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The Leadership Assessment is widely used by employers to select capable leaders for supervisory and managerial positions. It evaluates a candidate’s traits to measure their fit for positions of authority within a company.

The competencies you’ll be assessed on are shown in the table below:

Organizational skillsOrganizational skills
PlanningDecision-making skills
DelegationLeadership skills
Monitoring skillsDelegation

Figuring out how to represent your qualities in an ideal manner to demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the job can be extremely challenging in assessments concerning your personality & judgment. It will often seem as if there’s no right or wrong answer, but this is not the case. Prepterminal’s Leadership Assessment Prep Course has been written by psychometric experts to help you navigate the tricky format of this assessment and achieve a far higher score than your peers, getting you ahead in landing the job.

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About The Leadership Assessment Course

This assessment is an important tool for companies worldwide in identifying tomorrow’s leaders. This assessment makes a critical analysis of a candidate’s traits as they pertain to leadership with two key tests:

  • The Personality Assessment
  • The Situational Judgment Test

By using these two tools in tandem, employers can achieve deep insight into the desirable and undesirable traits displayed by a candidate for a leadership position, allowing them to select the best candidate for leadership roles and further development within the company.

The Personality Assessment focuses on the candidate’s traits on an individual level. The intuition behind this test is that employers can gain an understanding of a candidate’s core character in order to decide whether they can fundamentally fit the company culture. This measures traits such as behavioral tendencies, motives, and goals.

The Situational Judgement Test focuses on the candidate’s behavioral tendencies in relation to work-based scenarios. Questions in this test will describe realistic workplace scenarios with a range of answer options in order to gauge the work style of the candidate. In doing so, this test allows employers to understand exactly whether the candidate behaves in a manner that will be conducive to a leadership position.

Prepterminal’s Rapid Leadership Prep Course covers everything you need to know to approach this test with confidence, offering instructional guides and practice tests to effectively equip you for exam day. Get started today, and learn how to present your best self to your future employer.

Who is this Course For?

  • New applicants to management positions who have been asked to take the test
  • Candidates for internal progression within their company who have been asked to take the Assessment
  • Candidates who wish to develop their understanding of leadership traits in order to develop their suitability for such roles

Leadership Assessment Prep Course

What You’ll Get:

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  • 2 Full Practice Tests
  • Supervisory and Managerial SJT guides
  • 24/7 Support
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