PrepTerminal’s comprehensive teaching guides, practice materials and exam questions are the ultimate preparation resource for the 911 dispatchers of tomorrow.

See if you’ve got what it takes to play an important role within the emergency services by trying your hand at a selection of our expertly crafted CritiCall practice questions today!

CritiCall Testing Sample 

The CritiCall assessment is broken down into a number of different modules, each designed to assess your competency in a number of skills relevant to the everyday duties of a 911 dispatcher. 

Some of these modules are more role-specific than others, like Map Reading and Decision Making for example, whereas others are a more basic test of your reading, spelling and math skills. But regardless of their apparent workplace relevance, you must achieve the pass mark in each of them to successfully complete the assessment. 

You can find all the CritiCall test prep you need in our exclusive course here, where our teaching guides are broken down into three different categories, each instructing, explaining and testing you on a different aspect of the CritiCall.

What better way to understand a little more about these modules than by having a go at 10 different questions from our free CritiCall practice test!

Criticall 911 Practice Test

How did you fare? Whether you managed to get none, just a few, the majority, or even all of the answers right, don’t read too much into your performance here. These questions are just a very small sample of the vast array that you might be presented with when you take the CritiCall test. It’s important not to get too down (or confident!) based on the outcome of this small testing sample.

The best way to prepare for the assessment is to make sure that you’re familiar with the format, layout and contents of the modules that we mentioned above. That way, no question, regardless of how job-specific it might appear, will catch you off guard.

As well as easy-to-understand guides walking you through the contents of the course, the PrepTerminal exam-style questions are all followed by answers that are clearly and thoroughly explained. Head to our CritiCall preparation page to find out more.