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The TSI Assessment (TSIA) is part of the Texas Success Initiative program. The program aids universities and colleges, helping them assess if you are able to take on college-level courses in reading, math, and writing. If you are applying to a college in Texas, you are required to take the TSI Assessment, except in cases where an exemption is granted.

If you want a smooth transition to college-level subjects you must do well on your test. Thus, practice is essential. That’s why we at Prepterminal have created a series of sample TSI practice tests. The buttons below will lead you to our TSI practice tests.

Take our free TSI practice tests to determine how prepared you are for your test

Reading Quiz

Writing Quiz

The TSI exam is made up of three subjects: math, reading, and writing. The exam has no time limit. Each part of the test addresses a certain skill set. Every subject has an average of approximately 20 questions. Your TSI results will be used to determine whether or not you are ready to study college-level courses, in math, reading, and writing.

Why Practice Before the Real Exam?

A good score on the TSI indicates that you are ready to take on college-level subjects. When you score well on the TSI you are permitted to bypass remedial subjects. Before you sit the real TSI test, you’ll want to make sure that you have the skills you need to ace the test. Although you may have learned much of the material at high school, you may not remember all that you were taught.

So, how can you assess if you have the knowledge you need to do well on the TSI exam? To begin with, you can take the TSI practice tests designed by Prepterminal. These free practice tests will give you an indication of your current testing level. We offer free practice tests for each individual TSI subject area: math, reading, and writing. Completing a TSI practice test will help you find out how ready you are for the real exam. It will also point out your weaker areas, so you can focus on these topics when studying for your TSI exam.

You can also use the high-quality study TSI prep course materials developed by Prepterminal to ensure you have a thorough understanding of all the subjects you will need to address on your TSI exam. Feel free to take a look at our TSI Guide, which will provide you with an idea of what to expect from the TSI exam.

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F.A.Q. about TSI

At this point you may have some nagging questions. Here we will address the most common questions people have about the TSI exam.

Each section of the TSI exam has its own scoring method. A good score, or passing score ranges from 340-351.

No, you don’t have to take the TSI test. There are different ways that you can apply for an exemption

The registration fee for the TSI test is $29.

If you are applying for college in Texas, you must take the TSI exam. Unless, you get an exemption.

The TSI test is not timed. However, some universities suggest that you set aside two hours for the writing part and one hour for the math and reading parts.

The three parts of the TSI assessment are: Math, Reading, and Writing.

The Reading section has a minimum score of 351, the Mathematics section comes with a minimum score of 350, and in the Writing section you must achieve a score of 5 on the essay part, or a result of 4 on the essay section and a result of 340 on the multiple-choice part.

What Does Prepterminal Offer?

If you want to be well prepared for your TSI test, Prepterminal offers an online TSI Prep Course. The course is developed to provide you with all the resources and information you require to proficiently study for the TSI. Prepterminal’s TSI Prep Course features both written and video modules so you can easily follow along and remain engaged during your studies.

Stay on par with your peers. And, don’t end up playing catch up. Ensure that when you enter university you can immediately take college-level courses. The best way to do this is through thorough preparation. Complete Prepterminal’s free practice tests and enroll in our TSI Pre Course to boost your TSI testing score. Take action and make sure your transition to college is smooth.

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