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The average participant in the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) only completes 20 of the 51 total questions. You’ll have exactly 20 minutes to finish the RCAT; so unless you know the subjects beforehand, you are likely to fail. If you want the tools you’ll need to beat the test, the only certain way to acquire them is through Prepterminal’s Revelian Test Prep Course.

While you’ll find a selection of free resources online – some even provided by Revelian themselves – these are often inaccurate and far below the actual difficulty level of the real thing. In addition, many sources simply offer a loose substitute for the real thing. With Prepterminal you can rest assured that your study material and practice sets are accurate to the actual exam and fit the exact curriculum of the test.

When it comes to preparing to secure your future career, only the best material will suffice, which is why we’ve prepared this modular course which will provide you with the blueprints to test success and get you on track to come out on top on exam day.

Our course will help you:

  • Understand the concepts the Revelian test covers with focused expert guides
  • Practice with realistic questions in a timed environment
  • Learn quick tricks and tips to answer questions quickly and achieve a high score
  • Pass the test, and get the job you deserve

At Prepterminal, we understand how important it is to find gainful employment and how much pressure a testing environment can create. That’s why we’ve designed our course to relieve this pressure by comprehensively covering each section of the Revelian test. Each of our specialized modules will show you the shortcuts you can take to complete the entire test and get the job of your dreams.

Let’s take a look at the purpose of the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test and what subjects it covers.

What is the Revelian Test used for?

The purpose of the Revelian cognitive ability test is to allow employers to assess potential employees’ cognitive abilities. It is often used in pre-employment screening to discern whether or not an applicant is a suitable candidate for an open position. This Revelian test is also used to test those seeking promotions or to change positions within a company’s structure.

The test assesses your general mental aptitude and predicts your ability to acquire, organize, retain, and apply valuable knowledge used within the workplace. It does this by asking 51 questions broken down into three main categories:

  • Verbal reasoning
  • Numerical reasoning
  • Abstract reasoning

Research has shown that these skills are closely linked to job performance in a wide variety of vocations. Based on which categories you perform best in, your employer can see your potential strengths and weaknesses. The test is 20 minutes long and can be completed online once given a log-in code.

What’s on the Revelian Test?

The three sections, verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning, will determine how well you will deal with different problems one can encounter in the workplace. Each section targets a different number of skill sets and will test your ability to communicate, deal with numbers, and apply logic.

Verbal Reasoning

This section will look at your vocabulary and how you will use language to communicate with coworkers efficiently. Communication is vital in the workplace, and employers want to know you’ll be able to properly convey your ideas to maximize efficiency.

This test section will be multiple-choice, but some questions have more than one correct answer. The section will include the following categories:

  • Word Analogy: You will be presented with a pair of words and must find the relationship between them. Then, identify the missing word from the second pair.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms: A general test of your vocabulary. You will be given a pair of words and must determine whether they are synonyms, antonyms, or neither.
  • Odd Word Out: The test will provide you with a list of words, and you have to choose one (or two) that do not fit with the rest.
  • Deductive Reasoning: You will be given a list of up to five statements. From those five statements, you must find the two that fit together to allow you to reach a particular conclusion.

Numerical Reasoning

The numerical reasoning section will test your ability to understand numerical concepts and the relationships between numbers. It will also test whether you can use reasoning when dealing with number-related problems. The section will include the following categories:

  • Numerical word problems: These are traditional mathematical questions but are presented as short passages.
  • Number series: The test will give you a series of numbers with one number missing. Based on the assumed numerical concept, you will need to identify what the missing number is.
  • Number matrices: You will be provided with a 3×3 numbers matrix. One of the squares will contain a question mark, and you must find the number that goes in that square.

Abstract reasoning

The abstract reasoning section of the Revelian Cognitive ability test is meant to determine whether you can solve conceptual problems through relationship and pattern analysis.

For the abstract reasoning section, you will be given up to six pictures with various abstract and geometric shapes or drawings. Then, you will use your ability to analyze patterns to identify which two of the six pictures contain shapes that do not fit the set.

Revelian Cognitive Ability Test

What does the Revelian Test prep course cover?

Our Revelian test prep distills the Revelian assessment into six specialized modules. These modules will help you understand the verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning questions you will encounter during your Revelian cognitive ability test. Once you understand the concepts, our course will provide example questions for practice.

The course modules include:

  • Odd Two Out
  • Word Problems
  • Number Series
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Formal Logic

We also include a bonus video interview guide for free. Each of these modules dives into question categories you will encounter during the Revelian test to prepare you to answer quickly.

Remember, you won’t have even a minute or two to try to work out the answer to these questions. Our Revelian test prep provides the mental shortcuts necessary to answer immediately and get the desired results.

So let’s look closer at each of these modules and what will be covered within. We will provide an example question and answer for each, but not how to get there. That’s where the course comes in: It will show you how to understand the path to the answer, so your brain will conduct this process automatically.

Odd Two Out Test section: Abstract Reasoning

In this module, we’ll cover the Odd Two Out test, where test takers must determine which one or two pictures out of a set of up to six do not fit with the rest of the group. You will have to choose the pattern quickly and find which pictures do not fit within that pattern.

The module will present you with examples of this question and help you understand how to identify patterns within the picture sets. Then, you will be able to select which pictures do not fit and eliminate them quickly.

Question: Which two of these five figures do not belong with the others?
Answer: D & E


In figures A, B, and C, all flags have poles, while in figures D and E, one of the flags does not have any poles.

Most students struggle to identify which two items do not fit the rule in the fraction of a minute allotted per question. Our expert guide on the Odd Two Out section will cover the exact methodology required to rapidly assess which of the two items don’t fit the rule.

Word Problems Test section: Numerical Reasoning

This module covers numerical word problems, where you are given several sentences detailing a number problem. The course will help you determine what elements of the numerical data are useful, build the equation that correlates to that data, and solve the questions.

Question: The space designated for the stage is 40 ft x 60 ft. The whole ballroom is 200 ft x 300 ft. The area of the stage is __?__ of the whole ballroom.
  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:
Answer: A


Look at the ratios of both elements in each multiplication compared to each other.

40/200 = 1/5

60/300= 1/5

Multiply (numerator x numerator and denominator x denominator)

1 x 1 = 1

5 x 5 = 25

1/25 = 4%

This module teaches you to cut to the core of these questions so they can be easily solved like any other mathematical equation.

Number Series Test section: Numerical Reasoning

This module will help you understand what the mathematical reasoning is behind a given set of numbers and how to identify what number is missing from the series. These patterns come in two different varieties for the Revelian assessment: numbers in a grid format (3×3, 4×4, etc.) and a number line.

For the number line questions, you will be given a series of numbers with one question mark placed within the line. You’ll then need to identify the pattern and find the missing number.

Question: Which number is missing in the series?

1 – 4 – 27 – 256 – 3125 – ?

  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
  • E:
Answer: B


Upon observation of the sequence, we can see that each number is raised to a certain power.

Note that 1 raised to any number is still 1.

Seeing the pattern, we can deduce that 1 is raised to 1 in this instance.

The pattern is easy enough to understand at this point. Each number is raised to its own and in intervals of one.

From there, it is easy to see that the next number in the series is

Although a 5-digit number may seem overwhelming, it is helpful to remember that six raised to any power will have ‘6’ as the last digit. Out of the choices, only one ended in 6. As soon as we identified that the next number was six, raised to a certain power, we could immediately identify 46656 as the correct answer.

This module will help you quickly discern the pattern in a number series through the use of 6 key series formats. Learning to identify which series type is in front of you rapidly is essential in solving this type of question within the allotted time.

Antonyms Test section: Verbal Reasoning

For the antonyms module, the Revelian test prep course will help you assess a vocabulary list and find the relationships between the words. Once you have, you will decide whether or not those words are antonyms or have opposite meanings.

Question: Which of these words is an antonym for ‘Squalid’?
  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
Answer: C


Squalid means to be extremely dirty and unpleasant, while immaculate means to be perfectly neat, clean or tidy.

This course module will help you understand the word’s definitions so that you can identify its opposite. This will help you in the Antonyms and Synonyms section of the test, where you will have to determine if a set of two words are antonyms, synonyms, or neither.

Synonyms Test section: Verbal Reasoning

For the synonyms module, you will learn how to assess a series of words and find which have the same meaning. Much like the antonym module, this involves understanding both a word’s definition and how it relates to other parts of vocabulary.

Question: Which of these words is a synonym for ‘Pugnacious’?
  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
Answer: D


To be pugnacious is to be eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight, while to be affable is to be friendly, good-natured, or easy to talk to.

This course module will help you understand how these words relate, so you can find both the definition of the target word and the definitions of words that may be related. Like the antonym module, this will help you on the antonyms and synonyms section of the test, where you must identify whether a set of words are antonyms, synonyms, or neither.

Formal Logic Test section: Verbal Reasoning

In the formal logic course module, you will learn how to assess a statement for relevant information, understand a conclusion, and choose 2 out of 5 following statements that support that conclusion. The Revelian test practice questions will involve everyday scenarios with actions that friends or coworkers may carry out.

Question: Which two of the following five statements prove that John has a meeting at 11:00 am the following day?
  • A:
    John often has meetings with his bosses near 11:00 am.
  • B:
    John will drink coffee tomorrow.
  • C:
    John is buying coffee beans that he says will be used tomorrow.
  • D:
    John only drinks coffee at meetings at 11:00 am
  • E:
    John’s boss has a meeting at 11:00 am.
Answer: C & D


A, B, and E offer information that, while pertaining to meetings and coffee, offer no connection between the two. C establishes that John is going to drink coffee tomorrow, and D confirms that John only drinks coffee at meetings at 11 am. Between these two statements, we know that John will have a meeting at 11 am the following day.

The formal logic module will help you take these statements and ignore those that merely relate or suggest to support the conclusion. You will learn how to identify what statements conclusively prove a conclusion, so you can quickly choose the correct answer.

Your Revelian Test Result Can Determine Your Future

No matter what level you believe your cognitive abilities are at, improper preparation can ruin the chances of even the most gifted. With limited time, complicated questions, and possibly only one chance, you want to get it right. The only way to do this is by preparing yourself for your Revelian cognitive ability assessment. The best way to do that is with our high-quality Revelian test prep.

Our Revelian test practice modules are specially designed to accelerate your test-taking experience and help you understand the shortcuts necessary to exceed your highest expectations. We want you to pass your cognitive ability test and move up in the world, but we can only do that if you allow us to help.

Don’t let test stress ruin your chances at the job you deserve. Sign up for our Revelian Prep Course today and get on the right track for test success!

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