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Pass the Challenging Cubiks Test for Your KPMG Application First Time

You’re in the running for a role at KPMG. That’s big news! As you know, KPMG is up there with Deloitte, PWHC, and Ernst & Young: the Big Four accounting organizations. KPMG uses the Cubiks test for pre-employment to identify those who thrive under pressure. The test is extremely challenging and designed to identify candidate weaknesses. It contains three parts: verbal test, numerical test, and abstract test.And there’s only a 30% pass rate. Lots of very suitable candidates fall by the wayside because they didn’t pass the assessment test. And that means missing out on the role.

Working at KPMG could give your career the kickstart it needs. And that’s why you’re here. You might have tried a KPMG Test online – and found that it’s incredibly challenging. Don’t panic. We can help. Be one of the 30%.

Be one of the 30%.

What is the KPMG Cubiks Test?

KPMG uses the Cubiks Pre-employment Test, which is an extremely challenging psychometric assessment. It evaluates how you might respond to situations under pressure – exploring your aptitude and cognitive understanding.

The KPMG test questions are divided into three disciplines:

  • Abstract Reasoning Test
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test

KPMG have their very own iteration of the Cubiks Test. And PrepTerminal provides expert instruction to prepare you for the KPMG test questions.

The test is time-pressured, the questions are tough, and the pass rate is low.

Only 30% of those who take the KPMG Cubiks test actually pass. That means that you have to beat 70% of your peers in the running for the same role. If you go into the test unprepared, it’s likely that you won’t pass.


There’s a technique for passing the KPMG exam. PrepTerminal can teach you.

Why the KPMG exam?

KPMG is one of the Big Four accounting firms.

Working at KPMG, therefore, implies prestige and accomplishment; with opportunities to develop a long-lasting career.

If you love a challenge and strive to diversify your skillset, then KPMG could offer you a satisfying career path.

Expect a rapid learning curve, developing fresh approaches to your work and lots of training opportunities to expand into multiple disciplines.

Enhance your skills in a fast-paced environment that expects nothing but 100%. Learn to prioritize and multitask, driving projects, and learning to manage others.

One of the particular benefits of working at KPMG is its flexibility – meet your deadlines and have the freedom to make your own choices.

With sponsored events and socials, KPMG could be the step up the ladder you’re looking for to elevate your career.

How We Can Help You Pass the KPMG Test Questions

Our KPMG Cubiks course is designed to cater precisely for the KPMG exam version of the widely-used Cubiks Test.

The average pass rate for Cubiks testing across the board is 30% of the participants who take it. People who prepare and study with PrepTerminal achieve much better results: in fact, 85% of our students pass.

Our KPMG Cubiks course is:


  • Curriculum-based – Our easy-to-read scheme-of-work precisely outlays what you’ll learn and how you’ll practice for your test.
  • Composed by Expert Instructors – We know the KPMG Cubiks test inside out and offer a progressive learning structure to help you prepare for your assessment.
  • Comprehensive – We cover all aspects of the test so that you’ll know how to tackle every element.

The KPMG Cubiks Course – The Features

Taking the Cubiks test requires a combination of preparation, practice, and time-management.

Very few of us excel in every element of the assessment. We’ll help you recognize your strengths, as well as help you identify the types of questions you should probably skip.

You’re not penalized for wrong answers; you’re assessed on the number of correct answers you give. And with approximately twenty seconds to answer each question, you need to know how to recognize the KPMG test questions that play to your strengths, and the ones where you should take an educated guess.

Our course features:

  • Expert Strategies:our veteran psychometric instructors know how to pass and how to show you the ropes.
  • Time-Sensitivity:some questions are designed to trip you up and slow you down. We’ll show you how to recognize them.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum:our experts know how to pass the KPMG Cubiks exam. And they’ve got the whole test covered.

Our KPMG Cubiks course is:

Course Overview

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