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What is the TSA CBT X-Ray Object Recognition Test

The TSA X-Ray Test, frequently referred to as the Object Recognition Test (or ORT), is a core component of the TSA’s candidate screening process. This test deals with the candidate’s ability to quickly and accurately assess TSA x-ray images to identify potentially dangerous items within a hypothetical passenger’s baggage. Any applicant looking to become a Transport Security Officer can expect to take this test during their application.

Careers with the TSA are highly lucrative, with great benefits, compensation, and progression opportunities. As a result, competition for these positions can be extremely fierce. To this end, the TSA has implemented a rigorous series of screening procedures and assessments to select the best candidates from a large pool of applicants.

Prepterminal’s TSA CBT Test Prep Course is the single most comprehensive preparation course available online for TSO applicants. Our course features in-depth modules for every step of your application as well as over 40 TSA X-Ray Image practice tests, covering everything you need to succeed in this challenging exam, and has already helped hundreds of applicants secure their career with the TSA.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to encounter in your TSA X-Ray Test.

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TSA X-Ray ORT Color Codes

The TSA X-Ray Test revolves entirely around color recognition. TSA x-ray images represent baggage scans in a series of colors, which represent the density of the materials being scanned, with darker hues representing dense items. We can see an example of such a scan below:

As you can see, the scan shown displays a range of colors predominantly including blues, oranges, and greens. This typically represents the spectrum of what you can expect to encounter in a TSA x-ray image baggage scan.

While candidates will be given full baggage scanner training once accepted into a TSA position, they are still expected to sit the TSA ORT Test in order to prove an adequate level of proficiency with which to undergo said training. This will be administered in tandem with the Farnsworth D-15 Color Vision Test, which is a medical examination designed to ensure that candidates have the appropriate eyesight to effectively distinguish between colors.

Being able to identify color combinations and what they mean in a baggage scan is key to succeeding in the TSA X-Ray Test: many contraband items will contain a combination of different hues on account of being made of mixed materials. For example, many firearms will be made up of a range of blue and green shapes on account of parts being a combination of hard metals and plastics. Other harmful items such as knives, however, are likely to be predominantly dark. Because of the varied color combinations, it’s crucial to also pay attention to the shape in a TSA x-ray image in order to judge whether any given color combination constitutes the presence of contraband or dangerous items.

TSA X-Ray ORT Exam Format

Duration30 minutes
Number of questions100 questions
Sections5 or 6 (varies by state)
Questions per section18 questions
Time limit15 seconds per question

The TSA X-Ray ORT Exam imposes a highly restrictive time limit so that candidates are pushed to perform to their utmost ability in a highly pressured environment. This manner of pressure is a key component in selecting the best candidates, who will consistently and quickly identify scans correctly in a timely manner, just as they will be expected to do in a busy airport environment where thousands of passengers pass through baggage scans every hour.

Prepterminal’s TSA Prep Course comes with over 40 TSA x-ray practice tests which will fully prepare you to take on any scan in the real thing, with focused exercises that will train you to seek out specific items in baggage scans so that you can intuitively identify any item based on their color combination and shape. In the real test, the 5 or 6 sections you’ll sit will each provide a specific item to search for, which are selected from a wide range of possible items. Be sure to prepare thoroughly by using every single practice test provided in our course, so nothing will take you by surprise.

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TSA X-Ray ORT Sample Questions

Let’s take a look at 4 different possible TSA X-Ray Test questions and how to solve them based on color and shape. Every image in the following 5 questions will contain the target item, but in the real test, you will also need to determine when scans do not contain the target item.

Sample Question 1:

Does the following x-ray image contain a wallet?

Sample Question 2:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain a firearm?

Sample Question 3:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain a knife?

Sample Question 4:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain liquids?

There are no liquids in the given x-ray image

Sample Question 5:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain a can?

Sample Question 6:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain a firearm?

There is no firearm present in the x-ray scan

Sample Question 7:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain cosmetic items?

There are no cosmetics present in the x-ray image

Sample Question 8:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain a pen?

Sample Question 9:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain a bottle?

There is no bottle in the given x-ray scan

Sample Question 10:

Does the x-ray image of a passenger’s luggage below contain shoes?

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How to prepare for TSA X-Ray ORT

As we’ve seen, TSA x-ray images can come in a wide variety of shapes and color combinations. There’s a multitude of different items you might be asked to identify in your own TSA X-Ray Test, and you’ll be pitted against a wide pool of competitors. The single best way to get exam-ready is with Prepterminal’s TSA Test Prep course, which covers every step of your application process and includes the single largest set of TSA x-ray practice tests, which currently includes 40 tests with more being added regularly. Having reviewed the TSA test in-depth with our in-house experts, we found that the TSA ORT Test is where most candidates struggle, and so we have gone to great lengths to provide such an enormous practice resource for our students.

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