Free Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) Practice Test With Answers

Last updated 06/2020

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a pre-employment cognitive ability test that abides by the concepts of classic cognitive ability assessments. The CCAT is commonly used by employers, particularly in North America.

Many employers use the CCAT test as part of their hiring process as research shows that aptitude is a highly important predictor of on-the-job success. Preparing for this test in advance can increase your performance on this exam so you can prove that you are a great job fit. A top way to prepare is by taking a free CCAT practice test.

Tick CCAT Practice Test

  1. The CCAT exam takes 15 minutes to complete and consists of 50 questions dealing with 3 subjects:
  2. 1. Spatial (Abstract) Reasoning
  3. 2. Math and Logic
  4. 3. Verbal

Question-MarkWhat Is The CCAT Test?

Criteria Corp. was founded in 2006 and provides web-based pre-employment testing solutions. Criteria Corp. works in the United States and 18 countries around the world. They offer tools to companies to help them better manage employee selection and retention processes.

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) measures your capacity to think critically, solve problems, and learn and apply new information. The test is an accurate predictor of general job performance. This test is also scientifically valid.

The CCAT test is comprised of 50 questions and has a 15-minute time limit. It will challenge your logic, math, and verbal and spatial reasoning skills. You take the test online, and your performance is reported in relation to other candidates who have taken the test. Very few individuals finish all the 50 items in the 15 minute time frame.

Why do employers want to know about your cognitive aptitude?
How well you do on the CCAT test gives employers an indication of how quickly you’ll be able to train for your new job role. People with high aptitude are more likely to pick up information quickly and to be high performers than people with low aptitude.

Furthermore, research shows that cognitive aptitude is a clear predictor of your job performance. It is considerably more predictive than prior job experience, interview, and your level of education. The CCAT test thus provides employers with insightful information, allowing them to make the best hiring decisions.

CCAT Numerical Reasoning Practice Test

The CCAT math and logic questions are a part of the CCAT as your number sense and numerical reasoning are directly connected to your capacity to think in a critical manner and to problem solve.

The CCAT math and logic questions test your basic algebra skills, ability to understand proportions, and your capacity to work your way through word problems. Thus, in this section of the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, you will be presented with number series and word problems. The questions may cover fractions, decimals, multiplication and division, and basic algebra.

You cannot use a calculator in this test, so make sure you don’t use one when you take your practice tests. You can, however, use a pencil and paper to work out your answers.

CCAT Verbal Reasoning Practice Test

The CCAT test verbal reasoning questions assess how well you can decipher the precise meaning of a word, how words relate to one another, and what part context plays in your choice of words.

The question will cover letter sequence, antonyms, and syllogisms. A syllogism is a question where the question puts forward two statements and asks the candidate if they are any conclusions they can draw based on the statements.

CCAT Spatial & Abstract Reasoning Practice Test

The Spatial Reasoning section of the CCAT test assesses how well you can mentally manipulate random shapes. You will need to flip or rotate images in your head, spot outliers, and identify patterns.

This test measure your ability to solve problems, learn, and apply new information accurately. It also tests your capacity to solve problems using visual information. In this section, you will be presented with various types of inductive reasoning series, odd-one-out questions, and matrices.

Question-MarkHow Are the CCAT Test Results Presented?

When you take the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test the results of your exam and full profile report are forwarded to your potential employer. Your exam results are compared to the HireSelect database, and to the results of the other candidates applying for the position you are after. This gives the recruiter the information they need to determine which profile best matches the job position they are hiring for.

The test report is made up of two pages.

  • The front page features:
  • -A brief description of the test
  • -An overview of your results including your exam score and the percentile you fall within
  • -Details of your results in the three different categories of the test: Spatial (Abstract) Reason, Math and Logic, and Verbal Reasoning. The scores you receive in each of these parts are percentiles, in other words, they present your score in comparison with other CCAT test-takers.
  • -A graph showing the range of scores for the job position you are aiming for and your position based on your results.
  • The second-page features:
  • -The score range for the actual position you have applied for.
  • -A list of all the post with the corresponding score ranges and your position in connection to each of them, in keeping with the database proposed by HireSelect.

PeopleUnderstanding CCAT Test Scores

The results of the CCAT Test are thorough and provide comprehensive insight into your cognitive abilities in connection with the specification of the job you are applying for. Your employer gets the report immediately once you have completed the exam.

Raw Score
After you have complete the CCAT Test, you will be presented with a raw score. A raw score shows the number of questions you correctly answered. For example, if your raw score is 32, you have answered 32 out of 50 questions correctly.

The average raw score for the CCAT Test is 24.

Percentile Ranking
Your raw score is converted into a relative performance measurement known as a ‘percentile ranking’. Your percentile ranking presents your score in comparison to other CCAT Test takers.For example, if your percentile ranking is 46, you scored better than 46% of other test-takers.

You will also be given an individual score for each of the three sections: logic and math, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. The scores you are given in these categories are presented as percentiles.

Question-MarkWhat Is a Good Score on the CCAT Test?

Every company has its own process for interpreting scores and measuring their candidates’ potential to perform in various roles. Nevertheless, Criteria Corp. has provided suggested score ranges for particular job roles.

For instance, an individual applying for an accounting/finance position should score between 24-39, whereas a store manager must score between 20-37. Comparatively, a customer service representative should aim to score between 18-32, and a company vice president or lawyer must score between 29-42.

PeopleHow To Prepare for CCAT Practice Test

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you excel in your Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test:

1. Practice as much as you can
As you practice you will discover that your confidence levels will grow, as you will learn to work through questions more effectively. The more familiar you are with the formats of the test and the nature of the questions the better you know what you should look for.

2. Effective time managementYou need to be mindful of the fact that you only have 15 minutes to attempt to answer all 50 questions. That gives you, on average, less than 20 seconds for each question. It is important not to dwell on any one question. You may also want to use a timer to keep track of your pace. Try not to spend more than one minute on a single question, make an educated guess, and proceed

3. Read and reread the instructionIt may seem obvious, however, often candidates fail to spot very important information in the questions. Multiple-choice test creators often put in answer possibilities that are there to divert your attention or sidetrack you. These diversions are answer options that are intentionally similar to the correct answer. Thus the answer options are created to test if you read the question accurately

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses
Some people have better maths and spatial reasoning skills, while others have more refined verbal sills. Generally speaking, people are not equally strong in all areas. Thus, as you need to answer as many questions as you can in the 15-minute time frame you are given, you may want to focus on your strongest area of knowledge.

Finally, it is important to practice. Through practice, you will be able to progress and solve questions faster and more accurately. Use Criteria Cognitive Aptitude mock tests such as PrepTerminal’s Free CCAT Practice Test With Answers.

TickCompanies Using CCAT

Some of the companies that use the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) are First Bankers Trust Company, Go Capital, Summit CPA Ameridial, ClearOne advantage, Blackboard, Allstate, Domino’s Pizza, Accruent, and Adventure Harley-Davidson.

Certain education institutions, including La Sierra University and the University of North Florida, also use their tests. In the public sector, the US Department ofo Agriculture and the county of Sacramento use the CCAT test.

Thumbs-UpCCAT Test FAQ

How hard is the CCAT Test?
This test is very tricky, particularly for a candidate who has never seen the test before. There are 50 questions dealing with three diverse sorts of information, and you need to complete it within 15 minutes. Less than 1% of the candidates manage to answer all 50 questions. The questions themselves are not all that complex. What makes this test so difficult is the tight time frame (18 seconds per question), the unfamiliar format of the questions, and the need to constantly shift from solving one sort of problem to another.

The CCAT is designed in such a way that the level of question increase in difficulty as you go through the test. Thus, the first few questions are quite easy, and you will probably be able to answer them fast. However, as you proceed through the test, you will understand that the level of difficulty increase, and each question may take longer to solve than the one before.

Nevertheless, candidates who take free CCAT practice tests and gain knowledge of the types of questions they will be presented with, have a big advantage. Practice lets you pace yourself, isolate your areas of strength, and succeed on the test.

How long does it take to receive CCAT results?The results of your test will not be given to you unless your potential employer decides to grant you access to your results. Your potential employer will receive your results once you complete the test in real-time, along with a full profile report.

For which types of positions does the CCAT predict success?
The CCAT is used to predict success and performance for middle and upper-level positions, such as sales executive, management roles, software developers and analysts, and executive assistants. The required enhanced cognitive abilities of these sorts of job roles are assessed by the CCAT.

What is cognitive testing for employment?The cognitive test is a specific way of predicting the work performance of an employee and understanding the positive outcomes of training. It can accurately predict the success of an employee at all levels of their career. Individuals with high cognitive abilities are generally more successful and perform better at their job than individuals with lower cognitive skills.

Is CCAT Test an IQ test?
CCAT tests your cognitive abilities, whereas an IQ test assesses your intellectual quotient. These two types of tests share some similarities, however there are differences, so the CCAT is not an IQ test.

Free Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) Practice Test With Answers

Last updated 06/2020

The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT) is a pre-employment cognitive ability test that abides by the concepts of classic cognitive ability assessments. The CCAT is commonly used by employers, particularly in North America.

Many employers use the CCAT test as part of their hiring process as research shows that aptitude is a highly important predictor of on-the-job success. Preparing for this test in advance can increase your performance on this exam so you can prove that you are a great job fit. A top way to prepare is by taking a free CCAT practice test.

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