About SHL Tests

SHL Talent Measurement Solutions are a part of Gartner’s (formerly CEB) talent management services. Their psychometric tests are used by employers to evaluate and compare a number of abilities in job candidates, and cover numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning tests, inductive reasoning tests, personality questionnaires and motivation questionnaires, delivered either online or on paper. The company deploys operates in over 30 languages, deploys solutions in over 150 countries and maintains a presence in over 50 countries, and is a trusted partner to 90% of the Fortune 500, nearly 75% of the Dow Jones Asian Titans and over 85% of the FTSE 100.

Aptitude tests deployed by SHL are intended to assess an individual’s maximum ability in an identified competency which is important for success in a given role – for instance, the inductive/deductive reasonings test may be particularly essential in the screening process of a law firm in order to identify the ability of candidates to think fluidly in a legal environment.

In many cases, it will be the case that a firm makes use of multiple SHL tests for the purpose of a multivariate analysis of candidates – by analysing performance on multiple facets the screening process is far more effective as far fewer details will slip through the net.

SHL Practice Tests with Prepterminal

Prepterminal offers a wide range of SHL Practice Tests as a part of our SHL test preparation packs. Along with these tests, we provide module-based courses which can establish a full understanding of the contents of each test from the ground up. If you are looking to beat the SHL test and get one step closer to your dream job, don’t leave anything to chance. Sign up for our SHL Test preparation pack today.

SHL Test Delivery

In most cases, SHL tests are delivered in two phases. While it is sometimes seen that it is delivered in a single phase, this is uncommon as it carries a higher cost to employers and is less efficient. In the case of the test being delivered in two phases, known as a Verify test, the first phase is completed remotely and electronically. Candidates are emailed a link to the tests they are required to complete, and are provided a challengingly short period of time to complete the test. Those who are successful in this stage are then required to sit an invigilated test, which is conducted in order to eliminate the potential for cheating and/or collusion, in order to verify their performance. Generally speaking, these tests are delivered on a company assessment day.

The intent of a SHL test is to put candidates under pressure in order to identify their maximum level of performance, which is then compared with an identified norm group for the candidate’s given industry and job level. A cut-off point is used relative to this norm group, meaning that the candidate can only proceed to the next stage of screening if they have achieved a certain score which indicates them to be of a good ability level in comparison to those already in the same industry at a comparable job level. These parameters are easily interpreted as they are delivered in the form of percentile rankings, which are then categorized into grades from A-E:

AWell Above Average99-92
BAbove Average90-73
DBelow Average27-10
EWell Below Average8-1

For candidates seeking to pass to the next stage of screening, it would be prudent to aim for grade B or above. Below that grade, an individual falls into the realm of mediocrity or worse, so it is ill-advised to settle even at the 69th percentile.

Prepterminal offers all the resources necessary to ensure that your performance is exactly where it needs to be with our SHL Test preparation packs. Featuring educational modules with text/video components, our psychometric experts have formulated these packages in order to most effectively augment your existing competence in these tests. Our SHL practice tests are meticulously put together to accurately simulate the official SHL assessment, so that you may enter the real thing without any fear of being caught off-guard by unexpected questions. Sign up today for your first step towards test success.

Types of SHL Tests

SHL provides a wide variety of SHL tests, and even produces bespoke tests for clients to meet specific requirements in employee screening. The main tests are:


Numerical Reasoning: These tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and utilize numerical or statistical data. Data is presented to the candidate, who must use said data in order to answer a given question


Verbal Reasoning: These tests assess a candidate’s ability to comprehend and critically evaluate passages of written information. Candidates are presented with a passage of information, and based upon the premise of the passage must identify the truthfulness of given statements.


Inductive Reasoning: These tests assess a candidate’s ability to identify relationships between given items, using neither numerical or verbal ability, instead making use of shapes or patterns in order to identify pure raw intelligence.


Mechanical Comprehension: These tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and apply basic mechanical and physical principles, using questions based on various mechanical mechanisms and situations such as pulleys and belts, where the candidate must identify the correct answer based on their mechanical knowledge.


Spatial Awareness: These tests assess a candidate’s comprehension of spatial dimensions and ability to manipulate the spatial dimensions of shapes. Candidates are often required to answer questions about rotation or reflection, or they may be required to identify the correct 3d shape which would be created by 2d plans.


Situational Judgement: These tests are psychological assessments which examine a candidate’s judgement in presented work-based scenarios.

Preparing For SHL Tests

When preparing for SHL tests, the key is to practice. It cannot be overstated how important it is to ensure that you take the time to educate yourself on the content of the test and make every effort to practice. To that end, Prepterminal offers the perfect solution in proceeding with your preparation:

  1. Take a practice test
  2. Identify errors, strengths and areas requiring development based on performance
  3. Work through all of Prepterminal’s modules for the test in question
  4. Re-take practice test
  5. Identify points of improvement and remaining areas of development
  6. Revise modules pertaining to the remaining areas of development
  7. Continue to complete steps 4-6 until you have reached the required level of proficiency

By sticking to this routine until you have achieved the level of performance you require to pass the cut-off point in your test score, you are ensuring a significantly greater level of success in your job application process. As with all tests, by taking steps to prepare adequately for your SHL test you can improve your performance in an objective and measurable way. Prepterminal’s SHL Test preparation packs provide every resource required for success built upon structured study and SHL practice tests.

Start practicing SHL practice tests today with Prepterminal, your partner in psychometric success.

SHL Test Tips

While practice is a key element in SHL test success, there are some important tips to take note of:

  • Use a pen and paper for working out problems
  • For the online component of the test, wait until the time of day when you are most ‘awake’
  • Make sure you take the test in a quiet environment so you can think with clarity
  • Make sure you allocate appropriate time to each question, and when taking the test at home make sure that you have enough time to complete the full test.
  • When allowed, have a calculator on hand. Invigilated tests will not permit the use of a mobile phone’s calculator app, so have a scientific calculator available.