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SHL has carved a niche for itself in the talent assessment industry with its wide range of job assessment tests. Trusted by more than 10K+ companies worldwide, SHL assessments hold an esteemed position in the talent acquisition industry. By leveraging data-driven insights and scientific rigor, SHL has facilitated countless talent decisions across diverse sectors and roles. Nevertheless, it’s important to accept that these tests can prove to be quite difficult without sufficient preparation

To assist in your success, we’ve crafted FREE SHL practice tests. Designed to reflect the full range of SHL’s assessments – behavioral, personality, cognitive, and more, our practice tests are designed to advance your career to the next level. Let us guide you toward dominating these assessments and crushing the hurdles they might present.

SHL Assessment Types

SHL provides a diverse range of tests, including customized solutions designed to meet specific employer needs. Let’s explore the common types of tests that SHL typically utilizes. Practicing for these can greatly improve your chances of success in almost any SHL test you take.

SHL offers five primary types of assessments: Behavioral, Personality, Cognitive, Skills, and Job Focused. Each category is designed to evaluate different aspects of a candidate’s abilities and potential.

Personality Assessments, like the SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), SHL Motivational Questionnaire (MQ), and SHL RemoteWorkQ (RWQ), delve into inherent traits, motivations, and adaptability to remote work.

Cognitive Assessments encompass Verify G+, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Numerical Calculation, and Mechanical Comprehension, evaluating a candidate’s cognitive capabilities essential for decision-making and problem-solving.

Additionally, Skills Assessments and Job Simulations are tailored to specific job roles, assessing skills and providing task simulations. By utilizing this comprehensive mix of assessments, organizations gain valuable insights to make informed and effective hiring decisions.

The table provided below offers an overview of the various types of SHL assessments and what they test

Assessment Type Assessments Include
Behavioral Realistic Job Previews, Situational Judgement Tests, Universal Competency Framework
Personality SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), SHL Motivational Questionnaire (MQ), SHL RemoteWorkQ (RWQ)
Cognitive Abilities G+, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Calculation & Mechanical Comprehension
Skills Technical concepts, IT skills, language proficiency, call center simulations, and job-specific competencies.
Job Focused Custom-tailored tests for individual job roles and competencies

SHL Behavioral Tests

SHL Behavioral Assessments are designed to evaluate candidates’ behavioral fit for various roles. They include Realistic Job Previews, offering a glimpse into the job through scenarios, Situational Judgement Tests for effective screening, and the Universal Competency Framework to understand individuals’ behaviors at work and their potential for success in the role. Let’s further explore the SJT.

Situational Judgment Test

The SJT or Situational judgment is a behavioral test that evaluates your non-cognitive abilities by presenting a scenario with multiple response options. There may not be a clear ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer, but it checks your overall behavioral skills to align with the job roles.

SHL Personality Tests

SHL Personality Assessments reveal candidates’ preferences, motivations, and remote-work capabilities. They aid in recruitment, team building, and identifying future leaders. The assessments include SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), SHL Motivational Questionnaire (MQ), and SHL RemoteWorkQ (RWQ). Let’s further explore the OPQ further.

OPQ Personality Test

OPQ (Occupational Personality Questionnaire) is a powerful tool used to align individual working preferences with business requirements. It provides accurate and unbiased assessments of each worker’s potential, ensuring a perfect match for the right role. By delving into candidates’ preferences, motivations, and remote-work capabilities, OPQ enables better hiring decisions.

Cognitive Abilities Tests

SHL’s Cognitive Abilities Tests assess your problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities through interactive assessments, including G+, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Numerical Calculation, etc. These tests measure your potential to learn, adapt, and perform effectively in any role. Some of the popular SHL cognitive abilities tests include:

SHL G+ Verify / General Ability Test (Free Practice)

The SHL G+ Verify, a key component of the Verify suite of cognitive ability evaluations, is designed to measure three crucial areas: numerical, deductive, and inductive reasoning. With 30 well-formulated questions, this test assesses your skills to handle complex problems, make logical inferences from provided data, and recognize patterns or consistencies in a given dataset. Try it out now and see how you score!

Free SHL Verify G+ Practice Test

Deductive Reasoning (Free Practice)

The Deductive Reasoning test evaluates your ability to draw logical conclusions and complete scenarios based on the provided information. It involves reading statements and determining which subsequent options cannot be true or must be true. Enhance your deductive reasoning skills with the free practice test and boost your performance in assessment challenges. Try it out now and see how you score!

Free SHL Deductive Reasoning Practice Test

Inductive Reasoning (Free Practice)

The Inductive Reasoning test measures your ability to draw inferences from and understand relationships between various concepts. It involves working out patterns in a set of images and identifying the correct next image. Try it out now and see how you score!

Free SHL Inductive Reasoning Practice Test

Verbal Reasoning (Free Practice)

The Verbal Reasoning test assesses your ability to comprehend and draw logical conclusions from written information. It involves analyzing passages and answering questions based on the content. Try out our free verbal reasoning quiz now and see how you score!

Free SHL Verbal Reasoning Practice Test

Numerical Reasoning (Free Practice)

The Numerical Reasoning test assesses your ability to work with numbers and use appropriate mathematics in different situations. It involves solving word problems, performing numerical calculations, and interpreting charts and graphs. Strengthen your numerical reasoning skills with the free practice test and succeed in assessments that evaluate your quantitative abilities. Try it out now and see how you score!

Free SHL Numerical Reasoning Practice Test

Mechanical Comprehension (Free Practice)

The Mechanical Comprehension test measures your understanding of mechanical principles and concepts. It evaluates your ability to apply mechanical knowledge to solve practical problems. Prepare for mechanical comprehension assessments with the free practice test and demonstrate your aptitude for technical roles. Try it out now and see how you score!

Free SHL Mechanical Comprehension Practice Test

Numerical Calculation (Free Practice)

The Numerical Calculation test evaluates your ability to add, subtract, and manipulate numbers quickly and accurately. It includes tasks such as estimating, auditing, and checking results, which are critical skills in various workplace tasks across industries. Master numerical calculations with the free practice test and perform confidently in numerical assessments. Try it out now and see how you score!

Free SHL Numerical Calculation Practice Test

Questions and Time Constraints in SHL Tests

Assessing candidates’ skills and potential across various domains, SHL tests are designed to provide valuable insights. However, these assessments often come with time constraints, making effective time management crucial. Let’s take a quick look at the time and question numbers for different SHL assessments:

Test Total Number of Questions Time Limit (Minutes)
Numerical Reasoning Test 28 43
Verbal Reasoning Test 30 19
Inductive Reasoning Test 33 42
Deductive Reasoning Test 30 38
SHL G+ Verify 22 15
Mechanical Comprehension 20 15
OPQ Personality Test 104 Untimed
Situational Judgment Test 11 Untimed

Looking for Additional Prep Help?

Achieving top scores in SHL tests requires dedicated preparation and practice. Now that you’ve completed a free practice test, you have valuable insights into your current abilities and areas that might need more attention. This gives you a solid foundation to assess your readiness and plan your preparation effectively.

To support your journey, we offer a comprehensive prep course packed with hundreds of practice questions and study guides. Our unique tips and strategies are specifically designed to help you excel in the actual SHL exam. Seize this opportunity to boost your confidence and readiness for success. Let’s team up and ensure you’re fully equipped to achieve your desired outcomes in the SHL assessments!

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I regret not buying the SHL Assessment prep pack earlier. I only purchased it a night before the exam and failed on my first attempt because I couldn't absorb all the information in such a short amount of time. However, after having more time to review the material, I passed on my second attempt with a very high score of 94%. Therefore, I suggest to future clients to purchase this prep course at least 2-3 days prior to the exam.

Johny A.

The SHL prep pack is a great study resource, but it may be a bit pricey for someone who is unemployed and looking for a job. However, using Prepterminal resources helped me pass the SHL examination and now I'm working at KPMG.

Greg S

Overall, this is a good resource for preparing for the SHL Assessment test, particularly in the Verbal Reasoning section, as it highlights areas that native English speakers often overlook. However, I would have liked to have both timed and untimed versions of the questions so that users can track their progress without feeling either rushed or too relaxed.

Itsuki N.

This SHL Vrify G+ simulation was a great help for me. While some of the questions were a bit of a challenge, overall the test was a good assessment of my skills. I was able to score 85% , and I am now proud to be working for the Nestle now. Thanks to Prepterminal, I was able to prepare and succeed in the test.

Jorge Garcia B.

I was looking to buy a book to help me practice numerical and verbal reasoning tests, but then I changed my mind and choose to purchase the online SHL Assessment prep pack of Prepterminal. In my opinion, the only drawback is that the solutions only provide explanations for the correct answers, not the incorrect ones. I'd wish to have an option where my mistakes were highlighted and corrected automatically. This would be great for those who are not experts. Despite this, I'm overall satisfied with the pack as it has definitely helped me be prepared and pass the SHL Assessment test.

Stacy H.

If you're nervous about taking tests for a new job, I suggest using this preparation source. I spent a few hours studying with it when I was job searching and it really made a difference. I felt much more confident taking the SHL Assessment test, and I was even happy to see that some of the questions from the Prepterminal prep pack were on the actual test! Just I'd wish it had a lower price!

Lucca B.

This SHL prep pack was very helpful. I found some of the math questions a bit challenging, but that may be because math isn't my strong suit. Overall, the material was still very useful.

Alexander S.

The SHL prep course from Prepterminal was a great resource for me. The graphical explanations helped me better understand the course material, and the systematic approach to applying theories to different question formats was insightful. Overall, I'm very appreciative of the course.

Chriss S.

I am giving Prepterminal a well-deserved 5-star rating! The practice assessments for the SHL test were incredibly helpful in preparing me for the real exam. Although I found the Numerical Reasoning tests to be fast-paced, with about 1 question per minute, the practice allowed me to hone my skills and work on pacing myself. I appreciate the level of difficulty in the questions as it truly reflected the complexity of the real exam. Thanks to Prepterminal, I was able to pass the SHL assessment with flying colors. Highly recommend this resource to anyone looking to excel in their SHL test.

Martin D.

I loved the SHL test prep from Prepterminal! The Abstract Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning was so good, helped me a lot even though English not my first language. Thanks Prepterminal, I got hired by Coca Cola!

Mohammad S.

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