Question-MarkWhat is the EEI test?

The EEI tests are administered by the Edison Electric Institue (EEI) for employment in the manufacturing and energy field. The tests are created for various industries with specific questions for certain jobs. The tests fall into categories based on the types of occupations they target. All EEI tests are authorized under federal regulations and deal with positions in construction and maintenance.

EEI tests measure abilities in reading, math, technical and mechanical comprehension, spatial awareness, administrative and problem-solving skills. Such skill areas need training and thorough preparation, as people typically don’t use them frequently in the same manner that they are featured on the tests. In addition, the tests have time restrictions which makes them all the more demanding.

We at PrepTerminal have created an EEI preparatory test course to help you get ready for your specific Edison Electric Institute test. Our team of industry experts at PrepTerminal has carefully studied the battery of EEI tests, so we understand how best to coach you through your EEI test-taking journey. We are here to help you ace your specific EEI test!

People What Is Edison Electric Institute?

Assembled in 1933, the Edison Electric Institue is the representational body for privately or investor-owned US electric companies. EEI’s members supply more than a third of the US population in all 50 States and oversee more than one million job positions.

Some of the members are as follows:

  • Duke Energy
  • PG&E Corporation
  • Consumers Energy
  • American Electric Power
  • Xcel Energy

EEI also works in 90 other countries boasting 65 International Members and other Associate Members.

EEI is very involved in business strategy planning, public policy, and promoting education and the distribution of information through forums and conferences.

Question-Mark What Are the Nine EEI Test Battery Assessments?

1: Construction and Skilled Trade (CAST) test

CAST is a battery of aptitude tests created to help in the selection of candidates over varied construction and skilled trades jobs. This battery of paper-and-pencil tests can predict the probability of the success of a candidate in the following areas of skill trade and construction occupations:

  • Facilities and Repair
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Electrical Repair
  • Other Facilities (e.g. Carpenter)
  • Meter Service and Repair
  • Machining and Vehicle Repair

The CAST battery includes the following tests: Graphic Arithmetic, Mechanical Ideas, Reading for Comprehension, and Mathematical Skills. The CAST takes approximately two hours to complete.

2: Plant Operator Selection System (POSS) test

POSS is a set of test batteries that are designed to help in the selection of power plant operators. Companies use POSS to choose candidates for operating jobs in nuclear, fossil, or hydro plants. Some jobs for which the POSS test can be administered are as follows

  • Turbine operator, plant operator or auxiliary operator
  • Control room operator

Parts of the batteries asses how a candidate compares with their peers on various key aptitudes or abilities. The battery for nuclear jobs is different from the battery of tests used solely for non-nuclear jobs.

Some of the aptitudes assessed by POSS are as follows:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Mechanical concepts
  • Spatial Ability
  • Mathematical Usage

The test takes approximately two hours to complete.

3: Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System (MASS) test

MASS was created to help with the selection of power plant maintenance individuals. Some of the jobs for which the MASS test may be performed are as follows:

  • Mechanic, electrician, welder, machinist, pipefitter, rigger, steelworker
  • Control and instrument repairer
  • Insulation worker, painter

Some examples of the aptitudes measure by MASS include:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Mathematical usage
  • Mechanical concepts
  • Spatial ability

The tests take about two and a half hours to complete.

4: Systems Operator/Power Dispatching Position Selection System (SO/PD) test

The SO/PD II is used for the selection of candidates for System Operator/Power Dispatching job roles in the energy control centers of electric companies and Natural Gas Controller job roles in natural gas facilities.

This battery of tests includes four job-relation selection tests:

  • Mathematical Usage
  • Analytic Thinking Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Multitasking Simulation

The SO/PD II test battery is computer-based and candidates need to read test questions on the computer, listen to tones, and answer the questions. This battery of tests takes approximately two and a half hours to complete.

5: Metre Reading Aptitude Battery (MRAB) test

The Meter Reader Aptitude Battery is used to predict a candidate’s probability of success as a meter reader. MRAB is used to choose candidates whose job requires the reading of company meters and the documentation of data.

The battery includes two aptitude tests: Coding and Using tables. Both these tests are used to assess perceptual accuracy and speed.

This battery of tests can take less than 20 minutes to complete.

6: Technician Occupations Selection System (TECH) test

TECH is a battery of aptitude tests created to help with the selection of candidates for electric power industry technical occupations. These candidates normally need to have an associated qualification. The battery of tests assesses the key activities and skills need for technician jobs.

This battery of tests is typically taken by candidates for the following positions:

  • Chemistry/Laboratory/Environmental Technician
  • Communication/Telecommunication Technician
  • Design/Engineering Technician
  • Drafter
  • Distribution/Planning Technician/Estimator
  • Health Physics/Radiation Control Technician
  • Testing/Relay Technician
  • Quality Assurance Technician

The test takes approximately two hours to complete and contains four test components:

  • interpreting diagrams
  • mechanical concepts
  • graphic problem solving
  • reasoning from rules

7: Support and Administrative Selection System (SASS) test

SASS is a set of test batteries created to help with the selection of applicants for administrative and clerical support positions in the electric utility field. There are three possible tests: BCAB, BKSB, and ACAB. The BCAB includes spelling/grammar, a classifying test, basic math, and filing. The BKSB covers production typing and a data entry test. The ACAB includes a simulation, data entry, word processing, and spreadsheet.

8: Customer Service Representative Test Battery (CSR) test

The CSR test battery helps in the selection of customer service representatives who handle public relations at either company telephone call centers or public payment offices. This battery of tests is used to predict the chances of a candidate’s success in customer service representative jobs.

This battery of tests is comprised of two sections:

  • A job skills test (which features three subcomponents)
  • The interactive test

The CSR test battery is a series of computer-based tests. The CSR test takes approximately four hours to finish.

9: Career Assessment and Diagnostic instrument (CADI) test

THE CADI is a general test that focuses on development assistance and economical career planning for employees in relation to various job positions. It tests employees on the basis of the aptitudes, elementary skills, professional interests, their attitude towards work, and their occupational tendencies.

This test takes around an hour to complete and consists of:

  • interpreting diagrams
  • graphic problem solving
  • mechanical concepts
  • reasoning from rules

Thumbs-Up Companies That Use The EEI Test

The EEI Test can be administered by any electric company in the hiring process to assess the professional knowledge, proficiency, and aptitude of a candidate for a job role, and their potential to perform well in the particular industry.

Some companies that use the EEI test are:

  • FirstEnergy Corp
  • Indianapolis Energy & Light Company
  • Duke Energy
  • Xcel Energy
  • Dominion Energy
  • Southern Company

Question-Mark How Do I Pass The EEI Test?

To complete the EEI test you will need to go through a series of steps. The initial step is to fill out an online application, which begins the process of the test. After this, you will enter the prescreening stage which compares the experience and knowledge of a candidate with different EEI employment exams to see which of the above-mentioned test they will need to take.

Once a candidate has received a pass result for the specific test they were required to take, they need to undergo the screening stage. This involves an interview and measures such as criminal background checks and drug tests. To pass the EEI test, a candidate needs to pass all these stages of the test.

Thumbs-Up Tips for Taking the EEI Test


Tips to consider prior to your test session

It is recommended that you prepare for the exam by taking some practice tests specifically designed for individuals taking the EEI test. This will give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the question types and subject matter of the Edison Electric Institute testing exams. It will also help you deal with various time constraints.

Approach the testing session with a positive mindset. You can view this as an opportunity to showcase your abilities and skills.

Make sure you get adequate sleep the night before the testing session, so you will feel rested and will be able to perform at your optimum level.

Have something to eat before the test, to keep your energy levels high.

Use your nervous energy to help get you motivated.

Arrive at the testing location well in advance. This will let you stay calm, and concentrate on doing well, and will stop you from feeling pressured.

You will need to bring a driver’s license, company I.D. with a picture or other official I.D. with a picture.

You can not use calculators or dictionaries during the test session. All the materials you need will be provided by the test administrator.

Tips to consider during your test session

Pay careful attention to the directions given by the test administrator during the testing session. Be sure to ask any questions you may have about the test when you are given the opportunity.

Follow the instructions in your test booklet while the test administrator reads the test instructions out aloud. Make sure that you complete the sample questions when you are instructed to do so. Make sure you understand what you are meant to do on the test before you start answering the questions. Ask the test administrator any questions you may have before the test begins. The test administrator cannot answer questions once the test is taking place.

Read the questions thoroughly before you attempt to answer.

Pace yourself and keep track of the time. Work as steadily and accurately as you can.

If there is a question you are not sure about and are spending a lot of time on it, skip it. You can always come back to it one you have answered all of the other questions on the test. If you skip a question, ensure that you also skip the corresponding answer space on your answer sheet.

If you are not sure about a question, try to eliminate answer choices that you know are wrong. Then you can try and make an educated guess from the remaining answers.

If you have time to spare once you have completed the test, check your answers.

How Prepterminal Can Help With Your EEI Test

PrepTerminal is here to help you succeed in your EEI test! Our team of industry experts understand how the EEI battery of tests were designed, and have closely studied these tests, so we know how best to prepare you for your specific EEI test. Our EEI preparatory course contains specific modules that cover the concepts contained within the Edison Electric Institute Testing exams.

Our EEI prep test course contains in-depth explanations of the concepts covered by the EEI test battery, as well as the most effective methods necessary to solve the questions on the EEI tests efficiently and accurately. Time management is key in these tests, and that is why our prep course places importance on this essential skill. We want to make sure that you aren’t pressurized for time when you take your real EEI test.

Every point counts on the Edison Electric Institute test. By following the guidelines and methodology we provide, you will learn how to quickly decide which questions aren’t worth spending too much time on and how to make an educated guess so you can achieve a top score on your test.

Our EEI course modules outline comprehensive test-taking techniques as well as the mechanical know-how you need to excel. Our preparatory course has been created to teach you how to approach every one of the different question types featured in the EEI test battery, within the given time-frame.

Importantly, PrepTerminal’s EEI prep course includes step-by-step video tutorials that present information in a clear and engaging way.

Don’t get caught out unprepared. Start your Edison Electric Institute testing exam journey with PrepTerminal today!

*Note: Our website is not associated or affiliated in any way with The Edison Electric Institute (EEI).

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