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Saville Assessment, previously known as Saville Consulting, is an international assessment agency that works together with organizations to find, develop, and determine who the right people and teams are, for a specific job.

This widely-known psychometric assessment company operates in more than 85 countries in as many as 37 different languages. Professional and highly-skilled psychologists create Saville assessment tests. Saville Assessment holds a key position in the publishing industry and its tests are employed by many corporations and businesses.

As Peter Saville, co-founder of SHL, founded Saville Assessment Company there are similarities between SHL tests and Saville Assignments. Saville’s online assessments are delivered via their Oasys assessment platform. In other words, Saville Assessment Oasys is simply the platform used to administer the tests.

What Is the Saville Assessment Series (Swift Aptitude Tests)?

Saville’s test series differ in relation to industries and job levels. The following is an explanation of the five Swift Saville Test Series.

The Swift Executive Aptitude

This test is given to applicants who are applying for high-level positions. Candidates who are looking for positions such as managers, directors, or professionals are likely to be presented with this test variation. The test assesses critical reasoning via short numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic sub-tests. All of these subsections are relevant to high-level jobs. The sections take six minutes each to complete, which should be enough time to answer all the questions. But, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work efficiently.

The Swift Analysis Aptitude

Created for professionals, managers, graduates, and technicians. This test also includes short numerical, verbal, and diagrammatic sub-tests, all of which take six minutes to complete and are geared toward high-level jobs.

The Swift Comprehension Aptitude

Completed by applicants applying for commercial, administrative, operational, or customer staff job positions. The test is even shorter than the others and includes numerical and verbal parts, which take 4 minutes to complete. There is also an error checking section which is only 2 minutes in length. The exam is tailored for entry-level roles, however, it still requires careful preparation.

The Swift Technical Aptitude Test

This exam is suitable for those who want to work in production, such as engineers, apprentices, designers, and even scientists who work in technical job positions. The test assesses practical reasoning via short mechanical and spatial parts, both of which take three minutes to complete. There is also a diagrammatic part that needs to be completed in 4 minutes. This Aptitude test is suitable for screening for all practical job positions.

The Swift Apprentice Aptitude

Developed to be used to screen apprentices or entry-level staff in technical, engineering, operational, construction, or manufacturing positions. The test assesses general and technical reasoning using verbal and numerical sub-tests, each of which takes 4 minutes to complete. There is checking which takes 90 seconds and mechanical and spatial parts which take 3 minutes to complete. In addition, there is a diagrammatic sub-section that lasts for 4 minutes. This test can be used in relation to all practical job positions.

Every series includes a test for all of the following topic areas:

  • Numerical
  • Verbal
  • Diagrammatic
  • Abstract
  • Error-checking
  • Mechanical
  • Spatial

Saville Assessment Prep Course

What Are the Saville Aptitude Test Types?

Verbal Aptitude։ Tests to measure an applicants’ capacity to understand written information. Applicants are given a section of tests and need to form logical deductions in keeping with the information in the text.

Numerical Aptitude։ Numerical aptitude tests measure an applicants’ numerical reasoning capacity and capacity to interpret and analyze numerical information, including statistical financial and graphical data.

Diagrammatic Aptitude։ Diagrammatic aptitude, often called deductive or logical reasoning, includes the examination of operators and processes. Applicants are required to apply these operators to diagrams. They will often be given a process diagram with a key and will need to find the missing diagrams, which complete or fits the given sequence.

Error Checking Aptitude։ These tests measure the test-takers capacity to isolate and check numerical, verbal, and coding errors. Test-takers will be given two sets of transposed data, and one of these sets will include errors. The test-taker must then isolate and identify the errors.

Spatial Aptitude։ Spatial aptitude is the calamity to visualize objects from different angles and applying spatial judgment. These assessments measure the test-takers capacity to answer transformation and rotational problems correctly. They will also need to visualize objects and take note of inconsistencies. This skill may be assessed for job positions that require technical skills, including engineering and science.

Mechanical Aptitude։ This assessment tests mechanical reasoning ability, such as understanding physical principles, comprehending mechanical problems, and estimating the movement of objects. These sorts of skills are often relevant for jobs such as production workers, engineers, and designers

The Format of Saville Aptitude Tests

Saville Assessments come in two formats:

1. Single Aptitude Tests – a longer version that takes more than 30 minutes

2. Swift Aptitude Tests – a shorter version that takes less than 30 minutes (see above for detailed descriptions.)

Each of the different test topics can be administered in either a single or swift format. The swift version is typically employed during the initial recruitment stages, to help with the selection process.

The Swift and Single Aptitude Tests assess identical subject matter and aptitudes. They also feature the same questions at different levels of difficulty. The Swift Aptitude Test is simply a short test that is used as an initial testing tool. Comparatively, the Single Aptitude test is longer and is typically completed at an assessment center.

Saville tests vary according to the job position and ability of the test-taker. The Swift Aptitude Test and the Single Aptitude Test are both divided into various forms in keeping with the test taker’s skill level.

Personality Questionnaire (Saville Wave)

Savile Assessment publishes one of the top personality assessment questionnaires available on the market today – Saville Wave. Their personality questionnaire measures personality and behavioral tendencies in a place of work, and they construct a profile according to the data given by the test-taker. Research has shown that the Saville Assessment Wave questionnaire is a great predictor of a range of behaviors and performance preferences at work.

Saville questionnaires include:

1. Wave Professional Styles։ This is a 40-minute personality questionnaire that provides a deep assessment of the test takers’ personality in the place of work. An in-depth report is provided detailing the strengths, suggested culture-orientation fit, and points for development.

2. Wave Focus Styles։ Focus styles shorter than Professional Styles. The Focus styles questionnaire needs to be completed within 13 minutes. It contains the same question types as the professional style only with fewer questions.

Which Companies Use Saville Assessments?

Some of the companies that use Saville Assessments include:
Nestle, Ernst & Young, Jaguar and Land Rover, Lion Co. Coca-cola, Fujitsu, Dong Energy, Novo Nordisk, Deloitte, KPMG, Pentland, and PwC.

PrepTerminal’s Saville Assessment Preparation Course

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That’s why we, at PrepTerminal, have formulated a Saville Assessment Prep Course to help you prepare and practice for your upcoming assessment. Our comprehensive course boasts 30 core modules, 11 mathematical modules, 6 verbal modules, 3 abstract modules, 9 mechanical modules, and 1 graphic literacy module, so you can simply follow along and learn with ease. What’s great is that we also provide you with 46 practice sets, so you can hone your skills and approach the test feeling confident and nerve-free. Our 9 video guides will provide you with visual information so you can sit back and learn the information you need to maximize your test score.

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