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The ACCUPLACER Test is an exam that is used for college placement. The test strives to assess the strengths and weaknesses of students, in areas related to math and English. Colleges and technical schools use the results from your exam to place you in appropriate courses at college. They will also take note of your academic background and aims.

Our free ACCUPLACER practice tests (updated 2024) and ACCUPLACER Guide will help you succeed on the actual test. Practice on our ACCUPLACER style questions and detailed answers, to find out where your strengths are. By completing our ACCUPLACER practice tests you will also see just how ready you are for the real ACCUPLACER exam.


Prepterminal has prepared a short practice test, so you can get a taste of what is going to be on the real exam.

Math Test

Reading Test

Writing Test

How to Beat the Test: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

The following are tips and tricks to help you ace your test:

#1. Pace yourself

The greatest gift you have during the test is time. As the test comes with no time limit, you can spend as long as you like on each question. You may want to work as quickly as you can, to get the test over and done with. However, it is best not to take this approach. Rather you should aim to work through each question slowly and methodically. Pace yourself evenly, and give attention to each element of every question. This way you will give yourself the best chance of getting your answers right.

Furthermore, it’s perfectly normal to get nervous before taking any big test. And the ACCUPLACER is a big milestone. If you are feeling pressured during the exam, stop and take a few breaths to relax. As the test has no time limit, you can even close your eyes, or walk away from the computer for a few moments. Try to refocus on the question in front of you, and approach one question at a time. Remember why you are doing the exam, and concentrate on putting your best foot forward. You can also help calm your nerves by completing ACCUPLACER practice tests before the exam.

#2. Complete sample questions

Prior to each ACCUPLACER exam, you will be presented with 1-2 sample questions, so that you get to know the format. Approach these sample questions, and any ACCUPLACER practice tests you complete, with seriousness. Use them to prepare yourself for the real questions. If you get a sample question incorrect, don’t stress. Think about what you did wrong, and learn from your mistake when completing the actual questions. If you have practiced beforehand on an ACCUPLACER practice test and managed to get the sample question correct, take this as encouragement.

#3. Use the process of elimination

Every question on the ACCUPLACER test generally has 1-2 multiple choice answer options that will clearly be incorrect. Use the process of elimination to cross off these answer choices. This way, you have narrowed down the number of answers remaining that could be correct. If you still really don’t know the answer, take an educated guess from the remaining answers. Once you narrow down your answers you will have a better chance of getting the question right. You may want to use a piece of scratch paper to keep track of the answers you have eliminated as incorrect – this way you won’t end up getting confused.

#4. Complete the ACCUPLACER practice tests

Arguably the top way to prepare for the ACCUPLACER test is by doing ACCUPLACER practice tests. Prepterminal offers free ACCUPLACER practice tests so you can discover your current testing level. We have also developed a complete ACCUPLACER preparatory course to help you get all the information and practice you need. Ace your ACCUPLACER test by preparing with Prepterminal, and by making use of our ACCUPLACER practice tests.


About Prepteminal’s ACCUPLACER Course

The Acccuplacer test is a key stepping stone for anyone wishing to enter college or another higher-learning institution. Given its importance, it is critical that you prepare using ACCUPLACER practice tests before you take the real test. Make sure you use reliable and accurate study materials – like those offered by Prepterminal – so you can confidently embark on the next stage of your education journey.

Prepterminal’s course will help you review the material, and grasp the types of questions that are likely to feature on your test. Our course includes both written and video guides on the ACCUPLACER test. We have designed 400 practice tests to help you gain an understanding of what will be on the real exam. When you decide to prepare with Prepterminal you will save yourself time and money that you may otherwise spend taking remedial level courses.

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