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Your score on the test will impact how fast you'll be hired as a TSO.

The test is divided into two sections: The X-Ray Recognition Test and the English Test.

English Test

You'll be assessed in areas like reading comprehension, vocabulary and written communication

X-Ray Test

You'll have to recognize potential threats (bottles, weapons, explosives) from more than 100 images, with a strict time limit fo 15 seconds per image

Preparation is key because:

  • The current passing rate for the test is less than 32%
  • People with the highest scores are placed in the "Best qualified" category, and are likely to get hired very soon

TSA X-Ray Practice Test

TSA Written Skills Test


Test your ability with this free X-Ray test


Assess your English proficiency with this free test

Discover how you can improve your results

With one of the most rigorous hiring Process, 72% of TSA`s applicants FAIL

And these are the most common reasons:

  • Zero experience with The XRAY ORT Test

    This is the part of the assessment that trips the most. The test takers have yet to try or be trained to spot ten types of objects in 100+ complex and cluttered X-RAYs. Not to mention the highly stressful timed mode with 15 seconds per image.

  • Poor preparation for The TSA Interview / Airport assessment

    The TSA is a governmental security agency with strict procedures and specific criteria for hiring and training new TSOs. Therefore, general fluffy interviewing tips just don't work here. Most applicants are unaware of the most important personal qualities to bring out specifically in this situation, how to create a strong impression that you are a great fit to be a TSO, what questions to expect, and most important - how to prepare the best responses in advance.

  • Misguided prep resources

    Finding accurate and effective prep materials is almost impossible with a unique hiring process and confidential exams, such as the XRAY ORT test. The abundance of unreliable, outdated, and down wrong "practice tests" and "study guides" available online mislead the applicants and sabotage their chances of succeeding in the entire TSA assessment.

  • Clumsy rookie mistakes that mess up the Background Check

    The TSA conducts thorough background checks as a high-risk aviation security agency. Understandably, they take absolutely ZERO RISKS when hiring and training new TSOs. Many applicants without any criminal history or credit issues are surprisingly disqualified, unaware of some important nuances and basic mistakes made when filling out the Application Form and the Personal History Statement.

How can you solve these issues?

Since 2017, our top-rated TSA Prep Booste™ helped 7,576 TSA applicants to pass the TSA Hiring process with an astonishing 78% passing rate ( VS 28% overall ).

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Preparing for the exam in a simple yet effective way is totally possible!

But maybe you didn't know that by following the Prepterminal's exclusive preparation guide for the TSA Exam that I'm about to share with you, you'll also have the power to:

  • Remove all the anxiety and doubts related to the test
  • Prepare yourself for the test in a quick, yet effective way
  • Easily be able to recognize all the images in the X-Ray section by understanding how the X-Ray machine works and practicing with some real images and situations
  • Look over any other section of the test like English Proficiency and have a clear understanding of all the questions that will come up

And ultimately:

Get a "Best Qualified" score on your test and significantly increase the possibilities of getting a job as a transportation security officer

Course Content

X-Ray Prep Booster™ Module

Get a complete understanding of the mechanics behind the X-Ray machine with over 800 practice images and 40 full lenght tests

Know more

TSA English Test Module

Brush up on all your english knowledge and prepare for the 4 different sections of the english test

Know more

Interview & Background Check

Discover how you can prepare yourself to ace the interview

Know more


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Great prep test!


So I applied for TSA and got invited to do the CBT. I made it out for Thursday (today) on my day off. I quickly search for a prep test and came across this website. I only had two days to prepare and it helped me tremendously. I passed with flying colors. Thank you guys so much!





I wasn't planning to buy this i was really skeptical at first because i had seen others with higher prices and i thought this was a fake but honestly it was really worth it the test is very similar, and this helped a lot! I only practiced for about 2 days it's really hard to try and shove it all in one night before so i would go ahead and buy it for at least a week ahead of time i took the test today 03/02/2022 and i got my results maybe 45 minutes later via email. This is good practice but just be prepared for the images to be much smaller




Osheanna G.

I passed my exam!!! I purchased the prep 4 days before my exam and passed!! I highly recommend buying this!!

Osheanna G.


CBT Exam

Kenneth J.

I've took the test last week on the third of January and I got to say I've passed with flying colors. The test itself was so simple and easy I've blazed through it an hour and thirty minutes flat. This practice test was well worth the money. For anyone that wants to take the CBT get this product because let me tell you it'll make the difference and make sure look at the X-Rays because the once on the practice test in this product is the exact same thing that's on the test. I've studied for last month for two weeks and I was pleased with the results.

Kenneth J.


I passed


I highly recommend the purchase of this practice course. I did the CBT today and I passed on my first try. The English part was pretty easy and the x-ray part was ok as well. You just have to be quick on the eyes, but if you purchase the course you will have nothing to worry about, because it prepare you for what to come on the test. Thank you and good luck to all.



Gave me a great insight on the CBT test

Kelsey B.

Just passed my test! Great prep course, it definitely prepared me and gave a great insight on what to expect on the test.

Kelsey B.


Definitely helped me out I passed my test today!!

Maria H.

This is something you definitely won’t regret buying if your trying to pass your CBT. Helped me get comfortable with the English and x-ray portions of the exam.

Maria H.


X-Ray video Guide

Prep Review, very helpful

Christina A.


X-ray prep

Very Helpful info.

Christina A.



Test was today and passed it. Your course online provided the confidence I needed. Thank you


Frequently asked questions

  • I really want to enroll in this preparation course but the exam is in a couple days. Will I have enough time?

    Glad to hear that :)

    We had a lot of different preppers who enrolled in the course even 3 days before the exam, sometimes as low as 1 day before, and were still able to pass.

    The preparation material is designed to take no more than 3 hours and a half if you go through all the material with bonuses plus 4 hours for all preparation tests (both X-Ray and English).

    We advise a minimum of 3 hours if you really want to go through the fundamentals such as how the metal detector works and start practicing right away.

  • What if I fail the TSA Test?

    If you fail your TSA Test you will not be allowed to apply for any TSO opening for a period of six months. If you fail twice you'll not be able to apply for a TSO position anymore.

    Prepterminal offers a money-back guarantee to all who started preparing with us and failed the test. You just need to email (name) at (email) and we'll send out an immediate refund

    Remember: We are driven by your success, and, if you can't have it, we don't deserve it either.

  • Who is eligible for a TSA Exam?

    Only US citizens, eighteen years or older, holding a valid high school diploma or equivalent, are eligible to take the TSA CBT test.

  • Where does the test take place?

    TSA administers the test online, and you need to register on the portal and take the test in a TSA-monitored facility.

  • What are the test scores and how can I increase the likelihood of getting a job?

    If the candidates achieve a passing score, they are placed into one of three categories based on their level of success:

    • Best Qualified
    • Highly Qualified