TSA CBT Test Prep Course

| 7,576 students | Last Updated: Oct 11, 2022
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert
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The TSA test used to be an incredibly difficult barrier for TSA applicants, and it still is today for a majority of candidates thanks to the X-Ray Test.

You, however, are no longer part of that majority who will struggle and fail their exam. All you need is the device you’re using right now & three hours of your time. A few hours from now you can be 100% prepared to ace your X-Ray Exam, using the X-Ray Supercharge Tool. 

This specialized tool was developed in collaboration with aviation security experts to rapidly infuse you with the know-how to immediately spot items in x-ray scans through a proprietary combination of rapid industry tutorials and the biggest & best collection of x-ray practice questions, on any device from the comfort of your home.

Other applicants who haven’t used the X-Ray Supercharge Tool are at a major disadvantage compared to those who have – in fact, only 10% of all applicants actually pass their X-Ray Test. 95% of students who used the Supercharge Tool passed their test and went on to receive a job offer.

It’s really that easy. Supercharge your X-Ray skills today and improve your chance of getting the job by 85% with the X-Ray Supercharge Tool!

Now, you might be asking yourself – and quite rightly so – “what about the rest of the TSA screening process?” 

TSA’s screening process involves a series of checks & tests; along with your X-Ray test, you’ll need to go through an interviewing process, an English aptitude exam & a background check.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered there too. While a majority of unsuccessful candidates failed because of the X-Ray Test, the very best thing you can do is prepare for every step of the process so there is absolutely nothing that can catch you off guard.

Alongside the X-Ray Supercharge Tool, this preparation pack includes a series of guides and practice tests to get you ready for your English aptitude test, and in-depth tutorials on what to expect from your interview & background check, with expert insights on the best method to maximize your performance in these stages of your application.

Let’s take a look at some mock exams to get a feel for what will be on your test:

Free TSA CBT Practice Tests

TSA X-Ray Practice Test

TSA CBT Test Prep Course

| 7,576 students | Last Updated: Oct 11, 2022
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert

TSA X-Ray Practice Test

TSA Written Skills Test

TSA CBT Test Prep Course

| 7,576 students | Last Updated: Oct 11, 2022
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert

TSA Written Skills Test

Prepterminal TSA CBT Prep: Course Content

TSA Test Passing Rate

Only 10% of applicants pass the TSA test.

The TSA screens millions of travelers every week, and has even screened 2.46 million passengers in a single day. That’s why the TSA uses such a difficult test: their agents must be able to screen passengers with great scrutiny yet maintain a high speed in doing so.

While only 10% of applicants pass the TSA test, our students enjoy an incredible 95% passing rate. With nothing but the device you’re using to read this & three hours of your time, you can improve  your odds of passing and receiving a job offer by 85% with the X-Ray Supercharge Tool.

Just select your package and proceed to the check-out page. You’ll be able to start studying online the moment you’ve purchased your course.

Our Preparation Course Includes

The TSA CBT Test covers both English proficiency and x-ray object recognition. This course is filled with instructional guides and practice tests to make sure you are 100% ready to succeed on test day.

How to ACE the X-RAY test

Learn from professional aviation security instructors how to scan X-RAY images successfully within 5 seconds and practice with 800 real X-RAY luggage images – THE biggest pool of X-RAY practice questions available. With the right practice, you’ll be ready to instantly spot any item in your x-ray test.

How to pass the personal interview

Understand the interviewer’s point of view, and the right approach and get familiar with 25 of the most common interview questions you will most likely be asked.

How to have a smooth and short background check

This process may take up to 6 months which would significantly extend the time taken to start work. We will teach you how to minimize the time spent on this to make your application as smooth as possible.

Prepare for verbal and reading comprehension

This course will teach you how to effectively approach and prepare for the verbal and reading comprehension components of the TSA computer based test in a short/limited time.

X-Ray Test

The X-Ray test is the most difficult part of the TSA CBT test since most applicants will never have had to answer questions of this type. Can you see the knife in this image within 6 seconds?

You need to be lightning fast with finding these images in the real test since it’s meant to assess your ability to find images in a split second in a real airport security environment. You don’t have time to second-guess yourself, so need to be quick and consistent. Here’s the knife:

Since the job deals with critical security checks, you can expect to find very challenging questions on this part of the TSA Computer Based Test. Those who are trying to smuggle prohibited items with malicious intent will go to great efforts to conceal them in baggage, so as a TSO you will be expected to apply your own initiative in using the scanning tools provided to identify and flag threats in real-time. Not only does this preparation prepare you for the test – but it also provides skills and insight which will be vital to performing your job role successfully. Let’s take a look at another example of a prohibited item existing in a baggage scan. Can you tell if there is a weapon in this image within 6 seconds?

It is hard to consistently and correctly identify the item you are searching for in many cases, as there are often red herrings to be found in the baggage; some items are not always as they originally appear, and so it can at times be hard to figure out what an item is. Here is the location of the gun in the baggage:

Our course covers how to correctly identify items so that you can home in on the correct item quickly and effectively. By making use of our instructional guides alongside our practice tests, you will be fully covered when it comes to sitting the real test.

In addition to prohibited items, the X-Ray Test will ask you to identify certain non-prohibited items, such as bottles and shoes. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. Can you see the shoes in the first image or the bottle in the second?

The TSA is testing you for your ability to identify items effectively – not just to pick out key items. After all, this is a test of your overall ability to read these scans as a whole. Here are the solutions for the two scans:

This course takes a full view of X-Ray image analysis. Rather than simply teaching you how to identify individual items in isolation, we provide a full understanding of how X-Ray images are presented and how the key focus factors should be interpreted in all circumstances. Once you have finished this course, you will be able to identify any item in a baggage scan, even beyond those which you will be asked for on the test. By understanding how to identify any item based on the key focus factors, you will be able to apply this knowledge in assessing the X-Ray images and quickly identify the presence of target items.

In this course, you will work through a module-based curriculum featuring in-depth guides followed by module quizzes, and finally a number of full-length Practice Tests. By following the curriculum and viewing all resources, you will substantially increase your performance on this difficult test, as well as improve your performance on the job by using the techniques developed by our aviation security experts.

*Note: TSA and other affiliated trademarks are the property of the DHS. Prepterminal is in no way affiliated with the DHS or the U.S. government. DHS neither endorses or promotes Prepterminal or any of Prepterminal’s services.

Michael Lerner
Created by: Michael LernerBSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert
7,576 students -

Hey, welcome to our TSA CBT Test Prep Course. I’m Michael, I am here to assist you with any queries you may have about the TSA CBT Exam Preparation. Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

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