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Bestseller 97 Reviews | 6,876 students | Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert

Rapid SHL Masterclass

Bestseller 97 Reviews | 6,876 students | Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023
Created by: Michael Lerner - BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert
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Take the fast track to SHL Verify Interactive Test mastery with expert tricks & lifelike Verify G+ practice tests

SHL’s new flagship exam, the Verify G+ Interactive Test, is being used by employers all over the world. This exam adapts to your performance, so no two test-takers have the exact same experience. What’s on the exam, and how can YOU ensure that your score is the best it can be?
SHL Verify G+ Subjects
Topic Number of questions
Numerical Reasoning 8-10
Inductive Reasoning 8-10
Deductive Reasoning 8-10

What Is the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test?

A high score on this difficult exam has become mandatory in a wide range of industries: your score will pit you against every other applicant in a direct ranking system.

To get ahead of the SHL Verify G+ exam, you need to be fully prepared for every question type they’ll throw at you within just 36 minutes.

95% of job applicants fail at this stage of the application process because they were uninformed and unprepared

Failing to perform on this exam can cost you an important career opportunity that might not present itself to you again for a long time in the current job market.

Luckily for you, you’ve just found the only working method to fast-track your learning and prepare for your exam with nothing but the device you’re using right now – a computer, smartphone, tablet PC, just to name a few – and three hours of your time. It’s really that simple!

Our All-Inclusive SHL Preparation Course is the crucial solution to your SHL Verify G+ preparation, with expert guides on how to quickly leap over each obstacle the test will throw at you – covered across video and written guides to suit your taste – and realistic mock exams for both the interactive and non-interactive versions of the SHL Verify G+

Remember: you’re being given the SHL test because a prospective employer needs to identify the best hire out of a large pool of candidates. You need to make sure you’re the best-equipped candidate to take on this challenge if you’re serious about this next big opportunity.

When you’re ready to start your preparation journey and improve your SHL score within just a few hours, hit the Get Started button on the sidebar to gain access to the course.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on the SHL Verify G+ Test, along with a short mock exam for a hands-on experience of the exam.

Try the SHL Verify G+ Interactive Practice Test

SHL Verify G+ Test Versions: Verify G+ Interactive Test

The SHL Verify G+ is administered in two forms: the most widely-used of the two is the Interactive Exam, which features an interactive interface in which you drag and drop your answers into different arrangements, or connect different elements on the screen by dragging and dropping, depending on the question type. This version of the exam is far more varied in its question types, with its three main question categories breaking down into further subcategories:

  • Numerical Reasoning
      • Tables & graphs
      • Rates & proportion
      • Calculation with operations
      • Number series
      • Ratio
      • Currency exchange
  • Inductive Reasoning
      • Figural analogies
      • Figural sequences
      • Alphanumeric ordering
  • Deductive Reasoning
    • Calendar optimization
    • Ranking
    • Schedule management

The combination of questions you face from the list will depend upon the job position you’re applying to and will adapt as you progress through the test to increase or decrease the difficulty of the questions to match your level of ability.

SHL Verify G+ Multiple-Choice Test

This non-interactive version of the SHL Verify G+ Test is a more conventional multiple-choice test, where you’ll be shown a range of questions with a set of four or five answer options you can select from. The difficulty level of this test doesn’t adapt based on your performance, so all candidates will face roughly the same exam. It covers the following topics:

  • Numerical Reasoning
      • Tables & graphs
      • Rates & proportion
      • Calculations with operations
      • Ratio
      • Currency exchange
  • Inductive Reasoning
      • Figural analogies
      • Figural sequences
  • Deductive Reasoning
    • Seating Arrangement

Once again, the exact content will vary depending on the job role.


Prepare for Both the Interactive and Multiple-Choice Versions of the SHL Verify G+

The SHL Verify G+ is a relatively new exam, and it can be very confusing for test-takers to find which of the two tests they’ll be taking. Most websites offering preparation for these tests are actually offering material that is years old and not updated for the new iterations of this exam.

As a result, many test-takers prepare with inaccurate & outdated information and end up only half-prepared for the exam. There are similarities between the new SHL Verify G+ Tests and SHL’s older general ability tests, but the differences are substantial and you need to know exactly how to take on the new test. 

We go the extra mile when it comes to helping our students prepare. We are constantly checking our course material against the real exam, with our professionals sitting real SHL tests on a regular basis in order to ensure our preparatory material is up to date. 

After all, would you trust preparation resources that were made by someone who didn’t take the test?

First and foremost, the intent behind this course is to get you ready for your exam as quickly as possible. By having our psychometric testing experts sit this exam on a regular basis we take the legwork of learning about the exam out of the prep process and condense all the information you need into a single, easy-to-consume course.

SHL Assessment Test Prep Course

SHL Verify G+ Scoring Methodology

The SHL Verify G+ scores candidates based on percentile ranking. This means that every candidate is placed in direct sequence based on their performance on the exam and selected in order of score.

Only those who are placed in the 80th percentile or better will pass this exam, and even after this employers will only select those who scored highest out of the 20% who managed to pass the exam at all. Being in the 80th percentile won’t do a lot for you if others scored in the 90th percentile – you need to be at your very best for this exam.

Percentile rankings are based on comparison groups that contain data from previous administrations of the SHL test so that employers can view the competence of candidates relative to the entire industry, and not just their testing batch. 

The most commonly-used comparison groups for SHL tests are

  • Operator
  • Supervisor
  • Graduate
  • Manager

While these are the most common groups, there are 70 comparison groups in total used to cover every possible industry, depending on the needs of the employer.

When you complete your exam, your results can either be delivered in the form of a detailed score report which includes a breakdown of your score in each section of the test, or you may simply be informed of your performance relative to your comparison group.

Irrespective of how your results are delivered, you won’t have the option to review your questions and see the solutions. However, this course will allow you to review your questions and see the mistakes you made so you can correct your approach ahead of the real exam. This might seem like a minor detail right now, but identifying your errors and correcting them in advance is one of the most important parts of your preparation.

SHL Verify G+ Sample Questions

Let’s take a look at a sample question for each of the three categories of the SHL Verify G+ Assessment.

Question: What replaces the question mark?
  • a:
  • b:
  • c:
  • d:
  • e:
Answer: c


First: The last shape on the right side is the first shape of the next box.

Second: The total number of sides on the shapes in each box is equal to ten.

Third: The shaded shapes are the highest number of edges.

Although the question looks rather simple and easy to answer, this is not the case depending on how short the time limit the company gives during the test. 

In the worst-case scenario, companies may opt to implement a per-question time limit instead of a lump-sum time limit, where you are only given a certain amount of time per question, usually 10 to 13 seconds, to select your answer.

This means that not only do you have to read/analyze the question fast, but you also need to make a choice immediately, or else you’ll be forced to the next question and lose out on a point.

Five friends: Rebecca, Jonathan, Andy, Samantha, and Lilly, are watching a movie at the cinema. They occupy five consecutive seats in the first row. The following conditions apply to the order of placement from left to right.

The two males have two seats in-between.

Samantha has no people on her right.

Rebecca is on the left of Lilly

Rebecca is next to Andy.

Question: What is the correct order of placement from left to right of the five friends? 
Answer: 1-Andy 2-Rebecca 3-Lilly 4-Jonathan 5-Samantha


From the first condition, it is clear that males occupy the first and fourth or the second and fifth positions. However, given the second condition (Samantha has no people on her right, so she is fifth), the only option for the two males is the fifth and fourth position. 

The third condition says that Rebecca is on the left of Lilly. This means Rebecca is the second and Lilly is the third when looking from left to right. 

The last condition says Rebecca is next to Andy. Hence, Andy is the first in the placement, and consequently, Jonathan is the fourth. 

The correct order of placement from left to right, therefore, is Andy, Rebecca, Lilly, Jonathan, and Samantha. 

This section of the SHL Verify G+ is seen as the most difficult to tackle because having a single option misplaced can net you zero points.

Deductive reasoning questions in the SHL usually only involve statement evaluation, but now they have included a focus on the arrangements type of question where you have to figure out the correct location or sequence of each choice within a small amount of time before you are forced to the next question.

Prepare for the SHL Verify G+ With Prepterminal

Finding the right SHL prep can be a confusing process – many providers will bombard you with an enormous number of unrepresentative practice questions without teaching you the intuition behind the questions, and many more will offer extremely shallow & dated content with the current year slapped onto it and sold as a new product.

The bottom line is that you need up-to-date, accurate material which will get you prepared as quickly as possible. Start studying today with Prepterminal for the most up-to-date and representative prep material you can find, with realistic, interactive practice tests and expert guides on every question type you can encounter on your Verify G+ Assessment.

Don’t leave a big opportunity to luck - start studying today and improve your SHL score within a matter of hours!

Michael Lerner
Created by: Michael LernerBSc, Psychometric Tutor, Prepterminal Test Expert
6,876 students - 97 Reviews

Hey, welcome to our actionable SHL Verify G+ Test page. I’m Michael, PrepTerminal’s SHL Verbal Reasoning Test in-house-expert. I am here to assist you with any queries you may have about the SHL Verify G+ Test. Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].


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