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How SHL Tests Work

Do you have an SHL test coming up? Chances are you’ll be taking one as part of a candidate screening process. Here’s the thing: SHL tests can be notoriously difficult and as much as you’ll want to find cheat SHL test answers, there are no shortcuts.

SHL are used by employers, universities, and more to screen candidates with their cost effective yet efficient psychometric testing. It makes sense – if you were an employer, you’d probably want to filter candidates who don’t quite have the technicality or skill needed for a role.

SHL assessments test mechanical comprehension, spatial awareness, verbal, inductive, and numerical reasoning. They also can be tailored to a specific job or department within a company. Looking for SHL test answers? Our course will prepare you with SHL practice test answers and a practice course that will help you ace the test and outperform any competition for the job.

Table of Contents

What Does the SHL Course Cover?


SHL Verbal Reasoning

SHL Numerical Reasoning

SHL Inductive Reasoning

SHL Mechanical Reasoning

Occupational Personality Questionnaire(OPQ)

SHL Motivation Questionnaire

SHL Situational Judgement

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Types of SHL Tests

SHL provides a wide variety of SHL tests and even produces bespoke tests for clients to meet specific requirements in employee screening. The main tests are:

  • SHL Numerical Reasoning
  • SHL Verbal Reasoning
  • SHL Inductive Reasoning
  • SHL Mechanical Comprehension
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Situational Judgment

Numerical Reasoning

These tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and utilize numerical or statistical data. Data is presented to the candidate, who must use said data in order to answer a given question.

Sample Question:

Botten’s Bottles Ltd. Product Range


Cost Per Unit USD




Sale per unit (USD)

Profit per unit (USD)

Coppice I






Coppice II
























Question: Covers a candidate’s ability to deal with equations covering multiple operation types. The most complex variants of this question type involve all four operations, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in a single equation.

  • A. Coppice I
  • B. Coppice II
  • C. Oakthorpe
  • D.Kingshurst-A
  • E. Kingshurst-S

Solution: First, we must identify the total input cost ‘c’ of each product. This is achieved easily by subtracting profit from sales price. The input costs are as follows:

A: 9.6 B: 8.6 C: 6.5 D: 17.5 E: 20

Now, we divide the money input ‘m’ by the cost of making the product ‘c’ to find the volume of each product ‘y’ one can produce with that amount of money:


This yields the following volumes of production for each product:

A: 10.41 B: 11.627 C: 15.38 D: 5.714 E: 5

As one cannot sell a fraction of a product, we round down the number of products ‘y’ to the nearest whole number:

A: 10 B: 11 C: 15 D: 5 E: 5

Now, we multiply these values by the profit per product ‘p’ to reach the total profit ‘P’.


This yields the values:

A: 33.3 B: 44 C: 39 D: 12.5 E: 25

And so, this gives the answer: B, Coppice II yields the highest profit given a $100 investment.

Verbal Reasoning

These tests assess a candidate’s ability to comprehend and critically evaluate passages of written information. Candidates are presented with a passage of information, and based upon the premise of the passage, must identify the truthfulness of given statements.

Sample Question “A certain high street restaurant finds it beneficial to employ temporary staff during the summer. Due to a combination of permanent staff seeking holiday time and others taking holiday leave in other professions the restaurant does not have the permanent staff available to meet the full demand. This manner of employment often attracts students who seek to save money in between terms, who may later return as well-qualified recruits for higher management roles in the organization. By ensuring that temporary staff are educated about the restaurant’s operation in as much depth as possible, the restaurant encourages interest in pursuing a full recruitment with the restaurant’s corporate office in future, depending on the subject the student has studied. Restaurants pay temporary staff the same per-hour rate as permanent staff, but without the entitlement to sick leave or bonus schemes.”

Statement 1: Temporary staff are hired at a 1:1 ratio to the number of permanent staff taking holiday time.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot Say

Statement 2: If no restaurant staff took holiday time, the restaurant would not hire any temporary staff during the summer.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot Say

Statement 3: Temporary staff are paid only for hours worked.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot Say


Statement 1: Cannot say. The replacement ratio of permanent staff to temporary staff is not given, and the training of permanent staff cannot be taken into account or assumed as it is not outright stated in the test.

Statement 2: False. As the shortfall in staff comes from both staff taking leave and increased seasonal demand, there remains a shortfall even if no staff took leave. As a result, temporary staff would still be taken on if no permanent staff took leave, albeit a lower number.

Statement 3: True. As no sick leave or bonuses are afforded to temporary staff, they are paid only for hours worked.

Inductive Reasoning

These tests assess a candidate’s ability to identify relationships between given items, using neither numerical nor verbal ability, instead making use of shapes or patterns in order to identify intelligence.

Sample question:


Which image is next in the sequence?

A    B    C    D    E

Answer:   E – Each new star is a different color to the previous star, and the colors switch with each new image. As the previous star to the right of the new star was orange and is now yellow, the new star is orange.

Mechanical Comprehension

These tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and apply basic mechanical and physical principles, using questions based on various mechanical mechanisms and situations such as pulleys and belts, where the candidate must identify the correct answer based on their mechanical knowledge.

Sample Question:


Which wheels are turning clockwise?

  • A, D, F
  • C & F
  • A, B, D, E
  • None

Answer:   C – As the belt is moving clockwise, the upper half is moving to the right and the lower half is moving to the left. The wheels contained within the belt rather than those on the outside will be pulled clockwise with the belt, while those on the outside will be pulled in the opposite direction. As A, B, D, and E are contained within the belt, they are turning clockwise.

Spatial Awareness

These tests assess a candidate’s comprehension of spatial dimensions and ability to manipulate the spatial dimensions of shapes. Candidates are often required to answer questions about rotation or reflection, or they may be required to identify the correct 3d shape which would be created by 2d plans.

Sample Question:


Which 2d shape forms the given cube when folded?

A    B    C    D

Answer:   A – The three uppermost squares in shape A form the three visible faces of the cube when folded.

Situational Judgement

These tests are psychological assessments which examine a candidate’s judgment in presented work-based scenarios. With Prepterminal SHL practice test answers we can improve your scores on each SHL testing type!

Sample question:   You have been scheduled to meet with a client who has shown interest in buying from your company later today. Prior to this, you have asked a colleague from another team to provide you with the necessary presentation materials in order to effectively pitch the product. However, he has not sent the materials, and upon further investigation you learn that he had mistakenly believed these to be required next week, and has not prepared any of it at this time.

You arrive at his office and explain the situation in order to see if he can deliver anything in time for the meeting. He suggests that there are two options: he can either rush a presentation from scratch, potentially at the expense of quality, or he can try to modify a pitch presentation for the previous product in the same line in order to reflect the current product, though he is likely to make mistakes in his description of the product.

Tastk: Select the answer that you would be most likely to choose and the one you would be least likely to choose.

A. Allow your colleague to rush the presentation, and use the rushed presentation to meet the client.

B. Ask your colleague to modify an existing presentation for an old product, and use the modified presentation to meet the client.

C. Attempt to have the meeting postponed, and in your explanation to your superiors inform them that it was the fault of your colleague who had not prepared the appropriate material.

D. Decline both offers and attempt to pitch the product without a pitch presentation.

As this is a situational judgment test, there is no outright correct response – it is the responsibility of the test-taker to gauge how the company would wish them to behave.

Practice SHL Tests

The SHL practice test answers and questions on this page constitute just a small fraction of the questions that you should expect on each kind of test, and the difficulty in real SHL tests can vary greatly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I have a very short notice, do I have enough time to practice?

You are not alone here. 90% of our users recieve a short notice of just a few days and even less. That’s why we created this Rapid SHL Prep Course. You can quickly and dramaticaly improve your performance on the test day with our easy video tutorials and just the right amount of practice questions. You wont be overwhelmed with thousands of questions. You probably wont have the time for this and its unnecessary.

How many times will I be charged?

You will only be charged once for your license to use this course. There won’t be any recurring charges when your license expires, and no hidden fees.

How does the course work?

The Rapid SHL course is a modular program in which each module contains instructional guides & practice quizzes. At the end of the course you can take full-length practice tests to experience the real thing in a realistic timed environment.

Do I get practice tests?

Yes! The Rapid SHL course comes with a wide range of practice tests for each category, as well as full-length practice tests to test your knowledge after finishing all our modules.

Who is behind the course?


Michael Lerner, BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Criticall Test Expert

Since 2007, I have been teaching and preparing people for a variety of pre-employment psychometric tests. Over the past 7 years I have focused primarily on the Caliper test, as I identified a growing demand for this type of test and noticed that my students experienced difficulties with the Caliper.

I am familiar with many assessment tests, but this test is the trickiest of them all. Throughout the years, I have personally seen thousands of Caliper questions and I have developed a unique tactic for approaching each question type.

In Feb 2015 I decided to create this course, instead of one-on-one tutoring, as this course is more efficient, more affordable and easier to use. I personally wrote this course together with professional psychometric test writers who have studied the Caliper Test inside-out, and have fine-tuned it over the past 5 years, in keeping with a lot of the feedback from my students.

I update the course on a regular basis. Over the past 5 years, this course has helped more than 7,500 people pass the Caliper test and get hired. Many of them failed the first and sometimes second time before they found my course.

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SHL Verbal Reasoning

SHL Numerical Reasoning

SHL Inductive Reasoning

SHL Mechanical Reasoning

Occupational Personality Questionnaire(OPQ)

SHL Motivation Questionnaire

SHL Situational Judgement

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