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SHL is a leading international test provider, and accounts for around 25% of the world’s pre-employment test provision!

CEB SHL tests are notoriously difficult, with an average passing rate of less than 20%. Because of harsh time restrictions and unfamiliar concepts, many candidates are caught unprepared and fail their tests.

Candidates who are required to take an SHL aptitude test are typically given very little time to properly prepare. Usually, a person has a matter of days to get ready! If you are going to take an SHL assessment test, time is critical.

So you’ve applied for a great job with a renowned company, or perhaps earned a sponsored internship to see you through your university degree. You’ve got a great education and strong qualifications under your belt. There’s only one little thing left to do. You’ve been asked to take a pre-employment cognitive ability test – piece of cake, right?

Wrong.One of the most common stumbling blocks encountered by test-takers is that they underestimated the difficulty of this test. The SHL test was designed to be extremely challenging, so that prestigious employers can find the very best candidates.

While the average test-taker stands a chance of less than 20% of passing, our students benefit from a passing rate of 76%. With our Definitive All-Inclusive SHL Crash Course, you can more than triple your shot at success, and at getting your dream job.

Free SHL Practice Test Questions by Categories

The SHL test comes in five primary categories, all of which are covered by our Comprehensive SHL Preparation Course. Here are some free SHL practice test questions from each category:

Numerical Reasoning Test Practice

This covers a range of mathematical topics, assessing the candidate’s ability to deal with medium-to-high complexity questions in a very limited timeframe. In these instances, knowledge of how to use a calculator is extremely important.

Verbal Reasoning Test Practice

This test covers many topics including conventional logic questions to analogies & antonyms. These questions assess the candidate’s ability to handle tracts of verbal information, and to assess competence with the English language.

Abstract Reasoning Test Practice

This covers the figural component of CEB SHL testing, which is in essence an assessment of logical reasoning skills without any language-related barriers. Similar to a culture/language-neutral IQ test, this is an assessment of your logical ability when presented with abstract concepts.

Mechanical Reasoning Test Practice

Mechanical reasoning is concerned with the candidate’s ability to understand and visualise the solutions to mechanical problems. This component is usually administered in the screening process for jobs in mechanics and engineering.

Proven Techniques From SHL Psychometric Prep Experts

Most online resources focus entirely on sample questions and barely prepare the candidate for the actual test. In this course, we provide more than sample tests. This course equips you with foolproof tactics to take on the questions in CEB SHL tests and ensure that you can answer them accurately and effectively.

Most public schools offer a lesson-based curriculum to study for tests, rather than flooding their students with questions and no explanations. This course is the foremost resource for those who wish to effectively prepare for their SHL test and secure the job they’re applying for, by improving two main factors:

  1. Accuracy – The rate at which you choose the correct answer
  2. Time – The time it takes for you to solve the SHL questions

While your competitors will be worried and unsure of what to expect, you will be calm, cool and collected, knowing exactly what is coming your way and how to handle it. Gain the upper hand in test success and sign up today.

Rapid SHL Masterclass

What You’ll Learn in Our SHL Assessment Test Course

Strategy and Time management

The SHL test comes with an extremely limited time allowance. Under this time pressure, it is easy to make mistakes. This course will walk you through how to keep your cool so you can answer questions quickly and effectively.

Recognizing and Avoiding time traps

The SHL test contains many online test questions which are intentionally harder than others in order to trip up test-takers. This course comes fully equipped with strategies to avoid these stumbling blocks.

Full preparation for all question types

This course is all-inclusive. This means that it will prepare you for all the standard SHL tests. Whether your test is numerical, verbal, mechanical or personality-based, we’ve got you covered.

How to approach the behavioural assessment

The SHL behavioural assessment can often be an intimidating factor for test-takers. Our SHL personality module covers everything you need to know about this test, so you can approach the assessment with confidence.

SHL Test Passing Rate

The SHL test was not designed to be easy, and that’s why such a large number of employers use it to select the cream of the crop. In fact, SHL aptitude tests are so difficult that the passing rate is under 20%. For every five candidates, only one will pass. This is why it is absolutely vital to ensure that you are properly prepared for this test.

Which Employers Use CEB SHL Tests?

HSBCAmazonMorgan StanleyPwC
Dublin Airport AuthorityEEJohn Lewis PartnershipCosta Coffee
EricssonDublin Airport AuthorityAir FranceEDP
WestpackExperianMercury EnergyColler Capital

Who is This SHL Course For?

If you’ve been asked to take a CEB SHL test, you probably don’t have a lot of time until you have to take the exam. Time is short, and you have a lot to gain by getting this right.

Whether you are confident with test-taking, or haven’t sat a single examination in years, this course has something to offer.

This SHL Test Preparation Course is perfect for:

  • Inexperienced test-takers who need to learn concepts covered in the SHL test from scratch
  • Experienced test-takers who wish to sharpen their skills and jog their memory and maximise their chances of success.

This course has been meticulously designed, making use of years of expertise to create the most comprehensive and concise SHL preparation course available on the market. Prepterminal is all you need to ace this aptitude test and secure that dream career!

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Success Stories

Discover what 1577 students said about us:

I'd wish to have had more time to learn

I regret not buying the SHL Assessment prep pack earlier. I only purchased it a night before the exam and failed on my first attempt because I couldn't absorb all the information in such a short amount of time. However, after having more time to review the material, I passed on my second attempt with a very high score of 94%. Therefore, I suggest to future clients to purchase this prep course at least 2-3 days prior to the exam.

Johny A.


A bit pricey for my budget

The SHL prep pack is a great study resource, but it may be a bit pricey for someone who is unemployed and looking for a job. However, using Prepterminal resources helped me pass the SHL examination and now I'm working at KPMG.

Greg S


OK, perhaps I am too demanding, but

Overall, this is a good resource for preparing for the SHL Assessment test, particularly in the Verbal Reasoning section, as it highlights areas that native English speakers often overlook. However, I would have liked to have both timed and untimed versions of the questions so that users can track their progress without feeling either rushed or too relaxed.

Itsuki N.


Thank you guys!!!

This SHL Vrify G+ simulation was a great help for me. While some of the questions were a bit of a challenge, overall the test was a good assessment of my skills. I was able to score 85% , and I am now proud to be working for the Nestle now. Thanks to Prepterminal, I was able to prepare and succeed in the test.

Jorge Garcia B.


Better than buying a book!

I was looking to buy a book to help me practice numerical and verbal reasoning tests, but then I changed my mind and choose to purchase the online SHL Assessment prep pack of Prepterminal. In my opinion, the only drawback is that the solutions only provide explanations for the correct answers, not the incorrect ones. I'd wish to have an option where my mistakes were highlighted and corrected automatically. This would be great for those who are not experts. Despite this, I'm overall satisfied with the pack as it has definitely helped me be prepared and pass the SHL Assessment test.

Stacy H.


Great prep, I'd wish to have been a little cheaper

If you're nervous about taking tests for a new job, I suggest using this preparation source. I spent a few hours studying with it when I was job searching and it really made a difference. I felt much more confident taking the SHL Assessment test, and I was even happy to see that some of the questions from the Prepterminal prep pack were on the actual test! Just I'd wish it had a lower price!

Lucca B.



This SHL prep pack was very helpful. I found some of the math questions a bit challenging, but that may be because math isn't my strong suit. Overall, the material was still very useful.

Alexander S.


Really great SHL Verify G+ prep

The SHL prep course from Prepterminal was a great resource for me. The graphical explanations helped me better understand the course material, and the systematic approach to applying theories to different question formats was insightful. Overall, I'm very appreciative of the course.

Chriss S.


Five stars...

I am giving Prepterminal a well-deserved 5-star rating! The practice assessments for the SHL test were incredibly helpful in preparing me for the real exam. Although I found the Numerical Reasoning tests to be fast-paced, with about 1 question per minute, the practice allowed me to hone my skills and work on pacing myself. I appreciate the level of difficulty in the questions as it truly reflected the complexity of the real exam. Thanks to Prepterminal, I was able to pass the SHL assessment with flying colors. Highly recommend this resource to anyone looking to excel in their SHL test.

Martin D.


I loved this SHL test prep

I loved the SHL test prep from Prepterminal! The Abstract Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning was so good, helped me a lot even though English not my first language. Thanks Prepterminal, I got hired by Coca Cola!

Mohammad S.

Rapid SHL Masterclass
| 1577 Reviews |5840 Students