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TalentQ tests are widely administered to put job applicants under tight time restrictions with difficult questions so that employers can get an accurate idea of how well they perform under pressure. Prepterminal’s TalentQ Preparation Course has everything you need to train for this challenging test.

About the Talent Q Prep Course

Established in 2006 as an offshoot from the SHL testing company, the TalentQ test is a leading ‘adaptive’ cognitive ability test, meaning that it adjusts its difficulty along the way to achieve pinpoint accuracy from candidate to candidate in measuring cognitive ability.

While this might sound like a good thing for test-takers, the reality isn’t quite so favorable. The adaptive testing means that if you do poorly on one question you will be given an easier question to follow up, but this means that one wrong answer can impact your entire score on future questions. In order to access your full potential, you need to answer correctly from the beginning and keep up a strong performance – otherwise you might find yourself trapped in a vicious cycle of low-level questions which trap you in the lower tiers of performance. This is why the TalentQ is particularly punishing: even if you feel you’re doing well, you may have just suffered early on and been given easier, lower-value questions as a result.

It’s absolutely essential to prepare thoroughly if you want to ensure a good TalentQ report – your first few answers are critical to your overall performance, so any slip can cost you greatly.

Prepterminal’s TalentQ test prep course has been created to help you prepare thoroughly for each question type so that you can be ready to perform well from the very first question, and secure a strong score report and get the job.

In addition, this course includes a comprehensive module on the TalentQ dimensions personality assessment, so you can fully prepare for every area of your test.

Who The Talent Q Preparation Course Is For

  • Job applicants who have never taken a TalentQ test before and would like to prepare in advance
  • Applicants who have previously taken a TalentQ test and would like to improve their score

Talent Q Prep Course

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Talent Q Prep Course
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