Free Praxis Core Reading Practice Test (2024)

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Do you want to maximize your Praxis Core Writing test score? A great way to improve your score is by completing a Praxis Core Writing practice test.

At Prepterminal we want you to succeed on your Praxis Core tests. That’s why we have methodically made a Praxis Core Writing practice test. This practice test features the same style of questions that appear in the real Praxis Core Writing test.

Free Praxis Core Reading Practice Test

See how well you do on our free Praxis Core Writing test today.

The Praxis Core Writing test is a must in many states in the U.S. As, it is a prerequisite for many teacher preparation programs. The topics featured in this exam include purposes and production, text types, and research and language skills for writing. When you complete this practice test you will see your current testing level and learn what to expect from the exam.

The Praxis Core Writing Test in Detail

The Praxis Core Writing test features three sections and comes with a time limit of 100 minutes.

  • Section one is a multiple-choice section that needs to be completed in 40 minutes.
  • Section two is an argumentative essay that needs to be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Section three is an explanatory essay that needs to be completed in 30 minutes.

The Core Academic Skills for Educators Test in Writing assesses academic aptitude in writing. And, looks at this skill in relation to a teaching career. All the skills featured in this test have been shown to be necessary for career and college readiness. And, align with the Common Core State Standards created for Writing.

What’s on the Praxis Core Writing Test?

Multiple-choice items

This part of the exam is divided into four parts:

  • Revision in context
  • Research skills
  • Error identification
  • Sentence correction


The Praxis Core Writing tests feature two essay tasks. These tasks look at how well you can write in a finite period of time.

Argumentative essay
In this essay task, the question will ask you to discuss, to what extent you agree or disagree with a certain opinion. You will have 30 minutes to complete this task.

Source-based essay
In this essay task, the question will ask you to analyze information from two sources, which will be provided. You will need to see what the central ideas are, in relation to a given issue.

Praxis Prep Course

How to Ace the Exam with Prepterminal’s Course

Praxis tests are a core component in the process of becoming a teacher, in many states. Thus, if you have your sights set on being a teacher, you will want to come to this test prepared and confident. A proven way to do this is to practice before the day of your test. To start with, you can take our free Praxis Core Writing practice test and then move on to our Core Math and Core Reading. At Prepterminal, we have also gone to length to put together a comprehensive Praxis Core Guide. Read through our Core Guide to learn about this important test.

We have also created a total all-in-one modular Praxis Prep Course. This course comes with both video and written modules. The course consists of 1 reading guide, 2 writing guides, 13 maths guides, and 1 graphic literacy & data sets guide. It also comes with 3 reading tests, 13 writing tests, 13 maths tests, and 1 graphic literacy and data sets test.

Find all you need to know about the Praxis tests in one place – with us at Prepterminal.

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