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The Firefighter exam is a highly challenging applicant selection tool, employed to identify the very best applicants for roles within the Fire Department.

Prepterminal’s all-inclusive guides, practice materials and authentic practice questions are the ideal preparation resource for anybody seeking to apply to a career in Firefighting.


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intro-img Introduction to Firefighter Exams

Every year, thousands of people apply to various fire departments in the hopes of starting a career as a firefighter. Of those who apply, the number who get the job can be as low as 2.5%. This means that for every single person who got the job, there were 39 people who didn’t. If you’ve applied for a firefighting position, you may have to beat 39 others in every facet of the firefighter written exam.

The firefighter written exam is the first part of this process, and is where most candidates slip up – after all, this exam touches on topics you may not have dealt with since high school. That’s why we’re here. Prepterminal’s course for firefighter entrance exam has been produced in collaboration with industry experts and fire department instructors in order to accurately provide for the exact specifications of your exam.

Improve your score with Prepterminal

When it comes to such a competitive firefighter written test, it’s natural to feel anxious. If you succeed, you’ll have secured a stable job with great benefits, but if you fail it’s back to square one. For some, this means looking for another job, and for others this means waiting anywhere from one to four years for reassessment and another shot at the job.

In any case, it’s clear that if you want the job you need to get it right the first time; if you come up short you’re not going to get the opportunity to try again tomorrow.

At Prepterminal, we understand the need to get this right, so we have taken a painstaking effort to ensure that our course is as thorough as it can be on the topics covered on your firefighter written exam. We do this so that you can prepare effectively and go in with the tools you need to show your assessors that you have the knowledge it takes to become a great firefighter. Using our module-based course curriculum, you can prepare for every element of the question types posed in the firefighter aptitude test in a way that you understand the concepts behind the questions asked, rather than simply memorizing how to answer them. A deep understanding of the concepts at play is the only way to be fully prepared for any question which could come up.

Simply put – you have one shot at your firefighter written exam, and this course is the best route to success through our firefighter exam prep.

Who is this firefighter written exam prep course for?

Across the United States and beyond, firefighters are put through rigorous examination processes in order to ensure that they are truly fit to protect the population from the dangers of fire and other domestic dangers. Since this job is a critical one for the wellbeing of the general population, it is vital that recruits are not only physically, but also mentally capable. As such, it is seen that all firefighter departments tend towards similar means of testing cognitive ability, with minor variations from agency to agency.

This course has been designed to address every facet of cognitive ability assessed in prospective recruits – in preparing each module, we left no stone unturned in ensuring that you receive the best preparation available on the market. If you are applying for an entry-level position as a firefighter, then this is the course for you.

Who is this firefighter written exam prep course for?

By using our resources, you are drastically improving your shot at success with four key advantages:

  • Know what to expect on the test – A major advantage of preparing with us is that you will gain insight on what exactly is on the test. While your peers may be anxious due to their uncertainty, you can enter your exam with confidence knowing exactly what is coming.
  • Learn the concepts behind the questions – While many resources you might find focus almost exclusively on practicing questions, our course offers a competitive edge in teaching you the reasoning behind the questions, so you will not only remember what the correct answer is, but also why it is correct. This ensures that you to go into the exam prepared for anything.
  • Recognize and avoid time traps – As with any cognitive test, examiners make a point of using the lack of time management skills of test-takers by including a handful of disproportionately difficult questions which will take far longer than the others. These are often bestskipped. In our course, you’ll gain skills on how to identify these well-hidden traps and save precious time, which is best spent on other, easier questions.
  • Apply your learning in a live, timed exam environment – Prepterminal’s proprietary e-learning software offers the full package when it comes to test preparation. The instructional modules on your course are accompanied by live, timed mock exams so that you can practice in a realistic environment, ensuring that you have the most authentic experience possible before of the real thing.

What is on the Firefighter exam?

Depending on the department with which you are applying, the exam may be administered either in a pen-and-paper format, or digitally. It contains between 100 and 150 questions with a time restriction of between 2 hours to 2.5 hours. Every component of the test is presented in a manner which is relevant to the required skills to perform effectively on the job.

Preparing for any exam can be challenging. That’s why we are here! PrepTerminal provides you with the tools you need in order to pass your firefighter civil service exam with our uniquely designed firefighter study guide.

Abstract-Reasoning Prepterminal’s Firefighter Prep Course

Learn a Preptermial can help you succeed on your exam without custom-made firefighter test prep course. We provide practice questions for all sections of the exam. Look at the video below on how easy our product is easy to use!

Firefighter Written Exam Question Types



This section tests your ability to do basic to slightly complex calculations using addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. It also tests your ability to understand charts, tables and graphs.


Mechanical Aptitude

This assesses your ability to identify tools and devices for solving mechanical problems and your understanding of mechanical concepts. You might be asked questions about water pressure and valves, as you will need to operate these on a regular basis as part of your job role. You will need a basic understanding of gears, levers, pulleys and circuits.


Written Aptitude

This assesses your reading comprehension and written English abilities, including spelling and grammar. You will be provided with short samples of text and then asked to answer questions about them.


Spatial Orientation

As a firefighter you will need to be able to understand maps and blueprints and to memorize routes when you enter a building. This section focuses on your ability to read a map and infer directions from the information given.


Observation and Memory

This section tests contains images where you are given a specific timeframe to memorize the image. It is followed by questions related to the image that you saw previously.


Personality and Situational Judgment

This part asks you multiple-choice questions about what you would do in certain situations. It relates to how well you work in a team and on your initiative. The aim of this section of the test is to gauge the candidate’s trustworthiness and conscientiousness, to ensure that they will be a good representative for the department and behave in a manner befitting of a public servant. Honesty is crucial in this section as the test is designed to identify areas in which the candidate is lying to misrepresent their qualities.

Application Process

The application process may differ across departments; however, all steps are included:

  1. Application form
  2. Firefighter written aptitude tests
    The firefighter aptitude test contains questions related to your cognitive and oral abilities. The cognitive aptitude section of the written test is generally comprised questions measures your ability in mechanical reasoning, mathematical skills, spatial orientation, memory & observational skills, reading comprehension and Situational Judgement Tests. Both the cognitive and oral parts of the exam are essential for success in the firefighting position.
  3. Oral Interview
    Each department will ask their own set of questions. Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before the interview. You should have prepared well thought-out and structured responses ready.
  4. Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT)
    The CPAT is a high-level physical endurance test. It is designed to measure your physical abilities. The test may include hose dragging, stair climbing, carrying equipment, ladder raising and extending, forcible entry, searching, rescuing, ceiling breaching, pushing, and other firefighting related work. It is important to be physically fit and to come to the CPAT prepared for the tasks you may need to perform.
  5. Medical examination including drug screening
    For this exam they want to see if you physically fit and can do everything that is required on the job without putting yourself or others at risk. You must undergo a complete physical by a certified physician.
  6. Psychological Exam
    The written personality is designed to see if you are able to stay calm and cope with stress , maintain a positive attitude and control over emotions, flexibility, decisiveness, resourcefulness, make critical decisions under life-threatening conditions, work with little to no supervision, perform tasks which need long and intense concentration, and more.

Preparing for the Firefighter entrance exam can be difficult and if you have already applied, you might not have much time between now and the firefighter written exam, so it’s important to prepare yourself as soon as possible. Sign up for Prepterminal’s Firefighter Prep Course today and secure a rewarding career in your local fire department!

Online Preparation for the Firefighter Written Test

Our comprehensive firefighter written exam prep course includes: module-based firefighter study guides, detailed video tutorials , insider tips for passing the test and boosting your scores , practice questions and answers throughout , advice on how to avoid common mistakes , and mock tests to make sure that you are well equipped to achieve a great score in the real thing! Regardless of your current skill level, this course is the ideal resource to prepare you as thoroughly as possible to ace this challenging examination!

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FDNY Exam and Firefighter Test Prep Course

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The FDNY exam is a firefighter aptitude test specified by the New York City Fire Department and is given once every four years. It is utilized as an effective assessment tool for the FDNY to make sure that only the best of the best applicants take part in the firefighter hiring process.

Here at Prepterminal, we have an in-depth FDNY Firefighter Written Exam Prep Course which is perfect for ensuring you are not just ready to pass the real FDNY exam but also stand out as an ideal candidate with a top score.

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