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Harrison Assessments are a series of highly challenging tests designed to help employers identify and hire the strongest candidates. Prepterminal’s Harrison Assessment Prep Course has been designed to help you through both the behavioral and cognitive elements of these exams.

About The Harrison Assessment Test Prep Course

Operating in over 50 countries, Harrison Assessments is a leading provider of pre-employment testing, administering tests in over 30 languages. These tests cover both cognitive and personality-based metrics, so that employers may better understand both the cognitive ability and job-specific behaviors displayed by a prospective employee as they pertain to the workplace.

Harrison Assessments claim an 80%-90% accuracy rate in predicting a candidate’s job success, so to maintain such a high standard their personality testing is highly scrutinous, and their cognitive testing is particularly difficult in order to properly gauge the optimal performance of a candidate.

Harrison Assessments, combined, cover three main areas in order to identify the best candidates for a position:

  • Eligibility – The ability to do the work
  • Suitability – The candidate’s enjoyment of the main tasks and behaviors required in the role
  • Cognitive ability – The intelligence required to solve problems as required in the job

The assessment comes with built-in consistency checks in order to ensure that candidates cannot cheat on the exam. Simply put: there is no simple or easy way to pass these assessments. Preparation is key to improving your performance on this kind of test. Prepterminal’s Harrison Assessment Prep Course comes with a series of preparation materials, including guides to help you better understand the eligibility, suitability, and cognitive facets of the test. Our module-based curriculum uses extensive study guide material and practice tests to help you properly prepare yourself for this challenging assessment.

Who The Harrison Assessment Course Is For

  • New job applicants who have never previously taken a Harrison Assessment
  • Candidates who have previously taken the Harrison Assessment and did not get the job, who would like to improve their performance on the next attempt

Harrison Assessment Course

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