How to Pass the 2023 Praxis Test: Complete Guide with Explanation

Last updated 12/2022

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) created and administers the Praxis test. The Praxis tests are a series of exams. These exams are used to measure the test taker’s academic knowledge and understanding of specific subjects. Prospective educators are required to take this test as part of their certification and licensing process.

There are three sorts of Praxis tests:

  • Praxis Core (Praxis I) – measures a candidate’s basic understanding of writing, reading, and mathematics.
  • Praxis Subject Assessments (Praxis I) – measures a test taker’s understanding of pedagogy and specific subjects.
  • Praxis Content Knowledge for Teaching Assessments (CKT) – assesses the candidate’s specialized pedagogical and content knowledge. Specifically, the knowledge needed to teach at an elementary level.

Every state that uses this test demands a different combination of exams.

Why Do You Need to Take Praxis and Where Can the License Be Used?

Prospective or new teachers who want to be certified in the state they will teach in, need to take the Praxis exam. Certain professional licensing agencies and some colleges also ask candidates to take the Praxis test.

Test-takers who pass the Praxis exam in a particular state can use their scores in any state. However, there may be specific state testing requirements.

What to Do if You Are Required to Pass Praxis Test: All Steps

Step 1. Register Online

  • Log into your account
  • Confirm your account information and your email address
  • Select “register for a test” on your account homepage
  • Select the test(s) you want to it on the “search and select tests page”
  • On the “schedule test page” select the date and time you wish to take your test(s)
  • Continue your registration and make the payment for your test
  • If you are registered to take the test at a test center print your admission ticket and bring it with you on the day of the test

Step 2. Test Dates

The Praxis tests are administered throughout the year via test centers located in universities and colleges, including Prometric® test centers and Strategic Testing Networks (STNs). Many of the Praxis tests can also be completed from your home.

Step 3. Costs

Test title  Test time  Fee
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Reading 1 hr. 25 mins.  $90
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Writing 1 hr. 40 mins. $90
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Mathematics 1.5 hrs. $90
Core Academic Skills for Educators: Combined Test (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) 4 hrs. 30 mins. $150

Step 4. Location Step

Select your state to view a list of Praxis testing locations nearby. Note – locations might vary and not all testing locations are available for all dates and exams.

Also, note that you should not go to a testing center until you have completed your registration for the test and scheduled your test day. To register and schedule a testing day, visit the official Praxis testing service website.

Step 5. Preparation

You should have the right tools and material you need to prepare for your Praxis test. This will help you attain your career goals. PrepTerminal offers a comprehensive Praxis prep test suitable for candidates of all testing levels.

Step 6. Scoring System

Your Praxis scores offer an exact measure of the skills and knowledge you have developed as you get ready to embark on your teaching journey. The scores you receive are valid for up to 10 years.

Your Praxis score report will show the following:

  • Your score and whether or not you passed
  • The variety and range of possible scores
  • The raw point you can get for each of the categories
  • The span of the middle 50% of scores on that test
  • If you have taken another Praxis test or the same Praxis test during the last 10 years, your score report will show the highest score you got on each test you sat

Praxis Home Testing

The Praxis tests at home are exactly the same in format, content, and experience as the exams taken at the test center. They are available from 10 AM – 1 AM ET, every day of the week.

To take a test at home, your test title must read as being offered for at-home testing. You must also live in the United States or a U.S. territory, according to the address provided in your Praxis account. You also need to meet the Equipment and Environment Requirements.

Make sure that your testing room and computer meet these eligibility requirements before you sign up to complete your Praxis test at home. If you can’t meet all the equipment and Environment and Testing Space requirements, you won’t be able to take the exam from your home.

FAQ about the Praxis Test

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How PrepTerminal will Help to Ace the Exam

At PrepTerminal, our psychometric test experts have developed a video-based and written prep to help aspiring teachers pass their Praxis test. Our preparatory course features reading, writing and math test guides, as well as reading writing and math practice tests. In addition, our course features an in-depth graphic literacy and data sets guide and test.

If you are a teacher taking the Praxis exam as part of the licensing or certification process or simply to improve your resume, PrepTerminal will provide you with all the test content and material you need to pass your exam and embark on your teaching journey.

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