenges you’ll be faced with once you’ve become a firefighter.

So, let’s take a good look at the subjects contained within the FireTEAM test and why you should consider looking at a FireTEAM test prep or FireTEAM practice test.

The FireTEAM Test – Video-Based Human Relations Section

In this section of the FireTEAM test, you will watch a number of videos showing a variety of situations which would then be followed with a multiple-choice question that you will have to answer.

The questions are designed to test your interpersonal skills and situational judgement and will revolve around the scenario that was shown in the video.

As a firefighter, you will likely come across many emotionally-challenging situations. Some of these situations may be someone with life-threatening injuries, upset friends or relatives following a fire or even during a fire. You will be expected to deal with these scenarios calmly and sensitively.

In Part 1 of the Human Relations section, you will be given questions where you will have to pick the best possible course of action for each situation. In Part 2, the questions revolve around the general behavior of a firefighter.

In total, there will be 28 scenarios and 76 questions in the Human Relations section of the FireTEAM test. You will only have a total of 57 minutes to answer everything.

The FireTEAM Test – Animated Mechanical Aptitude Section

In this portion of the FireTEAM test, you will be shown several videos that are related to mechanics. This means you will be asked questions revolving machinery such as water pressure, valves, and pulleys because all of these are present in numerous, if not ALL firefighting equipment.

This section of the test aims to determine if you have the capability of using, handling, repairing, and maintaining such equipment by showing some knowledge on their inner workings.

As a result, it will be in your best interest to have some basic mechanical knowledge and skills as this will assure the fire department that you want to join that you are qualified to operate and maintain their equipment, if not, someone that can be trained easily to do such things.

There is a total of 36 questions that need to be answered in this section. You will be given 43 minutes to answer all of them.

The FireTEAM Test – Mathemetical Ability Section

This section is included in the FireTEAM test because, in your work as a firefighter, you will need a basic level of mathematical skills in order to calculate important things while working in the fire department.

Some examples of the types of questions that will be asked in this section may be:

  • how much time is needed or will be needed on a rescue
  • how much oxygen you have left while going through a burning and smoke-filled building
  • how much water is left in the firetruck after a certain amount of time,
  • are you using enough water pressure to sufficiently douse the fire inside a building or reach a certain level if it’s a really tall building.

Generally, however, you will be asked questions about proportions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in scenarios specifically related to firefighting.

This section has 31 questions and you are allotted 25 minutes to finish all of it.

The FireTEAM Test – Verbal Ability Section

During your downtime as a firefighter, or following an incident, you will be expected to write incident reports regarding the fire. This means that you have to describe everything that occurred and what measures did you and your team took while trying to put out the fire.

As a result, you are required to have some basic reading comprehension skills in order to function well as a firefighter.

The questions will come in a variety of forms but usually centers around a short sentence or two and you will be asked to fill in the missing words to complete it.

This is similar to the CLOZE test that is administered in police exams, which means that the missing words will always be made discoverable based on the context of the sentence or the passage.

There are up to 27 questions to answer, and you are allotted 15 minutes to complete this section.

Additional Information About the FireTEAM Test

What is the Passing Score for the FireTEAM Test?

The passing scores for each section will depend on the state and the fire department that you are interested in joining.

In some states like California, firefighter jobs are highly competitive and there is a significant amount of applicants competing for a slot every year. As a result, the average passing score for each section in the FireTEAM test is around 80% if you are applying for a position somewhere in California.

In other states, the required score can be as low as 65%.

This doesn’t mean that you should be content with just getting the minimum or passing grade, however, since the fire department will take a look at the scores of each applicant and compare them from one another.

While this may seem like something you can ignore, you will need every advantage that you can get as a single point can determine whether or not will you be invited to the next part of the hiring process or if your application will be skipped entirely in favor of other high-scoring candidates.

As a result, it would be in your best interest to take advantage of any, if not all FireTEAM test quizlets and FireTEAM test preps, so that you can get a good score and stand out from the other candidates. This will give you the best chance of landing that dream job of yours.

When Can I Take or Retake the FireTEAM Test?

Once you have submitted your application to the fire department that you are interested in, they will inform you on when you will be required to take the FireTEAM test depending on the available slots at their partner assessment center or in-house assessment center.

In the event that you have failed the FireTEAM test and you want to retake it, you will have to wait 3 months before trying again, giving you enough time to prepare for it.

Note that if you try to bypass the waiting period by applying to another fire department you could invalidate your score, application, or even be put on a blacklist, banning you from applying ever again.

What do I Need to Bring for the FireTEAM Test?

In general, you will have to be 18 years of age and you need to pay a testing fee. Furthermore, you will need to provide an ID of sorts, a few of the many IDs accepted are:

  • Your driver’s license (This must be valid in the state that you are applying in)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Armed Service ID

Warning! You are not allowed to bring a calculator, pen, pencil, or paper to the test. This means you will have to mentally perform the calculations needed in the mathematical ability section of the FireTEAM test.

FireTEAM Test Tips

  1. Set up a regular time in your daily schedule that you set aside to study. This can be as long or as short as half an hour. Make sure the area you are studying is quiet enough for you to focus.
  2. Part of the test you will need to demonstrate your memory skills. Start practicing in your everyday life. If you are walking and see a billboard, take 10 seconds to look at it carefully. Then, as you go about your way, try to remember details such as color, names, and dates. Using FireTEAM practice tests can also help improve your memory skills.
  3. Be sure you are getting enough sleep because proper rest will greatly affect your concentration and memory skills.
  4. Motivate yourself. Find a way to be enthusiastic in your FireTEAM preparation. Prove to yourself that you can earn a high score and make the grade. Keep a positive outlook and make it a constructive experience. Using Prepterminal’s FireTEAM prep course will help you prepare for the test and can be a great motivational tool.
  5. Preparing for your FireTEAM test can help give yourself enough time practice each section of the test. This will give you more confidence and provide you with a realistic expectation for the actual exam.

How Prepterminal Can Help With the FireTEAM Test

The FireTEAM test can be a difficult aptitude test to get through, and for good reason. Given the responsibilities that you have to take when becoming a firefighter.

You shouldn’t just settle for just a passing grade, as fire departments take a look at all candidates scores, so depending on whether or not you did well on the firefighter exam, WILL affect your application. Our comprehensive FireTEAM Test Prep Course is designed by firefighting experts and test developers who regularly keep an eye and research the contents of the FireTEAM so that our guides are always up-to-date.

With their help, we were able to produce a full curriculum-based course for an optimal structured learning experience that covers every section so that test-takers can prepare and succeed despite its difficult nature.

This means that our FIRETEAM prep course has study guides, video guides, practice questions, and full practice tests that contain all of the subjects, questions, and question formats that will appear in the FireTEAM test.

Here at Prepterminal, we know that there are no bad test-takers, only ones that are more informed and more prepared. Secure your future at the fire department of your dreams by studying and practicing with our FireTEAM Test Prep Course today!

Learn How to Pass the FireTEAM Test

Last updated 10/2020

The FireTEAM test is a video-based entry-level firefighter assessment test used by numerous fire departments all over the United States to determine if a candidate has the ideal skills that are expected of an effective firefighter.

Prepterminal’s all-inclusive FireTEAM prep course contains guides, practice materials, and authentic practice tests and FireTeam Quizlets are the ideal preparation resource for anybody seeking to pass the test.

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