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The ACCUPLACER writing test will assess your capacity to edit and rework text with multiple paragraphs. It will feature a series of 25 questions. These questions can be approached in relation to two broad knowledge and skill areas.

We have created the ACCUPLACER writing practice test to help you familiarize yourself with test question types.

FREE ACCUPLACER Writing Practice Test

Prepterminal has prepared a short practice test, so you can get a taste of what is going to be on the real exam.

Writing Practice Test

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Each of these skill areas has subcategories.

1. Expression of ideas (14-16 questions)

  • Development (revise, add, keep or select ideas and information)
  • Effective use of language (revision of passage for the clarity of language)
  • Organization (revision of the passage of text)

2. Standard English Conventions (9-11 questions)

  • Conventions of punctuation (correct and identify inappropriate use of the convention of punctuation)
  • Conventions of usage (identify and correct irregularities and lack of agreement)
  • Structure of the sentence (identify and correct issues and incorrect shifts between and within a sentence)

ACCUPLACER Writing Passages and Topic Areas

The writing passages that feature on the ACCUPLACER writing test are around 300-350 words long. They are specifically written for the ACCUPLACER writing test. They vary in their level of difficulty, ranging from early high school level to first-year post-secondary level.

Every passage on the test is based on one of the following topic areas:

  • Humanities
  • Science
  • History/ Careers/ Social Studies

They are also based on one of the following types of writing styles:

  • Informative
  • Argumentative
  • Narrative


Why do you Need to Practice for your ACCUPLACER Test before the Exam?

The rationale behind the ACCUPLACER Placement Test is to discover which college courses and classes you should take. Prospective universities will use your ACCUPLACER Placement test scores to determine which English and math courses you are to take when you begin your college degree. If you don’t get a top score on your ACCUPLACER test, you may need to enroll in remedial level English or math courses when you start university. This may mean that you will have to go over material that you already covered back in high school.

We, at Prepterminal, want you to avoid having to take remedial level courses. And, that’s why we have developed several practice tests to help you succeed on your ACCUPLACER exam. Check out our reading quiz and math quiz (which covers both algebra and arithmetic subjects). Find out what your current testing level is when you complete our free practice tests.

About Prepterminal’s ACCUPLACER Test Course

The ACCUPLACER exam is an essential part of the entry process to college. For those who want to progress directly to college-level subjects, you must do well on your tests. Given the weight of this exam, it is crucial to practice before test day. Make sure that you prepare using reliable and accurate course materials, such as those prepared by Prepterminal.

Prepterminal’s comprehensive course will give you all the material you need to get to know the format and structure of the ACCUPLACER exam. When you select Prepterminal, you are choosing to save precious time and money – resources that you may otherwise need to invest in remedial level study courses at university.

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