What Is the Hogan Personality Inventory?

If you are taking the Hogan Personality Assessments, then you’ll probably have to face the sub-test, the Hogan Personality Inventory, sometimes known as the Hogan personality test or Hogan HPI. This assessment is typically used to measure your day-to-day personality. Unlike other parts of the Hogan Assessments, where the tests look at business-personality, or corporate application, this test is meant to look at how you behave on a daily basis.

The Hogan HPI looks at how well you will fit into the company culture instead of just looking at how your personality might affect your actual results on the job.

The test itself usually only takes about 20 minutes to complete and is not difficult to answer. There are, however, quite a few questions (220), which all use a 4-point Likert scale (ranging from very likely to not at all likely).

What Does the Hogan Personality Inventory Assess?

The Hogan personality test assesses your normal everyday behaviors and personality. However, this does not look at your personality under stressful conditions or while under pressure. Instead, the questions and responses are meant to get a good idea on what your general personality type is.

Unlike many other personality tests, the Hogan HPI is actively looking at how you behave at your very best.

The traits that are measured include:

  • Adjustment
  • Ambition
  • Sociability
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity
  • Prudence
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Learning Approach

Each trait evaluates the following aspects of your personality:

Adjustment:Self-esteem, confidence and how well you work under pressure

Ambition:How innovative and competitive you are.

Sociability:Your extroversion, introversion and need to be social

Interpersonal Sensitivity:How tactful and likable you are.

Prudence:Your discipline, and responsibility.

Inquisitiveness:How creative, curious and imaginative you are.

Learning Approach:How much you enjoy learning and knowledge

What Are Employers Looking for in the Hogan Personality Inventory?

By reviewing the above details, your potential employer can learn a lot about you and how you manage your day to day tasks.

They can learn about aspects of work like service orientation, reliability, sales potential, managerial potential, service orientation, and clerical potential.

This allows employers to make the right decision when choosing between candidates and put them in roles that suit them and their personalities. It also lets employers know if you will fit into the work culture, what your attitude is like, or if you’d be a better fit elsewhere.

This may also help them decide on which roles you are best suited to within the organization. In essence, this means maybe you wouldn’t do very well on their sales team, but you’d be excellent in their post-sales management team and customer service.

In short, there is no ideal score or an ideal personality.

However, do be warned that companies have a ‘set profile’ and want employees who are aligned to their goals and values, fit into the organization and thrive in their roles.

As a result, nearly no two companies have the same exact requirements when it comes to a candidate’s Hogan Personality Inventory results, This looks different between companies, so it’s important to be authentic.

Employers Want to Learn:

How you will fit into the workplace culture.

Which roles you would be best suited to filling.

Whether or not you will fit in with current employees for a harmonious workplace environment.

How you can serve the company and which future positions you might be able to fill, based on managerial skills, leadership traits and work ethic.

What sets you apart and makes you a great fit for the company.

Can you Prepare for the Hogan Personality Inventory?

The Hogan Personality Inventory is not a test that you can just study for and ace easily. By that, we mean there are no wrong or right answers, unlike in a traditional test.

That said, you can prepare for it!

You see, even though the Hogan HPI isn’t testing your work-place personality, it is still used to see how well you fit into the company culture, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and your personality type.

Familiarising yourself with the test itself, the layout, and the types of questions that you will see can help you achieve much better results.

If you understand the scales measured, the traits that the test is looking at, and how you can score on each of these traits, you’ll be able to offer a more authentic and honest response.

Essentially, if you practice, you won’t be caught off guard, you’ll be less intimidated, more confident and you’ll have a much better idea of what traits you truly possess and which you should show to your prospective employer to increase your chances of being hired or picked from the rest of the applicants.

This way, you can demonstrate your traits and your personality in a clear, succinct way that is also authentically aligned with company goals.

How to Prepare for the Hogan HPI:

Review any practice material that you can find. Get familiar with the content, the style and the questions that you will be asked.

Determine which traits you are scoring on, and whether or not these are accurate and authentic reflections of you.

Consider the company you are interviewing with, and what their values are. How do your scores align with their values?

Practice some more, and review study material to get more comfortable.

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) Sample Questions

Understanding the type of questions and the associated scale is important for succeeding, especially in a test that has as many questions, like this one.

One of the important things to remember is that the Likert scale is designed to ensure that you actually make a decision. There is no neutral ‘middle ground’ answer, only varying degrees of “agree” or “disagree” style answers.

Hogan HPI Sample Questions

StatementStrongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
I am critical of others.    
I am skeptical of others’ intentions.    
I am not easily impressed.    
I do my best to be a dependable person.    
I am generally seen as a responsible person.    
I have a wide range of interests.    
I can be a rather talkative individual.    
I like to behave in a giving way towards my peers.    
I am fastidious.    
I put in a meticulous amount of attention to details.    
I favor conservative values in a variety of areas.    
I like to keep myself in a state of high intellectual capacity.    
I am comfortable with facing uncertainty.    

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