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The Construction and Skilled Trade Selection System test (CAST) was created and is maintained by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). EEI is a trade organization that was founded in 1933 to represent all investor-owned electric companies in the U.S. Aside from the CAST exam, EEI also administers different test batteries that focus on skills that are vital to job success in various energy fields. The CAST exam helps evaluate skills that are relevant to positions in the construction and skilled trade sectors.

If you applied for a construction or skilled trade job in the private sector, your potential employer has probably invited you to take an EEI CAST test as part of the selection and hiring process. In case you are wondering which types of questions you will find in the test, its difficulty level, and how to prepare for the test so that you can do better than your competitors, you have come to the right place. This article will answer all your questions about the EEI CAST test, and give you some expert tips to help you secure a job in the construction or skilled trade industry.

EEI Cast Battery Tests

EEI CAST is a battery of tests that help assess participants’ aptitudes for roles in transmission and distribution, electrical repair, meter service and repair, facilities and repair, and machine and vehicle repair. This exam has four is comprised of four tests that take around two hours to complete. The four tests that make up the full EEI CAST exam are:

Graphic arithmetic: this section measures a participant’s ability to solve arithmetic problems using drawings and prints. It has a total of two drawings with several follow-up questions. A candidate is expected to complete all 16 questions in this test within 30 minutes.

Mechanical concepts: this section has 44 questions that measure your understanding of the principles of mechanics. All questions in this section are multiple choice and relate to an illustration of a mechanical problem. Candidates are allotted 20 minutes to complete this section.

Reading and comprehension: this section is designed to measure a participant’s ability to read and comprehend written material. It contains four passages with a total of 32 follow-up questions that are to be completed in 30 minutes of the allotted time.

Mathematical usage: comprises of a total of 18 multiple choice questions to be completed within 7 minutes. These questions help to gauge one’s ability to solve basic mathematical problems using details that are provided at the beginning of the test.

Whether or not you feel confident about your skills and abilities in the areas that are tested in the CAST test, it is vital that you practice for your upcoming test. Preparing with our test prep package gives you a glimpse of the types of questions to expect in each section of the test. Moreover, it helps you to perfect your skills, putting you in a better position to convince potential employers that you are the right person for the job. Our test prep package not only has questions that are similar to those on the actual test but also detailed explanations of each answer, allowing you to see where you went wrong once you get your test results. You can take as many tests in this package as you want, to perfect every skill and increase your chances of beating your competitors.

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Why Should You Take the EEI Cast Test?

The EEI CAST test is given to candidates directly by individual utility companies, and not its creator EEI. If a potential employer has invited you to take the test, you might be wondering if it’s necessary to do it and how it will impact the selection process.

The EEI CAST test is given to job applicants to help employers to test their aptitude in skill areas relevant to the construction and skilled trade industries. If you already have a job in these industries, taking this test can help you to prove to your employer that you have what it takes to be promoted to a position with more responsibilities. Persons who are entering these industries take this test to show the employer that they are indeed qualified to handle the duties that they will be given.

The EEI CAST test impacts heavily on your overall score in a job interview, and it can be a great obstacle to attaining your dream job if you do not prepare adequately for it. At PrepTerminal’s we understand that obtaining study materials that will offer enough guidance for an upcoming EEI CAST test is not a walk in the park. Thus, our aptitude and psychometric experts have created a test with questions that are similar to those that you will find in the actual EEI CAST test to help you study for the test. Our comprehensive test prep package features detailed answers to every question, allowing candidates to see how the correct answer was arrived at. To increase your chances of getting the best score in your EEI CAST test, take our prep test and find out which questions will be in the real test, as well as the skills that your potential employer will assess through the test.

Tips to Excel in the EEI Cast Test

How can you achieve the highest score possible and show your employer that you have what it takes to succeed in your job?

o   Eat healthily and get enough sleep before the test

o   Read and clearly understand each question before answering it

o   Do not spend too much time on a difficult question. Leave it and come back to it later as you need to watch time

o   Make educated guesses and use the elimination method if you do not know the answer to a question

o   Practice beforehand using the best study material. PrepTerminal’s test preps pack offers you timed preparation tests that allow you to see how much time you should spend on each question to ensure that you complete each section on time. You can take as many tests as you want in the pack to enhance your time management, increasing your chances of completing each section in the EEI CAST exam. Taking our test prep questions, which mimic those of the real test, ensures that you are familiar with the questions on the day of the test, giving you an edge over your competitors.

How Is the EEI Cast Test Scored?

Test takers take this test with paper and pencil, and it may be scored by a machine or by hand depending on an organization’s preference. The results in all four sections of the test are combined to form a single index score which is used to predict a candidate’s probability to succeed in a given position. This index score is reported on a scale that ranges from 1-10.

EEI does not make it clear if one section of this test is weighted more heavily than the other; hence you have to make sure that you do well in all sections. EEI CAST test is used to predict the probability of success in a wide range of jobs, and for that reason, there is no single defined passing score. Instead, individual companies set the minimum score for themselves. Because of the competitive nature of these tests, successful performance or attaining the minimum score does not guarantee employment. You need to practice with the best material to ensure that you not only reach the minimum score but also attain the best score to secure the job of your dreams.

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