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Whether applying for a new job or aiming to move up the career ladder, acing the Caliper Assessment is important. Explore our free behavioral and cognitive abilities practice questions and check your preparedness for the Caliper exam. We share useful tips and also host a premium prep course. With us, you can improve your chances of getting your dream job by 70%*.

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About The Caliper Assesment

The Caliper Assessment offers a profound insight into an individual’s cognitive abilities and personality traits. The Caliper Assessment is a combination of 7 different types of questions that assess both your mental ability & your behavior. 

Caliper Assessment Overview

Cognitive Section

Visual Analogy

In this section, you’ll identify relationships between different visual items. Just as words have relationships (e.g., cat is to kitten as dog is to puppy), you’ll spot connections between shapes, patterns, or objects.

Visual Analogy Sample Question

Caliper Visual Analogy Q 01

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
Take a free Visual Analogy Practice Quiz

This is an easy 3 question Quiz to test your Visual Ability. This is an Untimed Quiz to give you an idea of the section. The actual Caliper Test contains much harder questions that this.


Here, you’ll tackle logical reasoning challenges. You’ll see a grid of images or symbols with one missing. Your job? Figure out the pattern or rule and pick the correct image or symbol to complete the matrix.

Matrices Sample Question

Caliper Visual Matrices Q 01

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
Take a free Matrices Practice Quiz

This is an easy 4 question Quiz to test your ability to solve Matrices. This is an Untimed Quiz to give you an idea of the section. The actual Caliper Test contains much harder questions that this.

Visual Series

This section tests your pattern recognition. You’ll examine a series of images following a particular rule. Detect the rule and select the next image that fits the sequence.

Visual Series Sample Question

Caliper Visual Series Q 01

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
Free Practice for Caliper Visual Series
This is an easy 4 question Quiz to test your ability to solve Visual Series. This is an Untimed Quiz to give you an idea of the section. The actual Caliper Test contains much harder questions that this.

Number Series

You’ll dive into numerical reasoning in this part. Given a sequence of numbers that follow a distinct pattern, you need to determine that pattern and predict the upcoming number in the series.

Number Series Sample Question

A geometric series has a sum of 124 for its first 5 terms. If the 5th term is 8 times the 3rd term, determine the first term.

  • A:


  • B:


  • C:


  • D:


Take a free Number Series Practice Quiz

This is an easy 4 question Quiz to test your ability to solve Number Series. This is an Untimed Quiz to give you an idea of the section. The actual Caliper Test contains much harder questions that this.

Behavioral Section

Most / Least

You’ll get a taste of self-reflection here. Given a list of characteristics or behaviors, you’ll pick which ones you relate to the most and the least. It’s a way for employers to gauge your self-awareness and core values.

Most / Least Sample Question
Which of these statements aligns with your true self and which one makes you want to run for the hills?
I confidently express my opinions and ideas during group discussions.

I am attuned to the emotions and needs of others.

I take a careful and prudent approach when making decisions.

I can be competitive and assertive when pursuing my goals.

Agree to Disagree

You’ll face statements about beliefs, preferences, or behaviors. For each one, you have to decide whether you agree or disagree, revealing a bit about your attitudes and values.

Agree to Disagree Sample Question
I enjoy socializing and building relationships with colleagues.
Strongly Disagree
Mildly Disagree
Mildly Agree
Strongly Agree

Ranking Format

Although seldom used, this section requires you to rank tasks, preferences, or attributes in order of their importance to you. It helps paint a picture of what you value or prioritize in different situations.

Ranking Format Sample Question

Rank the following statements according to your agreement/disagreement to them from 1 (Agree) to 3 (Disagree), 2 is (Neutral/Neither). Only one number may be given per statement (if you used 1 for statement one, you cannot use it for another statement).

I am willing to take calculated risks to explore new opportunities and challenges.
I meticulously plan and organize my daily tasks to ensure maximum efficiency.
I often seek out social interactions and enjoy being around a diverse group of people.

What does our Course Offer?

Tailored Content: Each practice session is designed with precision, mirroring the real Caliper test. This ensures you face no surprises on the big day.

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The strategies provided in the Caliper Assessment simulation test provided by Prepterminal were quite effective. On a few occasions, I encountered some particularly challenging questions (especially in Figural Series) and sought assistance from my friends to work through them. However, this ended up making me stronger in the real examination. Now, I work for Verizon and this prep course was crucial to achieve my goals.

Julian S

I had to study hard for the Caliper Assessment test, so I bought a prep course from Prepterminal. It gave me a good understanding of what the actual test would be like, even though some of the questions were slightly different. But, I didn't have any issues passing and now I've landed the job I was after (at General Electric).

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The Calliper simulation course of Prepterminal has been crucial in my preparation for the real Caliper assessment exam. It has boosted my confidence and reduced my anxiety. I highly recommend it.

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I applied for a job at AT&T, a company that uses the Caliper Assessment Test for evaluating new applicants. I acquired the Caliper Assessment Test preparation package from Prepterminal to overcome my insecurities, and it greatly aided me in taking the test with confidence and passing it successfully.

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I recently took the Caliper Assessment simulation test provided by Prepterminal and was very impressed. The test accurately represented the actual Caliper Assessment and helped me gauge my understanding of the material. The online platform was easy to use and provided instant feedback and explanations for each question, allowing me to learn from our mistakes and improve my scores. Just I'd wish to have had a few more examples included.

Greg A.

The Caliper Assessment prep course from Prepterminal provided exactly what was needed to feel confident and familiar with the real exam. My experience taking the course closely mirrored the actual test. I passed with a high score (84) and got hired by Walmart.

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This material presented here provides a helpful foundation for grasping the fundamental concepts and getting an idea of what to expect in the Caliper Assessment test, so I'm happy to have purchased this simulation course. Although, it's worth noting that some questions in the actual assessment may slightly vary from those presented in this course.

Hose Angel R.

The materials in this course provided me with crucial practice for evaluating my abilities, and while transitions between figures were occasionally slower than I would have liked, the overall material is comprehensive and digestible.

Michael R

I appreciate the organization of topics and questions in the Caliper Course by Prepterminal. The transition between topics flows smoothly. BTW, I like very much how the FIgural Analogies section is organized., including the videos.

Zvonimir A.

The Caliper Course from Prepterminal helped me secure a job at Coca Cola. Comprehensive, organized, and easy to understand. Moreover, I was pretty amazed with the Figural Series section. Highly recommend!

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