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In the current competitive job climate, there is no room for error if you’re a job seeker. This is why you must give it all you’ve got if you’ve been asked to sit the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment or Behavioral Assessment Test. How can you do this? Simple, Be Prepared!

The PI Cognitive Assessment Test is More Challenging Than it Seems!

Far too often hard-working and qualified individuals are being turned away from jobs they were otherwise suitable for simply because their test scores were too low. While the PI Cognitive Assessment test can be useful as a metric of ability many highly competent individuals fail the test for no reason other than their unfamiliarity with the types of questions and time-traps.

We at PrepTerminal believe that nobody should be turned away from their dream job! That’s why we have developed a PI Cognitive Assessment preparation course that also comes with a bonus prep module for the PI Behavioral Assessment course.

How Optimize Your Performance On The PI Cognitive Assessment Test?

When you are sitting the PICA test and are faced with a question you must think critically and make decisions quickly. Your success in this test depends on your ability to work efficiently and intelligently. You must make every one of your answers count.

By following the guidelines and methodology PrepTerminal layouts for you in our preparatory PI Cognitive Assessment course, you’ll be able to easily filter out the questions which are not worth spending time on and guess strategically for a higher score.

PrepTerminal’s PI preparation course will help you increase your Cognitive Assessment test score by up to 10 points. Compared to the average 36% passing rate, our students enjoy an outstanding 84% passing rate.

Want more? PrepTerminal’s PI preparation course also comes with a bonus prep module for the PI Behavioral Assessment course, so you can pass the Behavioral Assessment test and land your dream job.

What You’ll learn in PrepTerminal’s Predictive Index Course

Through our easy-to-follow computer-based interactive study you’ll learn…

Test-taking techniques – Our expert team has developed unique test-taking strategies after years of carefully studying PI tests.

Practice quizzes and exams – The course contains three full-length mock tests to mimic a real exam situation. It also has quizzes at the end of each module so you can test what you’ve learned as you progress through the course.

Strategy and time management – The PLI test consists of 50 questions, with only 12 minutes to answer them, so an effective approach to answering questions is essential.

Recognizing and avoiding time traps – The Predictive Index test was made to catch test-takers out with disproportionately time-consuming questions, so for higher scoring, it is vital that you know how to avoid these.

Lighting fast tactics – There are 9 question types on the PLI test. This course offers the optimal strategy for answering every one of these questions.

How to approach the behavioral assessment – Each company is looking for different traits in candidates to determine their personality types. Learn how to effectively showcase these traits to prospective employers.

An Overview Of The PI Cognitive Assessment Test Structure

The questions on the PI Cognitive Assessment Test can vary in difficulty. However, none of them are exceptionally difficult to the point that they require a prior education in any particular field.

This test is a metric of general intelligence and competence under pressure, rather than a test of learned knowledge.

That’s not to say this test is easy. If you have taken a sample test you may be led to assume that this test will be a walk in the park. This could not be further from the truth! If time were no object then everyone would probably perform well. However, time is very much an object.

The test comes with a 12-minute time limit. When faced with 50 questions this means that you are expected to answer 4-5 questions in a minute if you are to complete the test fully.

This is why the average score on the PI Cognitive Assessment test is around 20 out of 50, meaning that the majority of test-takers fail to correctly answer more than 40% of the test!

The Recommended Target Test Scores On The PICA

The recommended targe score on the PI Cognitive Assessment varies by job function. Jobs in areas such as operations recommend a target score of only 18, while other fields such as health and human social services require a score of 25. Additionally to be considered a 100% cognitive fit for any given job role a candidate should score 2 points above their target score.

Why Did We Create a Prep PI Cognitive Assessment Course?

We have created this course so that all individuals can maximize their chance of landing their dream job. We at PrepTerminal help you prepare for this test as well and quickly as possible.

Whether you have been out of school for a while or are just nervous we are here to provide promising candidates the tools they need to take this challenging psychometric test.

While the PI Cognitive Assessment test is difficult anyone can succeed if they are armed with a proven test-taking strategy and well-prepared tactics for the PICA’s 9 different question categories.

Who is the PrepTerminal’s PICA Prep Course For?

If you’ve been asked to take the PICA or PIBA test, you probably don’t have a lot of time between now and sitting the course. Time is short, and you need a quick fix.

Whether you are confident with taking exams or haven’t sat a single examination in years, this course is right for you.

This PI Preparation Course is perfect for:

Inexperienced test-takers who need to learn the concepts covered in the PLI test from scratch for both cognitive and behavioral assessment.

Experienced test-takers who wish to sharpen their skills and jog their memory to maximize their chances of success with the PI Cognitive Assessment test.

This Predictive Index test course by PrepTerminal has been meticulously designed, making use of years of expertise to put together the most comprehensive and concise PI index preparation course available on the market and is all you need for success on the PI test, so that you may ace the exam and secure that dream career!

When It Comes To The PI test, You’ve Only Got One Shot

The PICA and PIBA test are administered by many companies to ensure that the candidate they hire is the right fit for the job.

In the PICA tight time limits and a large number of question types, makes what might first appear to be a simple intelligence test, a challenging undertaking.

If you have applied for a job position and have been asked to take the PICA or PIBA test there won’t be any second chances. You need a hole in one! PrepTerminal’s preparatory PICA course with a bonus prep module for the PIBA course is the essential resource for maximizing your chance at test success and landing your ideal job.

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Rapid Predictive Index Course

Last updated 10/2020

In the current competitive job climate, there is no room for error if you’re a job seeker. This is why you must give it all you’ve got if you’ve been asked to sit the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment or Behavioral Assessment Test. How can you do this? Simple, Be Prepared!

Rapid Predictive Index Course

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  • Bonus Behavioural Assessment module with instructional video
  • Suitable for all applicants to companies administering the PLI test