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The U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps use the Aviation Selection Test Battery (ASTB) as a component for the screening process for acceptance into officer aviation programs. As aviation training and practice are time-consuming and costly, candidates need to be rigorously screened. Positions within these programs are sort after and the competition can be intense. That’s why it is highly recommended to sufficiently prepare and practice for the ASTB using ASTB practice tests and study guides.

At PrepTerminal our team of psychometric experts has tailor-made an ASTB comprehensive course and a study guide so you can maximize your chances of success. Try our ASTB practice test free, see below, and see how you fare.

What is The ASTB Test?

The Aviation Standard Test Battery (ASTB) is used by the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy to choose appropriate individuals for the Navy Officer Candidate School and the Navy and Marine Corps pilot and flight office programs. The U.S. Coast Guard uses sections of the ASTB to choose pilots for training and applicants for its non-aviation officer commissioning initiative.
The ASTB is a multiple-choice computer test made up of seven subtests that are created to assess skills that are needed to succeed in an aviation setting. The majority of the subtests are computer-adaptive, meaning each question will be adapted to the abilities of the test-taker according to their previous answers.
When you take the ASTB, you will need to consider whether to sit the entire ASTB test or just the OAR. The OAR is made up of only 3 of the 7 subtests and is designed for candidates who want to become an officer, but don’t want to be involved in any aviation-related occupations. The OAR part of the test can take between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The entire ASTB takes from 2 to 3 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

ASTB Course

What’s in the ASTB Test?

All of the 7 ASTB subtests are described below:

Math Skills Test

The Math Skills Test features 30 items and takes 25 minutes to complete. The math skills assessment includes algebra and arithmetic, with some geometry. The test has both word problems and equations. For some of the questions, the test-taker will need to solve for variables, in other questions they will be required to estimate simple probabilities, and they will also have to solve time and distance problems. The following skills are assessed in this test: solving for variables, arithmetic operations, roots, fractions, exponentiation, and the calculation of area, angles and perimeter of geometric shapes.

Reading Comprehension Test

The Reading Comprehension Tests feature 27 items and need to be completed in 25 minutes. The questions in the test require ASTB test-takers to analyze text passages. Each question requires the test-taker to decide which of the answer options can be inferred from the written passage. Although this may appear quite simple, test-takers need to keep in mind that wrong answer options may look like they are ‘true’. However, there is only one answer for each question, which should be determined based solely on the information provided in the text passage.

Mechanical Comprehension Test

The Mechanical Comprehension Test features 30 items and needs to be completed in 15 minutes. The questions on this section of the ASTB include items that would generally be found in an introductory high school physics course. Test-takers need to apply these topics to a range of different situations. The items in this section of the test assess the test-taker’s understanding of principles connected with liquids and gases, and the knowledge of the ways in which these properties influence volume, pressure, and velocity. The subtest also features questions that connect to the performance and components of engines, gears, principles of electricity, weight distribution, and the workings of simple machines, including pulleys and fulcrums.

Aviation and Nautical Information Test

The Aviation and nautical Information Test features 30 items and needs to be completed in 15 minutes. This subtest evaluates a test-taker’s knowledge of aviation history, nautical terminology and procedures, and aviation concepts including, aerodynamic principles, aircraft components, and flight regulations and rules. Out of all the ASTB subtests, the Aviation and Nautical Information test score can most easily be bettered through study, as it is primarily a test of knowledge and not aptitude.

Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory

The Naval Aviation Trait Facet Inventory subtest is like a personality test. This is a key part of the ASTB as it measures your behavioral suitability in relation to an aviation Officer’s position. You can prepare for this personality inventory by practicing on sample tests until you become confident with the format and sorts of questions on this subtest.

Performance-Based Measures Battery

In the Performance-Based Measures Battery, you will be given a map to examine and a flight simulation format. Your task will be to guide an airplane on a screen in keeping with particular directions.

Biographical Inventory with Response Validation

The Biographical Inventory with Response Validation test is formatted as a biodata questionnaire, showcasing your previous experience and aviation achievements.

How ASTB Scoring Works

You are expected to work efficiently without compromising on accuracy on the ASTB exam. If you don’t complete a sufficient number of questions before the end of the test a penalty could be applied to your score. The harshness of the penalty will increase as the number of items answered decreases. Thus, the consequences of guessing randomly could be detrimental to your final score, more so than not finishing the whole exam.

The subtest scores are put together to create four composite scores, which are graded on a mixed stanine where the scores range from 1 through to 9. You will receive an immediate score report once you have completed all seven subtests.

Make sure you achieve your optimal score on your ASTB test by starting your preparations early with PrepTerminal. Believe us the minor sacrifices you make now in order to be ready on test day may have a significant effect on your future career.

Every branch of military service and occupation has its own minimum scores for the ASTB.

  • Minimum passing ASTB scores for Student Naval Aviators: 4 AQR, 5 PFAR
  • Minimum passing ASTB scores for Marine Pilots and Marine Flight Officers: 4 AQR, 6 FOFAR
  • Minimum passing ASTB scores for Student Naval Flight Officers: 4 AQR, 5 FOFAR
  • Minimum passing ASTB scores for the Coast Guard’s OCS: 4 AQR, 5 PFAR
  • Academic Qualifications Rating (AQR): This score is influenced by your performance on all subtests, but the biggest effect is made by the Math Skills Test.
  • Pilot Flight Aptitude Rating (PFAR): This score is influenced by your performance on all subtests, but the biggest difference is made by the Aviation & Nautical Info and Spatial Apperception Tests.
  • Flight Officer Flight Aptitude Rating (FOFAR): This score is influenced by your performance on all subtests, but the biggest effect is made by the Math Skills Test.

If you want to be considered for the Navy’s OCS, you need to receive a minimum OAR score of 35. Bear in mind that minimum scores can be deceptive, as successful applicants tend to achieve scores that are considerably more competitive.

How to Register for the ASTB Test

If you want to take the ASTB you should get in touch with your local recruiter. Your recruiter will decide what your initial qualifications are and arrange for you to sit the ASTB. The location where you take the ASTB will be determined once a test seat is free. Possible testing locations are, for example, NROTC units at selected universities, Navy recruiting stations, military institutes, and Marine Corps officer selection offices. Before the ASTB test date, you will need to complete the BI-RV subtest by yourself. You will need a computer with an internet connection to do so.

How to Prepare for the AFOQT Test

The best way to prepare for the AFOQT test is to study beforehand. You will need to practice and develop some test-taking techniques for the AFOQT if you wish to score well enough to land the job you are after in the Air Force. You will also need to learn how to apply knowledge and understanding that is particular to the Air Force Officer role.

Here are 5 points that can help you prepare for your AFOQT test:

  1. Focused preparation will make certain that your test score is an accurate reflection of your skills and aptitudes
  2. Familiarize yourself with all the instructions and the time limits.
  3. Targeted practice and repetition are imperative.
  4. Developing flashcards for practice and drilling can be helpful.
  5. Develop a strict study schedule that is free from interruptions and distractions.

How many times am I Allowed to Take the ASTB Test?

There is a three-time lifetime limit to trying for the ASTB. If you wish to retest, the date of the retest must not be before thirty-one days after the date you took your initial exam. If you want a second retest, you cannot retest earlier than ninety-one days after your initial retest.

Individuals who took the ASTB for an OAR may return within thirty days of their first test to complete the ASTB by sitting the remaining subtests. This is known as a test merge. In this instance, applicants need to wait until they receive their OAR score before they can take the remaining subtests. Furthermore, even if the OAR part of the test was taken as a pen-and-paper test, the remaining test needs to be sat using the CAT format. The date the test-taker completes the remaining subtests is deemed the official test date that counts towards the three-time lifetime restriction.

ASTB Test Day

Ensure that you arrive on time, and bring a type of identification with you that has your name, a photo, and your signature on it. Also, bring your social security card. You are not allowed to bring items including cell phones, purses, calculators, book bags, and study materials into the testing area.

How to Prepare for the ASTB Test

Like most things in life doing well on the ASTB involves dedication and hard work. If you’re not able or willing to put time into preparing and studying for the ASTB then your chances of success are not very high.

If you want to be competitive and score well you will have to come with a good work ethic. You should keep in mind that the ASTB exam is very important for your long-term career. Scoring well on the ASTB can make a noticeable difference for your future position in the Navy. Studying smartly and practicing now will pay off in the end.

The best way to make sure you succeed is to use the top study guides and complete as many practice tests as you can. By doing this you will become more confident and more familiar with the type of material you are likely to encounter on the ASTB so that there will be no surprises when it comes to completing the real exam.

It is really a competitive exam, with many hard-working and capable candidates preparing for the ASTB. A top way to stand out from the crowd is to be one of the applicants that put effort into their study sessions and sit as many practice ASTB tests as possible.

Prepare With Prepterminal’s ASTB Comprehensive Course & Study Guides

Having seen the format and the material covered on the ASTB you may be a bit apprehensive about taking this test. Sure, this exam is tricky nevertheless with the right resources and our top ASTB study guide you can prepare effectively and succeed on your ASTB test.

The test itself is not too complicated, however, there is a plethora of material to cover and harsh time limits, so our quality ASTB study guide is simply invaluable when you are practicing for this exam. When time is limited you can easily make mistakes. That is why having access to our practice tests will help you familiarise yourself with the ASTB test questions and the time limit so you can learn from your mistakes along the way, and avoid making the same mistakes on the real ASTB.

At PrepTerminal we have designed and developed an ASTB course study guide so that when you go to write your exam you are as prepared as possible. Using our study guide ahead of time will help make the difference between actual success and failure. Our module-based course features comprehensive video and text-based ASTB style material so you can prepare as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. Don’t hesitate, the earlier you start your preparations the better your chances of success. Enroll in PrepTerminal’s preparatory ASTB comprehensive course and study guide today and begin your journey to test-taking success, and ultimately a career in the U.S. Navy.

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