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Korn Ferry is a management consulting firm that provides recruitment processes for many businesses around the globe. Korn Ferry offers a range of flexible talent management assessment tools to test and foster employees and leaders. Their professional solutions help employers foster talent at all levels of the company, and their leadership solutions measure the readiness of candidates for leadership job positions.

Prepterminal’s Korn Ferry Prep Course has been formulated by our in-house psychometric experts to prepare you for every section of this challenging set of tests. Get started today and study with our in-depth guides and realistic practice materials – just click on Get Started to begin.

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What Does the Korn Ferry Assessment Measure?

Korn Ferry’s science-based talent assessments provide organizations with a non-biased way to identify employee talent and to make sure that employees have the competencies, abilities, and personality needed to excel in a particular job role.

Korn Ferry assessments are used to measure the key strengths, weaknesses, and talents of current and potential employees. Korn Ferry assessment tests can be used in the interview process to weed out unsuitable candidates. The tests can also be taken by current employees to help organizations promote individuals from within their company. This way top talent is developed and applied to benefit all. Furthermore, senior leadership can learn from these tests by acquiring insight into their leadership profile.

These tests are notorious for their difficulty, so it is crucial that you practice with focused prep. Sign up today to get started towards test success!

Four Elements Of the Korn Ferry Assessment test

There are four elements that form the basis of Korn Ferry’s assessment process, which are:

1. Experience – they use assignments and tasks to prepare individuals for roles in the future.

2. Competencies – they will examine the behaviors and skills that the candidate needs in order to succeed in the given role.

3. Drivers – they will explore the values and interests that motivate you to see which role best suits you.

4. Traits – they will examine your personality traits and qualities to determine what your future career path will be.

What Does the Korn Ferry Course Cover?

Raven Test

Korn Ferry Four Dimensions

Korn Ferry Drivers & Traits

In-Tray Exercise

Supervisory Leadership

Managerial Leadership

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning

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Korn Ferry Expert Video Lessons

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Korn Ferry Assessment Types

Korn Ferry’s recruitment tests and assessment packs cover a number of areas, such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, personality questionnaires, and logical tests. Let’s take a look at some of their online assessments.

The Korn Ferry Verbal Reasoning Test

The Korn Ferry Verbal Reasoning test measures a candidate’s ability to read, comprehend and analyze written information and their capacity to evaluate arguments related to this information. The Korn Ferry Verbal Reasoning test is made up of two parts, namely intermediate and hard. Both these tests measure your skill at interpreting and drawing conclusions from texts connected to work.

In these tasks, you will be presented with a passage of professional text. You will then be given a question that you will need to answer based on the information in the text. You are given 1 minute to answer each question and are allowed to make notes on scrap paper during the test.

The Korn Ferry Numerical Reasoning Test

The Korn Ferry Numerical Reasoning tests are standardized psychometric assessment tests that give an employing organization insight into a candidate’s overall numerical aptitude. These assessments are created to test a candidate’s ability to make accurate decisions and inferences from statistical and numerical information and data. They are designed to measure your ability to work with numerical data in the setting of a workplace.

Raven’s Matrix Test

The Raven’s Matrix Test is an assessment created to measure your abstract, cognitive, and non-verbal abilities. In the test, an individual is given a matrix of 3×3 geometric designs where one piece is missing. It is your task to select the correct diagram, out of five answers, that completes a pattern in the matrix. To do this you will need to work out the logic behind the matrix. The questions as well as the answers are non-verbal. This is a commonly used pre-employment testing tool.

In-tray Exercise

The In-tray task is designed to assess your time management, managerial skills, prioritization, and problem-solving abilities. You are presented with a set of work-related emails and are told to prioritize them to make sure that all the work is effectively completed.

The Career Survey Questionnaire

The Career Survey Questionnaire gives candidates an opportunity to showcase their career experience and history. As part of your answers, you can highlight the skills you have obtained as a result of your career experiences.

Personality Inventory Test

Like most personality questionnaires, the Personality Inventory Test is employed as a means of assessing your personality characteristics to decide which job role is right for you.

Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment (KFALP)

The Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) is a thorough assessment used to measure leadership potential. The test measures a candidate’s Experience, Drivers, Awareness, Learning agility, Leadership traits, Capacity, and Derailment risks. Norms are applied to give information relative to leaders who have progressed in their field.

Leadership Potential means what could eventuate at some point in the future, not what leadership qualities there currently are. By placing a focus on measures that are connected to what could be, the testing tool has been carefully designed to provide companies with important data about employees. This data is proven to make a distinction between those individuals who have successfully prospered from those who have not progressed in their job role.

The Korn Ferry Leadership Assessment aims to provide data that is essential for organizations and individuals to think about as they consider leadership potential. It is not specifically designed as a selection tool, to place individuals into particular job positions.

The Korn Ferry Assessment Scoring System

For aptitude tests, sores are compared against previous candidates. Korn Ferry Assessment scores are given as a percentile. For instance, if you score in the 86th percentile, you have performed better than 85% of other candidates.

Regarding the personality test, Leadership Assessment, and situational judgement test, your answers will be assessed against the key skills, weighted behavior, cultural attitude, and organizational values of your potential employer.

Which Companies Use the Korn Ferry For Hiring?

Many employers use Korn Ferry tests as part of their hiring process, including:

  • RBS
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • AstraZeneca
  • Royal Mail
  • Betfair
  • Coty
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Ford

Korn Ferry assessments are typically used for higher-level positions including strategists, executives, and CEOs.

Increase Your Confidence with Prepterminal’s Korn Ferry Assessment Course

At PrepTerminal we understand just how daunting a Korn Ferry assessment can be. Given the importance of the Korn Ferry Tests, they are not designed to be a walk in the park. But that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t nail your assessment test.

We, at PrepTerminal, have designed a Korn Ferry Assessment prep course that includes 14 instructional guides and video guides so that you can remain engaged while gaining the knowledge you need to ace your test. Each guide is fully-elaborated and includes all the information needed to become familiar with all the Korn Ferry Assessment question types.

We have left no stone unturned, as we also provide you with the opportunity to practice on over 100 practice items, 17 practice sets, and even personality practice sets.

Korn Ferry offers assessments in the following main categories: Numerical Reasoning; Verbal Reasoning; Raven Test (Abstract Reasoning); In-Tray Exercise; Career Survey; Personality Inventory; and Leadership Assessment. Our course is designed to cover the material you need to know for any of these assessments.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the competencies of Korn Ferry?

Korn Ferry has created four dimensions of talent and leadership: Competencies: observed skills and behaviors Experience: how previous job positions connect to future job positions Traits: capabilities, personality, and qualities Drivers: motivations and what keeps a candidate engaged

Do I get practice tests?

Yes! Each module of the Korn Ferry course comes with an in-depth set of practice questions so that you can get a hands-on experience of the test with realistic difficulty and timing.

How do you best prepare for a Leadership Assessment?

Our Korn Ferry course provides the perfect combination of guides & practice materials to understand the structure of this test and take on the real thing in confidence.

Are Korn Ferry tests difficult?

As the Korn Ferry is administered to applicants for leadership positions, the criteria for testing is unusually demanding. This means the Korn Ferry is one of the trickiest tests to navigate, making proper prep essential.

Who is behind the course?


Michael Lerner, BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Criticall Test Expert

Since 2007, I have been teaching and preparing people for a variety of pre-employment psychometric tests. Over the past 7 years I have focused primarily on the Caliper test, as I identified a growing demand for this type of test and noticed that my students experienced difficulties with the Caliper.

I am familiar with many assessment tests, but this test is the trickiest of them all. Throughout the years, I have personally seen thousands of Caliper questions and I have developed a unique tactic for approaching each question type.

In Feb 2015 I decided to create this course, instead of one-on-one tutoring, as this course is more efficient, more affordable and easier to use. I personally wrote this course together with professional psychometric test writers who have studied the Caliper Test inside-out, and have fine-tuned it over the past 5 years, in keeping with a lot of the feedback from my students.

I update the course on a regular basis. Over the past 5 years, this course has helped more than 7,500 people pass the Caliper test and get hired. Many of them failed the first and sometimes second time before they found my course.

1 week

$ 49.90

1 month

$ 59.90

3 month

$ 79.90

Raven Test

Korn Ferry Four Dimensions

Korn Ferry Drivers & Traits

In-Tray Exercise

Supervisory Leadership

Managerial Leadership

Verbal Reasoning

Numerical Reasoning


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