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The Criticall is one of the hardest exams administered for any civil service position. Dispatchers need to be quick-thinking and efficient in their operation in order to serve the general public effectively.

Around 90% of dispatcher applicants nationwide are rejected as a result of failing the Criticall test. If you fail, your application will immediately be disqualified. Preparation for the Criticall is essential in such a competitive environment, so start your preparation today with our free practice test:

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Prepterminal’s Dispatch Primer System is the premier resource for comprehensive Criticall prep. Featuring expert guides and realistic practice tests, students of any skill level will come out 100% prepared to beat their test.

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CritiCall Dispatcher Course

Criticall Test Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the question types found on the Criticall test:

The Criticall test can be broken down into three main sections covering a total of 12 question categories.

Attention to detail

Computerised Data Entry

Listening to, or reading, data from a number of different sources and entering it quickly and accurately into a computer system via a keyboard.


Cross-referencing information from an address book and entering it quickly and accurately into a computer system via a keyboard.

Character Comparison

Identifying and highlighting differences between two tables of seemingly identical information.

Reading, Writing & Math

Vocal Summarization

Summarising information from simulated 911 calls or conversations and entering it into relevant data fields.

Reading Comprehension

Comprehending written information from a number of different texts and then answering subsequent questions.


Spelling a number of commonplace words to test the candidate’s ability to clearly and accurately relay information between callers and emergency services.

Sentence Clarity

Determining which sentence best clarified a set of facts from a list of similarly-worded sentences.


Calculating a number of basic math questions to test the candidate’s ability to perform tasks such as addition, subtraction, and percentage work.

Dispatcher Skills

Decision Making

Assigning emergency response units to incidents based on strict geographic and company protocol.

Memory Recall

Recalling sequences of numbers & letters from short-term memory. Sequences may be presented in written or spoken form.


Prioritizing and ranking the urgency of emergency incidents based on company protocol to help determine necessary dispatch responses.

Map Reading

Reading and navigating a number of different maps to then choose the most efficient or suitable route for emergency service units to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the course work?

It’s 100% online, and you get immediate access sent to your email as soon as you sign up. No books, No DVDs, No PDFs. You can study and practice on your computer or your phone. It works on any device with an internet connection!   

If I’m struggling with a question, can I get help?

Don’t worry – send an email to Matt, our CritiCall expert, at [email protected], and he’ll be back to help you ASAP!

I have very short notice. Do I have enough time to prepare?

All you need is a few hours to prepare for your CritiCall exam with this course. Our modules have been designed to prepare our students in the most efficient way possible without losing any accuracy.   

How many times will I be charged?

You’ll only be charged once for your course license. There are no recurring payments and no hidden fees.

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About the Author: Maureen Laneski’s Journey as a Dispatcher and CritiCall Trainer
Maureen Laneski is an experienced public safety communications expert, dispatcher, and trainer with 18 years of dispatch experience and a master’s degree in teaching. She was her department’s first certified communications training officer and has trained numerous dispatchers over 10 years. Maureen started as a part-time dispatcher while pursuing her college education and competed against 800 other applicants for a full-time position, which she secured despite a lack of guidance and preparation. Maureen’s experience fueled her passion for assisting others in the dispatch field, and she now contributes to Prepterminal’s CritiCall Rapid Prep by creating comprehensive preparation materials for future dispatchers.

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Use it!

Hey, if you're getting ready to take the CritiCall examination, I've got a tip for you. You should definitely use this material that I used when I prepared for the test. It worked for me, and I passed the exam easily. This resource is the real deal and covers all the knowledge you need to know for the test. I found it extremely helpful, and I think it's a must-have for all first-time applicants. Trust me, you won't regret using it.

Brandon J


Very accurate info

The information provided in this prep course is accurate. The guides explain the correct approach to the multiple-choice questions, and the Criticall simulation course provides valuable tips on time management and other aspects of the exam and recruitment process. Thanks to this prep course, I was able to pass the Critical Test and secure a job with Rural/Metro Corporation.

Nathaniel L.


Hope I will pass the examination

I've taken the CritiCall test before, but I'm gearing up for an upcoming opportunity at the NY Police Department, so I wanted to make sure I'm fully prepared. I gotta say, this prep material is the most accurate and reliable one I've come across. Thanks a lot for creating it! It's been a huge help in getting me ready for the test. I may even come back to use it again in the future, but hopefully, I won't have to if I get the opportunity. Fingers crossed!

Marcey F


This is a valuable resource I guess

The preparation package includes valuable advice and tactics for enhancing not just reading speed, but also comprehension. Although some of the tips and strategies may seem obvious, it is helpful to be reminded of them. While there are some repeated points throughout the material, this reinforces the course's key messages.

Sophia W.


I have to improve my typing speed

The prep course is packed with valuable information, but unfortunately, I didn't pass the CRITICALL test due to my typing speed. Despite typing at 67 words per minute, I struggled with unexpected emergency broadcasts during the exam. However, this material was helpful for the multiple choice questions, and the map reading section was important. I highly recommend this prep course for anyone preparing for the test.

Eric L.


I got hired!!!

This prep pack can help you prepare for the Criticall police test. If you study it thoroughly and complete the included tests successfully, you will likely be well-prepared for the actual exam. The tests in the prep pack closely resemble the real thing and can provide valuable guidance for becoming a dispatcher. I currently work for the NJ Police Department and found this prep pack to be a helpful resource.

Harry R


I am already hired!!!

Thanks to this prep pack, I passed the Criticall test and now work for Convergys. The study guide is excellent and provides a step-by-step approach. The best part is that it explains the right answers and why they are correct.

Dwight J


Passed despite being slow in typing

The material in this prep pack closely matched the official Criticall exam I took this month. One thing that really stood out to me was the importance of typing speed. I struggled a bit during the exam because I wasn't quick enough, but the practice I did on typing helped me save time in other sections and finally pass.

Alberto A


Good course

Although I could have saved some time by skipping a few of the math-related sections, I'm glad I purchased this prep course from Prepterminal. It provided a clear idea of the types of questions on my exam, and the practice test at the end was a perfect reflection of the actual exam. I highly recommend this prep course for anyone who wants to excel on the 911 operator exam.

Anuj G.


Valuable as a resource

This resource is valuable for anyone considering a career as a dispatcher. While the price for the prep course is a bit high, the quality of the exercises is very good. I highly recommend this online course for anyone interested in becoming a dispatcher or curious about the 911 call process.

John E.

Criticall Dispatch Primer System
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