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The Postal Exam became an extremely difficult hurdle for USPS applicants when it was updated. Only 10-20% of applicants pass the exam’s passing grade of 70% and go on to receive a job offer.

Failing the Postal Exam isn’t just a matter of not getting that one job and being able to apply for other USPS positions. Your Postal Exam score is set in stone for two years and determines your eligibility for ANY role in the USPS.

Most candidates rush in to their first Postal Exam expecting that they can just try again or apply for another role if it doesn’t work out. This is the single biggest mistake you can make. Your performance on the Postal Exam is the most important part of your application that can make or break your opportunity to start a federal career with the USPS.

The Postal Exam is very difficult and you only get one shot every two years. So how do you ensure that you get it right the first time and open up as many options as possible with the USPS?

Now that we’re past the bad news about how difficult the exam is and just how much a lower score will restrict your opportunities with the USPS, I have good news for you.

By finding this page, you’ve already taken the first step towards skyrocketing your odds of passing to around 95%. By understanding how high the stakes are and the importance of getting a good score the first time, you’re ahead of roughly 50% of the competition.

So how do you beat the remaining 50% of the competition and ace the exam? Now that you’re here, the solution is surprisingly simple and only takes a few hours.

The secret formula to passing ANY version of the USPS Postal Exam is Prepterminal’s Postal Masterclass. This is the only purpose-built preparation tool you can find online, with specialized modules to walk you through every component of every version of the postal exam, with an easy guide on which version you’re taking and which modules you should study.

We’ve produced this quick & easy course in collaboration with USPS trainers and federal recruitment experts to deliver the best and quickest route to acing your postal exam. While the number of applicants who pass the Postal Exam range from 10-20% depending on the year, our students enjoy an incredible 95% passing rate.

It’s really that easy. Sign up today and supercharge your chance of passing all the way to 95% with the Postal Masterclass.

Now, about the exam itself! The table below shows which of our modules you should use depending on which test you’re taking. As soon as you’ve purchased your course you’ll be able to start studying online immediately, from any device.

Postal Exam 474 Postal Exam 475 Postal Exam 476 Postal Exam 477
Tell Us Your Story 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Describe Your Approach 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Interpersonal Skills 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Situational Judgment Test 🗸 🗸 🗸 🗸
Finding Duplicates x 🗸 🗸 🗸
Work Your Register x x x 🗸

Free Postal Exam Practice Test

Let’s take a look at a short Postal Exam practice test to get to know the test a bit better.

What Are the Four Versions of the USPS Postal Assessment?

USPS Exam 474 – USPS Mail Carrier Assessment

The postal exam 474 is used as the pre-employment test for the following positions:

  • Postal Service City Carrier
  • Postal Service Carrier Assistant 1
  • Postal Service City Carrier Assistant 2
  • Casual Postal Service City Carrier
  • Postal Service Rural Carrier
  • Postal Service Rural Carrier Associate
  • Postal Service Rural Carrier Assistant

USPS Exam 475 – USPS Mail Handler Assessment

The postal exam 475 is used as the pre-employment test for the following positions:

  • Postal Service Mail Handler
  • Postal Service Mail Handler Assistant
  • Casual Postal Service Mail Handler

USPS Exam 476 – USPS Mail Processing Clerk and Operator Assessment

The postal exam 476 is used as the pre-employment test for the following positions:

  • Postal Service Mail Processing Clerk
  • Postal Support Employee Mail Processing Clerk
  • Casual Mail Processing Clerk
  • Postal Service Data Conversion Operator
  • Postal Support Employee Data Conversion Operator
  • Casual Data Conversion Operator

USPS Exam 477 – USPS Customer Service Assessment

The postal exam 477 is used as the pre-employment test for the following positions:

  • Postal Service Sales Associate
  • Customer Service Associate
  • Postal Service Distribution Associate
  • Postal Support Employee Sales Associate
  • Postal Support Customer Service Associate
  • Postal Support Employee Distribution Associate
  • Casual Postal Service Sales Associate
  • Casual Postal Customer Service Associate
  • Casual Postal Distribution Associate

Postal Exam Prep Master Course Content

What Is a Good Score for the USPS Assessment Test?

In order to pass the USPS Exam, you’ll need to achieve a score of at least 70. This, however, doesn’t mean that you’re going to secure a job by simply scoring 70. The passing grade marks the bare minimum you need to achieve in order to be considered for the role.

Once you have achieved a score of 70, your USPS test score will be compared with those of other examines who have also scored above 70: priority in arranging interviews will be given to those with the highest scores, meaning that if you only scored 70 there may be no positions remaining by the time they reach you. You’re going to need to score quite significantly above the passing grade in order to secure any assurance of success.

In short: what is a good score for the USPS assessment test? As close as you can get to 100.

How Our USPS Prep Course Can Help You

The contents of your USPS test will vary depending on what position you are applying for, this means that at most, you will need four different study guides or preparation courses if you want to study for all of them in order to account for possible availability/unavailability. However, with our USPS Postal Exam Master Course, we can provide you with all the necessary materials needed to ace any of the postal exams.

This means you will get the USPS study guides and USPS practice tests for the 474, 475, 476, and 477 postal exams bundled together for the price of one!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Curated USPS Study Guides for all four postal exams including guides on how to tackle the Tell Us Your Story assessment and Describe Your Approach sections.
  • Position-applicable Workplace Scenarios study guides and full USPS Postal Exam Situational Judgement Tests.
  • Comprehensive Work Your Register study guide and practice test, which is the main focus of the postal exam 477.

Remember, the USPS requires you to wait a year before retaking the postal exam again in order to get a better score. Start practicing for the USPS Exam with Prepterminal to improve your scores.

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