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Understanding the SHL Assessments

SHL assessments are pivotal in the recruitment landscape, designed to mirror real-world job scenarios. They encompass five critical categories: Behavioral, Personality, Cognitive, Skill, and Job Focused. Each category serves a distinct purpose in evaluating a candidate’s professional potential.

Behavioral & Personality tests explore how individuals react in professional environments, assessing teamwork and personal work style. These insights are crucial in determining cultural fit within an organization.

Cognitive assessments measure mental agility and problem-solving skills, while Skill tests evaluate practical job-related capabilities. Job Focused assessments, tailored for specific roles, assess a candidate’s readiness and suitability for the position they aspire to.

Understanding these categories and excelling in them is key to standing out in the competitive job market. SHL assessments offer a clear window into a candidate’s aptitude, aiding organizations in identifying the right talent and guiding candidates towards roles where they can truly excel.

SHL Question Types & Examples

SHL assessments are composed of a wide range of question formats, each carefully designed to evaluate varying skills and competencies. The goal of these assessments is to provide a multi-dimensional perspective of a candidate’s abilities, whether it’s their proficiency with numbers, their understanding of written language, or their capacity to recognize patterns. Furthermore, these assessments are also time-bound, with each section having its own specific time limit. This varying time allotment serves a dual purpose.

The type and number of SHL assessments you might have to take entirely depends on your employer’s requirements. If you’re doubtful about the specific test you’ll be undertaking, it’s a good idea to get a basic understanding of all the different types of SHL assessments. Familiarizing yourself with each one will prepare you better for whatever assessment you might face.

Let’s take a peek at some example questions from different SHL tests.

SHL Situational Judgment Sample Question

In this Situational Judgment test, you’ll encounter 11 different scenarios, each accompanied by four potential responses. This means you’ll be responding to a total of 44 questions. You must select “most effective” or “least effective” for each option, and you cannot proceed without making a selection. You can choose multiple “most effective” options if required.

This test aims to check your behavioral traits and how they align with the job role. Let’s look at a sample question:


Sample Scenario:
Imagine you are a project manager and one of your team members frequently misses deadlines, causing delays in the project timeline. You have addressed the issue with the individual previously, but there's been no improvement. How would you approach this situation?

  • A:

    Arrange a personal meeting with the team member to discuss the issue and set clear expectations.

  • B:

    Reassign the team member's tasks to others in the team who consistently meet deadlines.

  • C:

    Introduce a stricter monitoring system to track the team member's work progress.

  • D:

    Overlook the issue hoping that the team member will eventually improve their time management skills.


Option A: More Applicable
Organizing a personal meeting to discuss the issue and establish clear expectations is the best first step. This approach shows you are addressing the issue directly and are ready to provide support to help the team member improve.

Option B: Less Applicable
Reassigning the team member's tasks to others may seem like a quick fix but it might not be the best long-term solution. Before considering reassignment, it's important to provide opportunities for the team member to improve their skills.

Option C: Less Applicable
While a stricter monitoring system might seem like a solution, this could create a tense and stressful work environment. Monitoring should be a part of the solution, but not the entire solution. Fostering skills and creating an environment conducive to improvement should be a priority.

Option D: Less Applicable
Overlooking the issue and hoping for improvement over time is not a proactive solution. As a project manager, it's crucial to address performance issues promptly and provide the necessary assistance for team members to meet their responsibilities.

SHL OPQ Personality Sample Question

The OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) consists of a total of 104 questions. In each question, there are typically three statements, and you’ll need to select two best out of the three options provided in two steps. Unlike many other tests, the OPQ does not have a time limit, allowing you to take your time to thoughtfully consider each statement. Your responses will help create a comprehensive understanding of your personality traits and how well they align with the specific job you are applying for. Now, let’s take a look at a sample set of statements.

Question: Which Statement describes you most?
  • 1:
    Which Statement describes you most?
  • 2:
    Which Statement describes you most?
  • 3:
    Which Statement describes you most?


What each statement would mean about your personality

I often go out of my way to help my colleagues with their work.
Answering this option reflects a helpful and supportive personality. It demonstrates a willingness to assist others and a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration. This personality trait is often associated with being empathetic, considerate, and willing to contribute to the success of the team.

I enjoy collaborating with others and thrive in team settings.
Selecting this option highlights a strong preference for teamwork and interpersonal skills. It shows that you are sociable, enjoy working with others, and find value in sharing ideas and perspectives. Collaborative individuals are often good at building relationships, resolving conflicts, and fostering a positive team environment.

I prefer to work independently and take ownership of my tasks.
Opting for this option indicates a preference for individual work and a sense of responsibility. It suggests that you are self-reliant, take initiative, and feel comfortable making decisions independently. This personality trait is often associated with being proactive, self-motivated, and capable of managing tasks without constant supervision.

Remember, each option provides valuable insights into your personality, work style, and how you interact with others in a professional setting. All these skills are important and can be valuable in different work environments and roles.

SHL G+ Verify / General Ability Sample Question

The G+ test is a combination of different reasoning tasks, including numerical, deductive, and inductive reasoning. It consists of 30 questions, equally divided into three types – 10 numerical, 10 deductive, and 10 inductive reasoning tasks. You’ll have 25 minutes to complete all the questions. Many employers choose to include this short cognitive test as part of their assessment process.

This test will give a good sense of your general cognitive ability. Lets look at a sample question:


A bookstore is having a sale with a 15% discount on all books. If a novel is originally priced at $25, what will be the discounted price?

  • A:


  • B:


  • C:


  • D:


  • E:


Correct Answer: A) $21.25


The question states that there is a 15% discount on all books, and we are given the original price of the novel, which is $25. To find the discounted price, we use the formula mentioned above.

We calculate the discount amount by multiplying the original price ($25) by the discount percentage (15% or 0.15). The result is $3.75.

To find the discounted price, we subtract the discount amount ($3.75) from the original price ($25). The final answer is $21.25, which is the discounted price of the novel after applying the 15% discount.

SHL Deductive Reasoning Sample Question

The Deductive Reasoning test consists of 30 questions, all aimed at testing your ability to draw logical conclusions from the provided information. You’ll have 38 minutes to complete these questions, offering a fair balance between challenge and achievability. Your performance in this test will provide insights into your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Now, lets look at a sample question:

Question: Based on the given information, predict the most likely outcome:


Every morning for the past two weeks, Sarah has taken the same route to work, and she always arrives on time.

  • A:

    Sarah will arrive late to work tomorrow.

  • B:

    Sarah will take a different route to work tomorrow.

  • C:

    Sarah will arrive on time to work tomorrow.

  • D:

    Sarah will miss work tomorrow.

  • E:

    Sarah will arrive early to work tomorrow.

Correct Answer: C) Sarah will arrive on time to work tomorrow.


In deductive reasoning, we draw conclusions based on specific premises or information provided. In this scenario, the given information states that for the past two weeks, Sarah has consistently taken the same route to work and has always arrived on time. From this information, we can logically deduce that the most likely outcome for tomorrow is that Sarah will continue her usual routine and arrive on time to work (Option C).

Option A (Sarah will arrive late to work tomorrow) contradicts the given information, which states that she always arrives on time, so it is not the most likely outcome.

Option B (Sarah will take a different route to work tomorrow) is possible, but there is no evidence in the given information to suggest that she will change her route, making it less likely than Option C.

Option D (Sarah will miss work tomorrow) is not supported by any information provided and is not a likely outcome based on the given information.

Therefore, based on the provided information, the most likely outcome is that Sarah will arrive on time to work tomorrow (Option C).

SHL Inductive Reasoning Sample Question

The Inductive Reasoning test is designed with 33 questions that you’ll need to finish within 42 minutes. This test primarily evaluates your ability to identify patterns and draw conclusions from visual data. It’s a measure of how well you can think on your feet and make connections that aren’t immediately obvious.

So, are you ready to try a sample question? Let’s dive in!


SHL Inductive Reasoning Sample Question

Correct Answer: C) Square with 36 dots in a 6x6 grid pattern


Each step increases the number of dots in the square by arranging them in a square grid. The first step has 1 dot (1x1 grid), the second step has 4 dots (2x2 grid), the third step has 9 dots (3x3 grid), and the fourth step has 16 dots (4x4 grid). Following this pattern, the fifth step should have 36 dots (6x6 grid).

SHL Numerical Reasoning Sample Question

The Numerical Reasoning test is composed of 28 questions that you’re expected to solve within a 43-minute time frame. This test is structured to assess your ability to handle, interpret and analyze numerical data, and draw logical conclusions from it. It’s a measure of your quantitative reasoning skills.

Now, let’s take a look at a sample question:

Question: The sales data for four regions (New England, Great Lakes, Plains, and Mid-Atlantic) over five years are as follows:
YearNew EnglandGreat LakesPlainsMid-Atlantic

In which year did the Mid-Atlantic region experience the highest sales compared to the other regions?

  • A:


  • B:


  • C:


  • D:


  • E:


Correct Answer: D) 2021


To find the year in which the Mid-Atlantic region experienced the highest sales, we need to compare the sales figures for the Mid-Atlantic region across all four years.

The sales for the Mid-Atlantic region are as follows:

  • 2018: $230,000
  • 2019: $250,000
  • 2020: $270,000
  • 2021: $290,000

From the sales data, we can see that the highest sales for the Mid-Atlantic region occurred in the year 2021, with $290,000 in sales.

Therefore, the correct answer is Option D) 2021. This is the year in which the Mid-Atlantic region experienced the highest sales compared to the other regions.

SHL Numerical Calculation Sample Question

The Numerical Calculation test is focused on measuring your skills in performing mathematical calculations and managing numerical information. The type of questions asked can range from simple arithmetic to more complex calculations, depending on the job you’re applying for and the mathematical expertise required for it.

Now, let’s take a look at a sample question, shall we?


What is '?' if (? × 124 = 868)?

  • A:


  • B:


  • C:


  • D:


  • E:


Correct Answer: C) 7


To find the value of '?', we can use the given equation:

  • ? × 124 = 868

Now, we can solve for '?':

  • ? = 868 ÷ 124
  • ? = 7

Therefore, the value of '?' is 7 (Option C).

SHL Verbal Reasoning Sample Question

The Verbal Reasoning Test is designed to evaluate your skills in understanding and interpreting written information. It consists of 30 questions, and you’ll have 19 minutes to complete them all. This test primarily measures your ability to analyze text, draw conclusions, and understand complex language.

Now let’s look at a sample question:


The rise of online learning platforms has revolutionized education, providing learners with access to a wide range of courses and resources from the comfort of their own homes. These platforms offer interactive lessons, multimedia content, and opportunities for collaborative learning. However, the effectiveness of online learning in comparison to traditional classroom education is a subject of debate. While online learning offers flexibility and convenience, some argue that it lacks face-to-face interaction and social dynamics that enhance learning outcomes.

Question: Based on the information provided, can we determine if online learning is more effective than traditional classroom education?
  • A:


  • B:


  • C:

    Cannot Say

Correct Answer: C) Cannot Say


The passage presents some advantages of online learning, such as access to a wide range of courses, interactive lessons, and collaborative learning opportunities. It also acknowledges that online learning is a subject of debate concerning its effectiveness compared to traditional classroom education.

While the passage mentions the advantages of online learning, it does not conclusively state whether online learning is more effective than traditional classroom education. The passage presents both positive aspects and potential drawbacks of online learning, which do not allow us to make a definitive judgment on its effectiveness compared to traditional classroom education.

Option C, "Cannot Say," is the correct answer because the information provided in the passage does not give us enough evidence to determine whether online learning is more effective than traditional classroom education. The passage highlights the advantages and concerns of online learning, leaving room for further analysis and investigation to draw a conclusion.

SHL Mechanical Comprehension Sample Question

The Mechanical Comprehension test is crafted to evaluate your understanding of basic mechanical principles. It consists of 20 questions that need to be completed within a 15-minute time frame. This test measures your ability to apply mechanical concepts and principles to solve problems. Now, are you prepared to tackle a sample question? Let’s proceed!

Question: The image shows a car moving at a constant speed on a flat road. Suddenly, the car moves onto an inclined plane. What will happen to the car's speed?

       SHL Mechanical Comprehension Sample Question

  • A:

    The car's speed will increase.

  • B:

    The car's speed will decrease.

  • C:

    The car's speed will remain constant.

  • D:

    Not enough information to determine.

Correct Answer: B) The car's speed will decrease.


When the car moves from a flat surface onto an inclined plane, it works against gravity. If the power of the car (engine power) remains constant, it will slow down due to the additional gravitational force acting on it.

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An Overview of Our SHL Prep Course Modules

SHL Assessment Percentile Grading

Grade What it Means Percentile
A Well Above Average 99-92
B Above Average 90-73
C Average 69-31
D Below Average 27-10
E Well Below Average 8-1

Grading for Percentiles Is Given Below

In essence, this grading system allows companies to seek out those who are in categories B and C in order to ensure the recruitment and development of only good and exceptional candidates while eliminating those who are mediocre or poor.

In order to ensure that you are seen by prospective employers as good or exceptional, it is highly advised to take the time to prepare for the SHL range of tests. Prepterminal’s course content is ideal for those looking to refine their skills and pass from yellow to green. When applying an SHL test to prospective employees, employers won’t be giving second chances. Take a step in the right direction by using our preparation packs and get all the practice you need in advance so that when you enter the real thing you are not going in blind. Get one step closer to your dream job with Prepterminal, and reap the rewards of preparedness.

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