Maersk PLI Assessment Test

Last updated 07/2021

Fully known as A.P. Moller- Maersk Group, Maersk is a Danish business conglomerate that does business in the energy, transport, and logistics industries. It is has been the largest naval operator for over 20 years. It has a total of 88,000 employees and has offices in 130 countries. Its headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Maersk’s Job application process

Applying for a job in Maersk is simple. First, you need to fill out an online application form outlining your basic details. Then, you will upload your cover letter and Curriculum Vitae. Make sure you upload the best application that will help you stand out from your rivals.

Once you convince Maersk recruiters that you are the best fit for the job, you will be invited for an interview. The interview will be used to assess your skills and abilities through two online tests: The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment which is a personality test taken only once, and the Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI LI, also known as PLI and PI PLI). The latter is the most challenging, yet the most critical part of the hiring process which we shall discuss further in this post.

Maersk’s PLI Assessment test explained

The PLI test conducted by Maersk is similar to that used by other companies during the hiring process. It is a 12-minute test that consists of 50 questions and is designed to help interviewers determine the adeptness to learn and cognitive ability of potential employees. Also, it helps uncover an individual’s ability to adapt to the workplace.

This test is divided into three categories:

Verbal reasoning: Here Maersk assesses the ability of potential employees to draw conclusions from verbal information.

Numerical reasoning: This category contains numerical questions which help Maersk assess a candidate’s ability to solve mathematical and number problems.

Diagrammatic reasoning: Here, the candidate is expected to infer a set of rules from visual information provided and use them logic reasoning.

When taking this test, work quickly since you will be pressed for time, but proceed with care as some questions can be tricky. Passing this test might seem near-impossible, but if you practice efficiently, you can complete it successfully with a far better score than you had imagined. Sign up today for PrepTerminal’s PLI Preparation Pack and get yourself on the right track for test success.

Language and Maersk PLI Assessment Test

If you are worried that you would not pass the Maersk PLI Assessment Test because you are not a Danish or English speaker, you have nothing to fear. Remember, this company operates in 130 countries; hence it is committed to ensuring candidates pass the test by enabling them to take it in their mother tongue. It is, therefore, available in 46 languages.

Verification test

After taking the PLI assessment, candidates may be invited to take an in-house verification test which is aimed at eliminating cheating and preventing those who might have cheated from doing so a second time. Keep in mind that cheating in a cognitive ability test is not ethical, and if you are caught, you might get yourself into trouble.

Don’t be tempted to call your friend who did the test sometime back so that you can get answers to questions you hope might be asked. Why go through all the trouble, only to be taken by surprise when you find out that every test is unique, and no question is similar to the other? Take our preparation tests today and face the real giant with confidence!

How to prepare for the Maersk PLI Assessment Test

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you want to stand out from your competitors and get your dream job at Maersk, you need to practice thoroughly. Studies have shown that familiarizing yourself with psychometric tests before doing them is the first step towards getting high scores. When you practice, you will understand the motive behind the test, get a rough idea of the questions that will be in the actual test, acquaint yourself with the testing condition, and face it with confidence.

Below are some tips that will help you prepare for the Maersk PLI Assessment Test;


Remember, different companies look for different skill levels and personalities during the hiring process, and Maersk is not an exception. Therefore, do thorough research about this company and jot down the personality traits and skills that complement the company’s culture, core values, as well as the position you are applying for.

Just like any other company, Maersk will use the PLI test to measure your numerical, abstract, and verbal skills. Therefore, endeavor to find out how their questions are devised, and come up with the best approaches to tackle them effectively.

Practice, practice, practice!

In case you thought that a 12-minutes test doesn’t require you to do maximum preparation, you need to think again. Remember, you will have 50 questions to answer within this period, which means you will need to spend about 14.4 seconds on every question. That said, you will need to practice time keeping, before shifting your focus to test content. This means that you have to do as many tests as possible, and measure the amount of time you use per question after finishing every practice test.

When you have improved on time, look at your score and take note of the common areas you have failed in most tests. These are the areas that need maximum attention. Keep practicing on them, re-do the practice tests and congratulate yourself for any improvement. This is called a focused practice.

This type of practice will help you identify the questions you will use the shortest time to answer so that you can create more time for the most challenging ones.

Know that you will not be allowed to use test tools

Maersk doesn’t permit individuals taking their PLI test to use test tools such as calculators, charts, and log books. Knowing this from the outset will help you prepare adequately for numerical questions. Also, it might help reduce stress.

Prepare your mind

Don’t forget that numerical and verbal tests will be administered in the Maersk PLI test. Therefore, train your mind in advance to recognize number and word patterns. You can do this by studying basic mathematics, relearning how particular confusing terms are spelled, researching definitions of words, as well as practicing puzzles.

Be honest!

First and foremost, don’t convince yourself that you will pass a particular subject knowing very well that you are poor in it. Be honest and accept that you need to put in a lot of effort so that you can achieve desirable results.

During the test day, answer all questions truthfully. Any fallacies or lies you might try to improve your scores may be flagged off as inconsistencies, and you might lose a golden opportunity to clinch your dream job.

Have sufficient rest and be confident

Finally, make sure you are in a good state of mind during the test day. A good night’s sleep and a stress-free day might help you get a satisfying score that might win you a job at Maersk. Also, deep breathing techniques during the test might help you relax and face the test with confidence.

Maersk PLI Assessment Test is a scientifically-backed selection method used to find out information about potential employees that would otherwise be challenging to determine through resumes and face-to-face interviews. To help you prepare for this test and get a desirable score, Preterminal’s expert psychometricians have developed a comprehensive guide, which touches on all 9 question categories in order to thoroughly prepare you for every facet of this exam. Our test prep packages are fully customized, and come with explanations on how to get the right answers and worked solutions, along with expert tips on tricks and shortcuts to be taken to cut down your time usage on questions. We are committed to helping you reduce anxiety and get the most out of yourself during the test. Prepare with us today!