At PrepTermainal, we give our maximum to ensure that every student gets personalized needs-based psychometric test prep material. Ultimately, our vision is to see each one of our students optimize their test scores and land their choice job. To make this aim a reality, we have carefully devised a 3-step success strategy to guarantee that your studies are useful and seamlessy.

Here is an overview of our 3-step success strategy

  1. Take our psychometric diagnostic test to assess your level
  2. Get actionable strategies and sneaky problem-solving methodologies
  3. Complete sample practice tests that resemble the real exams with detailed answer explanations

We strive to bring you test-prep material for every company that creates psychometric selection tests. Our prep courses are relevant, current, and boast the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on the market today.

Buy with certainty, knowing that you are purchasing a proven, accurate, and tried-and-tested product. Check out our {available courses}.

How do I select the right test preparation?

  • Read through your exam invitation from your prospective employer carefully, and pay particular attention to the name of the test provider, for example, Cubiks, SHL, or Predictive Index. Also, look for a list of subjects that will be included in the test, such as logical reasoning, literacy skills, or numerical reasoning.
  • Make use of the search bar or our all courses that feature at the top of PrepTerminal’s website to find the information page for the specific test provider or employer you are after. Once your search is complete, you will be shown the right prep course for you. Check to make sure that the subjects on your exam invitation are the same as those subjects listed in that specific prep course.
  • If you do not know the name of the test provider or the subject you will be examined on, please contact one of our psychometric test experts via email [email protected]

Why is it essential to prepare?

  • Maximize your test performance – you may only get one shot at impressing your potential employer. So, it’s crucial to do everything you can to improve your test performance, which includes taking timed mock psychometric tests, practicing calculations, and learning actionable strategies and sneaky problem-solving methodologies that you can implement on test day. Knowing what to expect from your psychometric test will help minimize anxiety, increase your confidence, and help you stay relaxed so you can approach the actual exam with self-assurance and perform to the best of your ability.
  • Employers want you to prepare – today, the majority of employers want you to come prepared to your exam and expect you to do your very best. They know that most candidates are preparing beforehand and want a level playing field. Remember that your psychometric test will be used as part of your selection process, so thorough preparation is key.
  • Stay ahead of your competition – Keep in mind is that your sore will be compared to other candidates. Thus, it probably won’t be enough to rock up to the test and hope for the best, especially when other candidates are coming to the test prepared. Thorough preparation can provide you with an opportunity to outshine the other candidates so that, ultimately, you can land the job you want.

Why are so many companies using psychometric tests today?

  • Companies are using psychometric testing today, to streamline their recruitment process and to reduce their recruitment and HR costs.
  • Another reason so many companies are turning to psychometric testing is to understand their candidates better so they can select quality candidates that stand out and ideally to prevent employee turnover.
  • Companies can use psychometric testing to easily and quickly identify the skill set they are after in an employee to find the best candidate for the job, which can help them save money and increase productivity and, thus, profitability over the long term.

What are PrepTerminal’s Preparation courses and how are they created?

  • Original and foolproof – Our Preparation courses are the culmination of innovation and extensive knowledge. Our psychometric test experts are up-to-date with the latest versions of all the standard psychometric exams out there. Also, our students’ feedback and requirements play a crucial part in shaping our course material. Our comprehensive video-based modules are designed to keep students engaged throughout their learning journey so that they can get the most out of our prep courses.
  • Personalized needs-based prep material – Our Prep courses are tailored to meet the individual requirements and needs of our students, which lets you focus solely on the content you need to excel in your specific psychometric exam.
  • Accurate practice exams – At PrepTerminal, our psychometric tests experts ensure that our mock tests are as realistic and accurate as can be. We do this to help you familiarize yourself with the psychometric test you will be sitting as well as possible. You can buy Preparation courses today, knowing that our team works hard to bring you the most comprehensive and professional psychometric-prep-product on the market today.

I couldn’t find the test I needed. What can I do?

If you haven’t been able to find the Preparation courses you required, please contact [email protected] One of our psychometric tests experts will contact you as soon as possible with a personalized recommendation.

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