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The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is a component of the Texas Success Initiative program. This program assists colleges and universities, helping them decide if candidates are capable of taking college-level subjects in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing.

What is the TSI Test?

If you are a prospective college student in Texas, you must take the TSI Assessment, unless you qualify for an exemption. The TSI exam will help your future university or college to assess your readiness for studies at a college level. The score you achieve on your TSI test will determine if you can enter directly into college-level courses. If you don’t do well on your TSI exam you may first need to take developmental courses or interventions to improve your math, reading, and/or writing skills. Such courses will help to prepare you for success in a university-level curriculum.

There are several ways you can avoid taking the TSI, such as getting your Level-One certificate certification, a past or current military enrollment, or successfully passing English and math courses at a university level. If you do need to take the TSI test, your prospective college will notify you.

What to Expect From The TSI Test?

There are three TSI subtests, namely the TSI assessment in math, reading, and writing. Each of these subtests is discussed here.

The TSI Assessment in Math

The TSI Assessment in Mathematics is a multiple-choice test that features the four subjects seen below. There are around 20 questions on the TSI placement exam and 10 questions in each part of the TSI diagnostic exam.

  • Elementary Algebra and Functions assesses your understanding of inequalities and systems; linear equations; word problems and applications; and algebraic equations and expressions.
  • Intermediate Algebra Functions assesses your understanding of equations and functions; quadratic and other polynomial functions, equations, and expressions; equations, expressions, and functions such as roots, powers, and radicals; and exponential and rational expressions, functions, and equations.
  • Geometry and Measurements assesses your understanding of area, linear, and three-dimensional measurements, and plane geometry transformations and symmetry.
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability assesses your understanding of statistical measures and probabilistic reasoning, and interpretation of quantitative and categorical data.

Given the complexity and different subject matter covered on this exam, preparation is a must. Preparing beforehand will not only provide you with familiarity with the type of questions featured on the TSI assessment in mathematics, but it will also help you practice and strengthen your areas of weakness. Our TSI Math quiz provides a great starting point. Take out the free quiz now.

The TSI Assessment in Reading

The TSI test in reading is a multiple-choice exam that features four subject areas seen below. There are around 24 questions on the TSI placement test and 10-12 questions in each part of the TSI diagnostic exam.

  • Literary Analysis assesses your ability to analyze and identify concepts in and parts of literary texts.
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details assesses your ability to isolate the central concept of a passage and to understand overt textual information in a passage of text.
  • Inferences in a Text or Texts measure your ability to draw together concepts by forming comparisons and connections between two text passages, and by forming inferences about one passage of text.
  • Author’s Use of Language assesses your ability to understand and interpret the tone, purpose, organization, or rhetorical techniques. It also measures your ability to use evidence and to understand the meaning of words in a given context.

The TSI assessment in reading is more complex than it may first appear. That’s why practice is imperative. Through practice, you will learn how to approach passages of texts. And, this will help build your confidence and aptitude. Take the first step towards testing success by completing our TSI Reading quiz.

The TSI Assessment in Writing

The TSI Assessment in writing features a multiple-choice part and an essay part.

The multiple-choice section
The multiple-choice part of the TSI Assessment in writing determines your level of skill in the four areas seen below. There are around 20 questions on the TSI placement test and 10-12 questions on each part of the TSI diagnostic test.

  • Essay Revision assesses your capacity to display coherence, good word selection, and organization. And, your capacity to use rhetorical strategies effectively and apply evidence.
  • Agreement assesses your capacity to carry out the subject-verb agreement and pronoun agreement. It also measures your ability to use verb tenses.
  • Sentence Structure assesses your understanding of subjects such as run-on sentences and comma splices; parallelism and fragments; improper punctuation; and coordination and subordination.
  • Sentence Logic assesses your capacity to accurately use modifying clauses and phrases and your capacity to use transitions logically.

Essay Section
In this section, you could be told to write a five-paragraph (250-500 words) essay that is persuasive in form. You may be asked to write on a current issue of interest or on a controversial topic. You will need to state a central idea and give particular examples to support your central idea. You will also need to adhere to the conventions of standard English. You won’t be permitted to use outside resources or a dictionary. You can, however, use plain scratch paper to plan out your essay and/or write down your first draft.

While writing may come easily to some, it is a struggle for others. And, many aspects of writing in English may not be familiar to all of us. That’s why it is recommended to study before approaching the real TSI writing test. Completing our free TSI Writing quiz is a great way to start practicing for your writing test. Improve your writing skills and optimize your TSI testing score by taking our quiz today.

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What to Do After Receiving the TSI Scores?

TSI scores are provided the same day you complete your TSI exam. Your score will be sent to you electronically. You can then forward your TSI scores to the college you wish to attend. You can also use your scores down the track if you decide to transfer to a different college later on.

If you achieve a good score on the TSI, your college will deem you prepared and ready for the university curriculum. You will then be permitted to undergo the regular enrollment process. However, if you attain a poor score on the TSI test, your choice of first-year subject courses may be limited.

If you get a low score on the TSI exam you have two options. You can retake the TSI test or consult with your college. If you decide to consult with your college, you will be placed in courses that align with your level of skill in the subjects you are weaker in. This means that you will take remedial level courses rather than college-level courses, to begin with.

If, for example, you score poorly on the reading part of the test, you won’t be permitted to enroll in courses that demand large amounts of reading. A poor score on the writing or math section will stop you from being able to take advanced courses in either of these areas. Furthermore, you must be enrolled in these remedial courses for a given period of time prior to moving on to college courses in these subject areas.

How To Prepare For Your TSI Test and Score High on the Exam

If you wish to be well prepared for your TSI exam, Prepterminal provides an online TSI Prep Course. The course is created to give you all and every resource you need to effectively study for the TSI exam. Our TSI Prep Course includes both written and video modules to keep you engaged while you study. Make sure you give yourself the best chance of college success. Don’t get left behind. Nobody wants to have to play catch up with their peers. Complete our free practice quizzes and enroll in our TSI Prep Course to improve your TSI test score. And, help secure your place in a college-level course.

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