TSI Reading Practice Test: 15 Q&A with Explanations

The Texas Success Initiative program includes the TSI Assessment (TSIA). This program, and this assessment, gives universities and colleges the information they require to see if you are able to enter directly into college-level subjects in the areas of mathematics, reading, and writing.

Check out our free TSI Reading Practice Tests. We developed these TSI Reading practice questions to be similar to the questions that appear on the Texas Success Initiative Assessment. Don’t get left behind. Keep up with your peers and enter college on the right foot. Begin your TSI Reading practice today, with our free TSI Reading practice test.

Free TSI Reading Practice Test

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The TSI Assessment in Reading

The TSI test in reading is a multiple-choice test, that is made up of four distinct subject areas, outlined below. There are approximately 24 questions on the TSI placement test and 10-12 questions in each section of the TSI diagnostic test.

  • Literary Analysis measures your capacity to study and recognize ideas in literary texts.
  • Main Idea and Supporting Details measure your capacity to identify the core concept of a passage and to interpret overt textual information in a certain text, or passage of text.
  • Inferences in a Text or Text assess your capacity to bring together ideas by drawing comparisons and connections between two different passages of text, and by drawing inferences about one text passage.
  • Author’s Use of Language measures your capacity to comprehend and interpret the purpose, tone, rhetorical methods, or organization of the text. It also assesses your capacity to draw on evidence in relation to the meaning of words, within a context.

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