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The United States Postal Service employs the Postal Exam 474 in order to identify the best candidates for employment in this nationwide operation. In order to ensure success, you’ll need to prepare. Prepterminal’s Postal Exam 474 Prep Course is the ideal resource for applicants seeking employment with the USPS.

About The Course

The United States Postal Service is an enormous national operation responsible for the fast and efficient delivery of packages across the States. In order to effectively maintain the high level of logistic expertise required to handle such a massive operation, USPS employs thorough testing to check that applicants have what it takes to succeed.

The 474 Postal Exam contains the following components:

  • “Tell us your story” Test
  • Postal SJT Test
  • Postal Interpersonal Skills Test
  • “Describe your approach” Personality test

Applied together, these tests serve to provide USPS with a comprehensive understanding of an applicant before any hiring decisions are made. It is extremely easy to slip up and inadvertently display undesireable personality/workplace behavior traits on this type of test, so the only consistent way to consistently present the image you desire is to prepare thoroughly.

Prepterminal’s comprehensive Postal Exam 474 Prep Course has been specially composed to exactly fit the requirements of applicants for this exam. Using a module-based curriculum, you will be taught how to take on each segment of the test with confidence, outperform your peers and secure the job.

Who This 474 Postal Exam Course Is For

  • Applicants to USPS who want to prepare for any potential exams they will be asked to take
  • Previous applicants to USPS who did not get the job and would like to be better-prepared the next time around.

Postal Exam 474 Prep Course

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Postal Exam 474 Prep Course
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