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In order to secure a career at the United States Postal Service, you will not only have to pass the Postal Exam 476, but also get a high enough score to be considered for the position as well as stand out from the other applicants. Prepterminal’s Postal Exam 476 Prep Course is the ideal resource for applicants who want to prepare and succeed in the USPS.

About the 476 Postal Exam Course

The United States Postal Service is responsible for the fast and efficient delivery of packages across the country, employing thousands for the safe passage and handling of said packages. This Exam is used by the USPS in order to assess if the candidate is suitable for the following positions:

  • Mail Processing Clerk
  • PSE Mail Processing Clerk
  • Casual Mail Processing Clerk
  • Data Conversion Operator
  • PSE Data Conversion Operator
  • Casual Data Conversion Operator

As a result, the assessment has been designed to test if the applicant has the skills needed needed to succeed in addition to making sure that their behavior/workplace attitude is in line with what the organization requires of them.

It does this by making candidates go through the following test components:

  • “Tell us your story” Test
  • Postal SJT Test
  • Postal Interpersonal Skills Test
  • Checking for Errors Test
  • “Describe your approach” Personality test

Prepterminal’s comprehensive Postal Exam 476 Prep Course is specifically curated to help our reviewers learn and understand every aspect of the exam whether it be for the behavioral aspect, SJT, or the Checking for Errors test.

The course follows a module-based curriculum, taking you through each section of the Exam so that you can learn and understand how it works, allowing you to prepare for the actual assessment, secure your application, and stand out from other candidates with confidendce.

Who This 476 Postal Exam Course Is For

  • USPS applicants who want to prepare and succeed in the Postal Exam 476.
  • Previous USPS applicants who were not able to succeed the first time around but want to do better and secure their application with renewed confidence and more knowledge.

Postal Exam 476 Prep Course

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Postal Exam 476 Prep Course
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