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If you want the challenge and fulfillment of becoming a police officer in Florida, you will first have to pass the Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test (CJBAT). It is a single standard test administered by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE).

The CJBAT is a rigorous test program and applicants should prepare beforehand.

Learn how to pass the test with flying colors and embark on a rewarding career as a Florida police officer. Begin today with Prepterminal’s all-inclusive CJBAT study guide and free CJBAT Practice Test.

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The CJBAT Test Format

The CJBAT exam is available to be taken via paper and pencil or with a computer and features 97 multiple-choice questions that the applicant will have one and a half hours to finish.

The CJBAT tests for minimum abilities in six topic areas.

  • Written Comprehension
  • Written Expression
  • Memorization
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Inductive Reasoning
  • Personal Characteristics/Behavioral Attributes

The CJBAT is made up of three parts:

Part I: Behavioral attributes

Part II: Memorization

Part III: Written comprehension, deductive reasoning, written expression, and inductive reasoning

Part I

This part assesses job-related behavioral skills to see how successful the candidate would be as a law enforcement or correctional officer. This part features 47 questions and needs to be completed in 20 minutes.

Part II

This part assesses the test-takers ability to memorize. They will be shown images, and will then be questioned on what they can recall from those images. This part features 10 items. The test-taker will be shown each item for 1 minute and will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer the questions about that specific image.

Part III

This part assesses the applicant’s cognitive skills. They will have 1 hour to complete 40 questions that measure their written expression, written comprehension, and indicative and deductive reasoning.

CJBAT Exam Prep Course

What is a Passing Score on the CJBAT?

Applicants will need to get a score of 70% correct or better to achieve a passing score on the CJBAT test. Furthermore, applicants must respond to 30 of the 50 questions or more, in Parts II and III to pass. An applicant’s CJBAT score remains valid for 4 years.

The Six Topic Areas of the CJBAT

Let’s now take a closer look at the six topic areas of the CJBAT test:

Written Comprehension

This will test the applicant’s ability to read and understand words and sentences. This is particularly useful when reading policies, procedures, legal bulletins, and ordinances. The applicant will read a passage and then answer a set of multiple-choice questions.

Written Expression

This is to test the applicant’s ability to write in such a way that is clear and easy to understand. This is a necessary skill when writing reports, narratives, and affidavits. The test involves skills in spelling, grammar, and proper choice of words to complete sentences.


In this section, the applicant’s ability to recall details is assessed. The applicant will have two minutes to study a picture, then answer a set of questions after the picture is taken away.

Deductive Reasoning

This part of the exam tests the applicant’s ability to apply implementing policies to specific situations to have logical solutions. The applicant will read the information on correctional policies or law enforcement. From there, analyze a situation and implement the best action to take.

Inductive Reasoning

This will test the applicant’s ability to draw conclusions based on pieces of information gathered. In this part of the exam, the applicant will analyze certain information such as charts or graphs, and predict or form conclusions based on trends. The applicant will also be asked to conclude strategies that were successful or otherwise.

Personal Characteristics/Behavioral Attributes

This will examine the applicant’s behavioral attributes to determine if they have the desired personal characteristics to work as an employee in Florida as a correctional or sworn law enforcement officer.

Why is it Important to Pass the CJBAT Test?

Currently, the passing score for the CJBAT test is 70%. In case the applicant does not pass they can retake the test up to three times within 12 months. However, there needs to be a waiting period of at least six (6) months in between. If you wish to have a real chance at getting it right the first time, it is vital to prepare thoroughly and effectively.

Passing the CJBAT Test With Confidence With Prepterminal

The CJBAT test is, without a doubt, one of the more difficult and challenging police exams in the U.S. As a result, you shouldn’t take any chances by taking the exam unprepared.

With Prepterminal’s comprehensive prep course, you can take the exam with confidence. We have created a unique course with a CJBAT practice test, CJBAT study guides, practice questions, and more. Easily accomplish your dream career in law enforcement by taking the right first step with Prepterminal!

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