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Individuals seeking to work for the US Postal Service as a Mail Processor will need to take the Postal Exam 476. The table below shows which sections you’ll be taking as part of your Postal Exam 476:
Postal Exam 474 Postal Exam 475 Postal Exam 476 Postal Exam 477
Tell Us Your Story
Describe Your Approach
Interpersonal Skills
Situational Judgment Test
Finding Duplicates
Work Your Register
You need proper preparation if you want to maximize your score and beat the competition to get the job. Prepterminal’s Postal Exam Master Course Course covers every section of every version of the Postal Exam, with full instructional guides and mock exams. After just a few hours of using this course, you’ll be fully prepared to take on every section of the Postal Exam 476 and secure a new career with the USPS!

What is the Postal Exam 476 test?

The Virtual Entry Assessment – MC (476) is used as part of the recruitment process for mail processing jobs. This version of the VEA is used in relation to the following job roles:

  • Mail Processing Clerk
  • PSE Mail Processing Clerk
  • PSE Data Conversion Operator
  • Casual Data Conversion Operator
  • Casual Mail Processing Clerk
  • Data Conversion Operator

The MP 476 assessment features the following sections:

  • Work Scenarios – 9 questions
  • Tell Us Your Story – 22 questions
  • Describe Your Approach – 79 questions
  • Check for Errors – 12 questions

Free Postal Exam 476 Practice Test

Let’s take a look at a short Postal Exam practice test to get to know the test a bit better.

Why Take the Postal Exam 476?

The Postal Service has streamlined the recruitment process for the majority of entry-level job positions. The USPS has introduced the Virtual Entry Assessment (VEA) , tests that all applicants are required to complete when applying for these jobs.

The MP 476 assessment is a series of four online tests that align to a specific type of job position. The Virtual Entry Assessment Mail Processor (MP) test or Postal exam 476 is the exam that must be taken by individuals who wish to apply for the following postal careers: Mail Processing Clerk, PSE Mail Processing Clerk, Casual Mail Processing Clerk, Data Conversion Operator, PSE Data Conversion Operator, and Causal Data Conversion Operator.

What’s Included in the Postal Exam 476 test?

There are four sections on Postal Exam 476:

Section #1. Tell Us Your Story

This section of the MP 476 assessment features questions about aspects of any previous job positions you may have held. If this is your first job position, don’t worry. You will be given the opportunity to indicate that this is your first job. If you have held a job in the past you will be required to give details about your attendance record, your working relationship with colleagues, and how your supervisor would most likely rate you.

Section #2. Describe Your Approach

In this section, you will be presented with questions about how you relate to and deal with other people, your approach towards various facets of work, and how you would react on a personal level in particular circumstances.

Section #3. Work Scenarios (Work Situations)

You will be shown statements that tell about possible work situations and then will be asked what you would do or would not do in those given situations.

Section #4. Check for Errors

This section in the MP 476 assessment assesses your skill at noticing differences in a series of numbers and determines if you can spot whether sets of numbers are different or alike.

Sample Questions for the 476 Postal Exam

While working at the sortation center, you notice that your co-worker isn’t following the proper protocol with loading packages on to the delivery truck.

Question: Which of the following options are you most likely and least likely to pick?
  • 1:
    Immediately call a supervisor.
  • 2:
    Tell your coworker to stop what he’s doing and remind him of the protocol.
  • 3:
    Remind your coworker about the protocol and have him reorganize the parcels.
  • 4:
    Stop your coworker from loading more packages and have him do something else while you load the parcels correctly.
Answer: A (least likely) and C (Most likely)


Choosing Option A would be an extreme choice to make and this would make it seem like you are a candidate that is eager to have others get in trouble so that you can be seen in a better light, and thus this should be deemed as the least likely choice to take.

Option C is the most likely choice that you should take because you are giving him the chance to correct his mistake.

Checking for Error Question

Question: Is Parcel 4 a match?
  • 1:
  • 2:
Answer: B


The Input ID on Parcel 4 is: OH1332547JA2275

While the one in the Database is: OH133547JA2275

The one in the database is missing the number underlined above.

Postal Exam Prep Master Course Content

How Long is Postal Exam 476?

On average it takes about 45 minutes to complete one of the VEA assessments, including all three or four sections. The only restriction is the 72 hour (3 days) that you are given to complete the test once you have applied for a job position with the USPS. Nevertheless, the instructions for the Check for Errors and Work Your Register sections encourage you to work speedily. This may indicate that your score may increase if you complete these sections quickly.

What is the Passing Score?

Like the USPS 474 Exam, USPS 475 Exam, and USPS 477 Exam, you must score at least 70% on the USPS test you sit to even qualify for employment with the USPS. Furthermore, the higher your score the greater your chances of consideration for a job position, so it is advisable to put in your maximum effort. There are a certain number of candidates selected to test and/or interview for each advertised job position. In most likelihood, candidates with higher scores will be given first preference.

Be one of the candidates that stands out. Start Practicing with us at PrepTerminal Today.

Who this Course is for

  • USPS applicants who want to prepare and succeed in the Postal Exam 476 and want to avoid retaking the USPS 476 test
  • Previous USPS applicants who were not able to succeed the first time around but want to do better and secure their application with renewed confidence and more knowledge.

How Prepterminal can Help with your Postal Exam 476

The Virtual Entry Assessment MP 476 is the test you must take if you intend to apply for a Mail Processing job with the USPS. In order to pass the examination and to do so to the best of your ability, it is essential that you set aside time to study. Practicing each section of the 476 exam can help you learn what to expect from the test, and this may also help you manage and reduce your test-taking anxiety.

To help you attain your best possible exam score, PrepTerminal has developed a comprehensive course specifically geared towards the VEA MP 476 exam. Featuring both video and text modules along with postal Exam practice tests, our course will get you ready for your Postal Exam in just a few hours! Formulated by experts in the psychometric-test field PrepTerminal’s Postal Exam Prep Course is all you need when preparing for your 476 test.

FAQs About the USPS Postal Exam 476

You will get an email from the USPS applicant tracking system, which is called eCareer. The email will feature a link that will let you launch, begin, and complete the exam. The exam can be taken using a tablet, smartphone, or computer, wherever and whenever you like.

Not every person who completes an application will be invited to sit the VEA. Every job advertised has a specific number of candidates who are invited to take the VEA exam. Invitations are distributed in relation to the order in which candidates apply. If you are not invited to complete the VEA, you may have a chance to complete it at a later date. It is advisable to keep an eye out for additional email information.

You have a total of 72 hours (3 days) to complete the VEA in its entirety. It is recommended that you start the exam as soon as you can once you have been issued your email invitation.

If you can’t complete the exam within the 72-hour time frame then you will not be considered for the job position you applied for. However, you can submit additional USPS job applications in the future.

You will receive a link to technical support resources at the start of the exam. Tips are included to troubleshoot the most common issues and a phone number for technical support is included if you don’t manage to solve your problem. If you can, make good use of a PSE mail processing clerk practice test.

After you have completed your Postal Exam 476 you can access your results by logging into your eCareer Candidate Profile.

Applicants who don’t achieve a passing score are ineligible. If you don’t manage to pass the Postal Exam 476 on your first attempt, you will have a chance to retake the exam after a year. You can, however, apply for other job positions that need a different version of the VEA. Applicants who don’t complete the exam within the 72 hours time frame will also be considered ineligible.
In this instance, you are ineligible for the particular job you applied for. You can reapply to any job position that needs this VEA exam version, and you can also apply for other job positions that need a different VEA exam version.
Being prepared will save you the inconvenience of finding out how to re-take the USPS 476 test.

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