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Embarking on the path to employment, individuals often face a myriad of evaluations. Among these, the Harrison Assessment distinguishes itself by aiming to match candidates’ skills and behaviors with a company’s cultural values. It functions as a preventive measure against the employment of incompatible candidates by acting as a comprehensive talent management tool.

Approaching the Harrison Assessment might appear intimidating, yet our specialized course is designed to guide you to success. This course is thoughtfully constructed to navigate the complexities and fundamental aspects of the assessment, providing an in-depth understanding of its objectives, theoretical underpinnings, criteria for evaluation, and the insights derived from its reports.

What is Harrison Assessment?

Founded in 1990 by Dr. Dan Harrison, Harrison Assessment is an online profiling tool that recruiters use to gain insights into the work preferences and behavioral profiles of prospective employees. Harrison Assessment reports analyze a variety of personality traits, interests, and work and task environment preferences. Employers use this information for recruitment purposes and for career and team development.

Harrison Assessment tools measure a candidate’s:

Key Features of Harrison Assessments

Available in over 40 languages with more than 6500+ customizable job success formulas, and capable of generating reports in approximately 23 languages.

Utilizes a unique methodology to evaluate 175 behavioral traits, focusing primarily on individual preferences rather than comparisons with others. It matches these traits to the essential qualities needed for a particular job role.

Assists in pre-screening, selecting, and interviewing candidates against predefined benchmarks.

Incorporates Paradox Technology, recognizing that each trait can be a strength or a derailer depending on its balance with seemingly opposing traits. The emphasis is on understanding and reinforcing both aspects of the paradox.

Provides customizable assessment solutions adaptable to an organization’s specific needs and objectives, enabling businesses to tailor assessments accordingly.

Delivers data-driven insights and reports to support organizations in making informed decisions regarding talent management, hiring, and employee development.

These tests cover both cognitive and personality-based metrics, so that employers may better understand both the cognitive ability and job-specific behaviors displayed by a prospective employee as they pertain to the workplace.

Harrison Assessments claim an 80% – 90% accuracy rate in predicting a candidate’s job success, so to maintain such a high standard their personality testing is highly scrutinous. Harrison Assessments, combined, cover three main areas to identify the best candidates for a position:

  • Eligibility: The ability to do the work
  • Suitability: The candidate’s enjoyment of the main tasks and behaviors required in the role
  • Cognitive Ability: The intelligence required to solve problems as required in the job

Paradox Theory

Paradox Theory is a fundamental concept in the Harrison Assessment, involving pairs of traits that seem contradictory but are both true and interconnected.

Unlike other behavioral assessments that assess a candidate on a spectrum of the two traits, where the results suggest that the test-taker can either have trait A or trait B, the Harrison assessment evaluates the candidates holistically.

Dr. Harrison identified 12 paradox pairs, where the dominance of one trait can lead to weaknesses. Balancing these traits provides valuable insights into candidates’ behavior for employers.

The 12 pairs of paradoxes illustrate the complexity of work behavior and personality. Each pair is plotted on a graph and divided into four quadrants, allowing for a broader range of trait combinations. This approach depicts how the paradox pairs interact and the extent to which they coexist in a candidate.

What is the Smart Questionnaire?

This assessment consists of questions and scenarios designed to evaluate different aspects of an individual’s personality, preferences, and work-related behaviors. The questionnaire can be customized to suit various assessment objectives, including job suitability, employee engagement, leadership potential, and career development.

Which test assesses Critical Thinking?

The Qualitative Critical Thinking Assessment (QCT) is structured to evaluate both critical thinking and numerical reasoning abilities. Tailored scores for specific job roles ensure straightforward and accurate interpretation. This assessment enhances the applicant experience and demonstrates strong correlations with job success.

The assessment comes with built-in consistency checks to ensure that candidates cannot cheat on the exam. Simply put, there is no simple or easy way to pass these assessments. Preparation is key to improving your performance on this kind of test.

Our Harrison Assessment Course Modules

Why go for the Prepterminal Prep Course?

Prepterminal offers a module-based Harrison Assessment Prep Course with comprehensive study guides and practice tests. Our streamlined approach ensures effective preparation for this challenging assessment. Here’s what you can expect inside:

Lessons for Every Topic: We have divided the Harrison assessments into accessible, easy-to-understand lessons. Every topic is conveyed in clear and simple language.

Practice Makes Perfect: Practice test that mimics the real test base & functionality of the Harrison Assessment. You won’t find it anywhere else.

Building Confidence: The more you learn about a test, the more confident you will feel about taking the real test. We are here to make sure that by the time test day comes around, you will know exactly what to expect and how to face it.

Deep Dive into Paradoxes: In-depth explanations & guides about all 12 paradox pairs, which explain all 48 possible trait combinations in Harrison’s reports. 

Questionnaire Explained: Detailed module highlighting the process, layout & functionality of the Harrison Smart Questionnaire.

Harrison Reporting & Scoring: We have analysis of Harrison’s reports & how to breakdown each score. This will help you understand your shortcomings & strengths.

Who can benefit from this course?

  • Job Applicants: Those applying for positions in organizations using Harrison Assessments.
  • Current Employees: Individuals undergoing assessments for talent management or development.
  • Career Advancers: Professionals aiming for promotions within their organization.
  • Students: Those preparing to enter the workforce where Harrison Assessments are used.
  • Self-Improvers: Individuals seeking personal or professional development through assessments.

So, let’s embark on this journey together!

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