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Last updated 06/2021

Find out if you are Ready for the Mechanical Aptitude Test with our Free Practice Test

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Why You Need to Take a Mechanical Aptitude Practice Test Before the Real Exam

“Surprise” it’s a party. Some people love surprise parties while others detest them – especially when the party is for them and they are put on the spot. Whether you love or hate surprise parties, nobody likes being confronted by unwanted or unexpected surprises on a test. Especially when that particular test may make or break your chance of landing a job – as is the case with the mechanical aptitude test.

That’s why we, at PrepTerminal, have created a free mechanical aptitude test for you to take before the day of your real mechanical test. This way you won’t be met by any rude awakenings. Rather, you will approach the test with your eyes open knowing exactly what to expect from the mechanical test and how to ace this exam.

Our diagnostic assessment will give you the chance to:

  • Identify your areas of strength and weakness
  • Practice on questions you are finding tricky
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Measure your score improvement

About Our Mechanical Aptitude Practice Test

On this page, we have developed a mechanical aptitude practice test to help you determine your current testing-level. Our sample test is designed to help you ace the test by assisting you as follows:

  • Develop an understanding of how well you are performing on each question-type and see what your test benchmark is.
  • Our practice test is timed so you can get an idea of how well you know the mechanical aptitude test material while experiencing the real pressure of the actual test.
  • We have developed a mechanical aptitude practice test with 1 or 2 examples of each question type so you gain insight into what you will encounter on the real exam (no surprises!)
  • You can isolate your areas of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the mechanical aptitude test questions.

The design of our Mechanical Aptitude Practice Test

PrepTerminal’s free Mechanical Aptitude Sample Test is created from real industry-wide question categories that are centered on official mechanical aptitude tests. By completing this exam, you can get an accurate idea of how prepared you are for the real thing.

Our free Mechanical Aptitude Practice Test is expertly formulated to accurately simulate what appears on numerous mechanical aptitude tests so that you can get an insight on what to expect when you take the real thing. Our tests are designed by mechanical professionals who review the actual aptitude test regularly as well as interview former test-takers so that they can keep the information in the course up-to-date.

The Mechanical Aptitude Test is designed to assess your ability to work quickly and accurately under pressure while dealing with a range of mechanical topics. Our sample test consists of 50 multiple choice questions to be answered in 25 minutes. Here, you will have the option to simulate a real mechanical aptitude test. You need to remember, however, that calculators are not permitted on the actual test. You can only use rough paper to work out your answers.

After you have completed each test, click Finish Quiz. Next, in order to see the explanations for every question, click View Questions. In order to take the test again, click Restart Quiz, or return to the home page, select Click to continue

Tips for passing the Mechanical Test

  • Read through the instructions well as you answer the questions
  • Answer questions accurately and in detail
  • Consider which mechanical technique to use for each question
  • Double-check your answers to make sure you didn’t make a silly mistake
  • Draw on your personal experience and real-life experiences for the scenario questions
  • Use our practice tests to help you prepare for your upcoming exam

Mechanical Apptitude Question Types

Mechanical aptitude tests is a general term for test assessments that measure your mechanical knowledge and mechanical understanding.

What questions can you expect to see on a mechanical aptitude test?
Mechanical aptitude test questions can be categorized into four question types.

  • Mechanical Comprehension – Mechanical Comprehension (also called mechanical reasoning) is the capacity to grasp mechanical and physical concepts.
  • Mechanical Knowledge – Mechanical Knowledge questions measure your knowledge of basic (auto) mechanics and physics.
  • Electronics Knowledge – Electronics Knowledge questions measure your understanding of basic electronic theory and simple electronic circuits.
  • Mechanical Tools – To solve Mechanical Tool questions, you must know the look, names, land purpose of the most widely used tools.

The most common question type is mechanical comprehension test questions. And, often mechanical aptitude tests feature only mechanical comprehension questions.

If you have found that your mechanical aptitude score is a little behind what you need it to be, don’t fret. Enroll in our mechanical aptitude preparation course for in-depth video presentations and instructions, module-based study guide PDFs, and three additional full-length practice tests with questions, answers and explanations. This course is expertly designed and updated to build knowledge from the ground up, meaning that it doesn’t matter whether you scored 3 or 30 on the practice test: this course can improve the test-taking skills of all candidates.

About our Mechanical Aptitude Test Prep Course

Our mechanical aptitude test preparation course includes 8 mechanical instructional videos and 15 mechanical written guides to keep you engaged and informed. The course also features 2 numerical reasoning videos and written guides, and 2 spatial/abstract reasoning videos and written guides, so you can rest assured that every subject and all the material you need to know for your mechanical test will be covered in our comprehensive course.

You will also be given the opportunity to complete 3 full-length time mode tests (50 questions each) so you can get a better understanding of what sitting the real test will feel like. And, we have also carefully put together 200 practice questions with explanations. Our prep course is perfect for all candidates who are required to sit a mechanical test.

Free Mechanical Aptitude Practice Test

Last updated 09/2020

Find out if you are Ready for the Mechanical Aptitude Test with our Free Practice Test

Take the Mechanical Aptitude Practice Test

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