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Are you after a job at Walmart?
If so, you better keep your schedule flexible and start preparing.

Walmart is an impressive store and one of the most dominant retailers in the world. As such, it employs a large number of people. However, if you want a job at Walmart, be ready to face an assessment test and several interviews. The process of applying and attending the various interviews can take as long as three weeks, so if you plan on taking this path it is best to keep your schedule open.

Take the Free Walmart Walmart Assessment Practice Test

What is the Walmart Assessment Test?

The Walmart Assessment Test is an exam that is used to appraise applicants for employment at Walmart. The exam assesses their ability to work with co-workers and their preparedness to work under supervisors. It also evaluates their skill in understanding and managing situations when it comes to customer relations. Applicants who want to sit the Walmart assessment test need to complete an online application form, and after the test is completed applicants are placed in one of two tires according to their results. Typically, test-takers in Tire One are given priority over those in Tire Two.

Walmark also administers assessment tests for its managerial roles, two of the key are the Walmart Supervisor Leadership Assessment test (SLA) and the Walmart Tactical Leadership Assessment Test (TLA).

Getting a job at Walmart has become highly competitive. All employees are initially hired on a part-time basis of approximately thirty-two hours a week. To gain a full-time position, which is possible after ninety employment days, workers need to provide excellent service.

Thus, it is essential that you prepare well for the Walmart Assessment Test so that you can land the job you want.

Walmart Assessment Course

What’s in the Walmart Assessment Test?

The Walmart assessment test contains four sections, which evaluate an individual in relation to the company’s key values.

Customer Service Scenarios The initial part consists of eight questions and is scenario-based. It emphasizes customer service and how the test-taker would react in difficult situations.

Personality Questionnaire The personality survey features thirty-three statements. The test-taker needs to rate their response on a scale that ranges from “Strongly Agree” through to “Strongly Disagree”.

Problem Solving at Work – The problem-solving part of the test contains seven questions that focus on resolving conflict and the effectiveness of a particular action in relation to the conflict situation.

Work Experience Questionnaire Lastly, there is a work experience survey. This part features twelve questions that pose a hypothetical, yet realistic workplace situation. The test-taker needs to say how they did or would react in this given scenario.

All in all, the Walmart Assessment test contains sixty-four questions.

All Steps of the Walmart Hiring Process

1. The Application

You must apply to Walmart online. You can complete the application form at home or at a hiring kiosk, which is found at any Walmart store. To complete the application from your home, you need to go to the Walmart careers website. Once you are at their site you will need to create an account with a password.

After you are logged into the system, you will be prompted to provide the details you normally need to fill out when applying for a job position. Be ready to include the job you are applying for, your past jobs, and your availability.

2. The Walmart Assessment Test

Next, you will need to take the Walmart Assessment Test. This test gives Walmart an indication of how you would handle various situations related to supervisors, customers, co-workers, and general work-related issues.

3. The First Interview

Walmart interviews three applicants for each job position, and they select the most suitable applicant out of those three. All candidates are interviewed by three interviewers at the same time. Walmart generally calls you within seven days with a decision.

4. The Second Interview

If Walmart believes you are the most suitable candidate out of the three they interviewed, they will call you back and invite you to a second interview. The second interview is similar to the first interview, as there will be three interviews and more or less the same questions. If Walmart still believes that you are the right candidate for the job you will need to complete a background check. Then in some cases, you will need to do a drug screening check as well.

After the results of the background check and drug tests have come through, they will ring you and invite you to orientation.

5. Orientation

Orientation runs for three days. During the initial two-day, you will need to fill out paperwork, watch videos, and learn about Walmart. On the third day of orientation, you will need to complete various modules. For instance, one of the modules is called “Älcohol Compliance”. Each individual module teaches you about a given subject matter, and then you are administered a quiz. If you don’t pass you will be given a chance to take it again until you do manage to pass.

At the end of orientation, you will get your work schedule.

The Retail Walmart Pre-Employment Assessment Test

The employment portal will tell you when to start taking your assessment. You will need to go through a quick slideshow presentation and allow yourself approximately half an hour to complete the Walmart assessment.

The retail Walmart assessment test features 65 questions and is divided into five sections:

1. You will be presented with five scenarios and will need to decide which answer is best. Read through the scenario and every response well. Some of the answers may look similar. Yet, you will need to consider which of the four answers describe the most appropriate response and which describes the least appropriate response.

2. This section measures your team management skills. You will be presented with six multiple-choice questions. Consider each question carefully and study any diagrams or graphics the Walmart assessment provides you with. In this part, you will need to use some basic logic and math skills.

3. In this section, you will be presented with two scenarios. In each question, you will need to order four activities according to the impact they have on the overall facility that you manage. You will need to place them in order from the most impactful to the least impactful.

4. The next section typically centers around work history-related topics. There are 18 multiple-choice questions. Read each question well and decide which is the best answer.

5. The last section is the longest section in the Walmart assessment. Here you will be presented with questions that seek to establish your work-style characteristics. You will be given a scale and you will need to decide where on the spectrum you fall. There are 59 questions in this section.

Can I Get Walmart Assessment Test Answers?

It’s no surprise that you want to know the Walmart assessment test answers before you take the exam. However, this is not feasible as Walmart changes the questions for almost every test-taker. What we can do, however, is give you the tools you need to understand the logic and rationale behind the questions so that you’ll be in a position to ace the exam.

Walmart Assessment Test FAQ

What’s in the Walmart Interview?

Walmart interviews three candidates for every job position. You will also be interviewed by three people, typically the department manager and two assistant managers. Each manager will have a turn to ask you a question. Certain questions will be multi-part questions such as “Have you ever made a mistake at work? How did you work to resolve it? What was the result?” These are the sorts of questions you will probably be asked, so be ready to answer them.

If you are invited to a second interview, this generally means that you got the job, however, you will need to go through a similar interview process again.

How long does the job application take?

The application process takes approximately 45-60 minutes. For certain job positions, you will need to complete an assessment test, during the application process, which will take more time. Types of assessments you may be required to take include logistics pre-employment assessment, retail pre-employment assessment, or a supervisory leadership assessment.

If you pass the assessments and are deemed suitable for the position you applied to you will be asked for an onsite interview.

How do I know if I passed the Walmart Assessment Test?

Generally, you will be given an answer to your online assessment within an hour of sitting the test. However, you may need to wait a day or two.

What’s in Walmart Situational Judgement Test?

The various situations that are given on the Situational Judgement Test ask for a resolution to a specific conflict. Even though the scenarios presented are hypothetical, they tend to represent real situations that take place in a place of work. You will be asked to select the type of action you believe is most appropriate, in a given situation. You will be given various possible answers. You may want to analyze the scenarios and think about the response that will best showcase your abilities.

What topics are included in the Walmart Mechanical reasoning test?

Mechanical comprehension or reasoning tests evaluate an applicant’s understanding of machinery and various physical concepts. Topics that commonly appear on the exam include energy, forces and motions, voltages, electrical circuits, and currents. The test is geared towards a good understanding of the basic concepts, rather than academic knowledge.

Practicing mechanical reasoning questions is essential, as knowing what to expect from the test builds confidence and may help you achieve a higher test score.

What Walmart Assessment Prep Courses Do We Offer?

The following are various Walmart preparatory courses that we offer at PrepTerminal. Our courses give you the tools you need to pass the Walmart assessment test. Our courses also provide explanations for each of the assessment questions so you can learn how to refine your answer responses.

The Leadership Assessment

For this exam, you will need to complete two different assessments: The Supervisor Leadership Assessment Test (SLA) and the Tactical Leadership Assessment Test (TLA). Both these tests follow the style and format of a situational judgment test. Practice using our leadership assessment prep course.

The Supervisor Assessment

In the supervisor assessment exam, you will be shown scenarios. The assessors want to see whether or not you will conform to the central values of Walmart. They also want to know if you can deal with any work-related issues that may, and likely will, present themselves when you are on the job.

The Maintenance Assessment

If you want to work in maintenance, you will most likely need to complete the Ramsay test as part of the hiring process. To make sure you succeed in this assessment, ensure that you practice beforehand with our prep course.

Sales Assessments

For the sales assessment, you will typically be asked to attend an interview and will be given the sales assessment. However, you may also be asked to complete a situational judgment assessment. To make sure you are properly prepared we have tailor-made a course to help you get ready for your sales assessment.

The Manager Assessment

In the manager assessment, you will need to answer questions about various topics that may present themself when you are on the job. Such topics include how to manage your employees and how to analyze information. You may also be asked questions designed to evaluate how well your personality fits the job position.

The Customer Success Assessment

For the customer service assessment, you will be required to attend an interview and take a situational judgment test. By learning about the structure and rationale behind the test and practicing on mock tests, you are giving yourself the best chance of success.

At PrepTerminal we help you demonstrate your strengths and show just how suitable you are for a specific job role. By acing your particular job assessment you can prove to your potential employer that you are the right candidate for the job. Start preparing for your Walmart job today with us at PrepTerminal.
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