What is the PERT Test, and How to Score High on the PERT Exam?

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PERT, short for Postsecondary Education Readiness Test, is a college placement exam. If you need to take a PERT exam, you have come to the right page. On this page, we will show you exactly what you need to do to be ready for your PERT test and how to achieve a top PERT score.

What is the PERT Test?

Universities and colleges, within the state of Florida, use this exam. They want to ensure that college students are assigned to the most suitable courses. The classes should be right for the student’s ability and skill levels. Prospective college students who do well on their PERT test will be able to participate in regular English and math classes. However, those who don’t do well may have to begin by taking remedial or basic courses.

The PERT test includes three sections – Math, Reading, and Writing. None of these sections come with a time limit, however, they generally take 45 minutes to complete. Each section features 30 questions. The test is computer-adaptive, meaning that the questions increase in difficulty as you get more answers right. This ensures that the test remains challenging for all test-takers.

PERT Prep Course

What are the Three Sections of the PERT Test?

PERT Math Sections: Students are expected to have a firm understanding of algebraic concepts and equations. You should be capable of using and applying algorithms and be adept at solving quadratic and linear equations. You will also be asked to use coordinate planes, and you should know how to manipulate polynomials. We, at Prepterminal, have created a Math practice test to help you assess your skills level.

PERT Reading Sections: A key component of the PERT reading test is critical reading. You will need to discover the meaning of the passage. You will also need to see what the aim of the author is, notice how opinion is different from fact, and be able to find the main ideas in a piece of writing. Prepterminal has developed a Reading practice test so you can measure your reading skills. You can also use our test to find your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

PERT Writing Sections: The writing section of the PERT test assesses your grammar and sentence structure. It also looks at the overall fluency of your writing. You will need to know how to synthesize information. You will also be tested on your ability to include structural and organizational elements in your writing. You will need to choose appropriate words and syntax. To see your writing skills level and strong and weak areas, take our Writing practice test.

Scoring System of The PERT Test

Five questions in each of the PERT exam questions are classified as ‘experimental’ and won’t count towards your final score. However, you will not know which of the questions are experimental. Scores on each of the PERT sections range from 50 to 150. You will need to achieve a score of over 100 to be permitted to skip lower-level courses or classes.

At the moment, you need to achieve a PERT test score of at least 114 in the Math section, to be permitted to skip remedial and basic classes. You will need to get a score of 103 or more on the Writing section and a score of 106 on the Reading section, to enter general freshman-level English courses.

PERT test scores remain valid for 2 years.

Why you Need to Practice Before the Real Exam

The PERT test is difficult. It is also a key stepping stone that you will need to pass on your path to college success. Thus, it is essential that you don’t go into the exam without knowing what to expect, and without being sufficiently prepared. That’s why we have created practice tests with an accurate guide. In our guide, you will receive top tips, tactics, and techniques on how to beat the exam and score high on your PERT test.

Prepterminal’s experts have specifically created a Pert test preparation course so you can get all the practice you need to succeed on your Pert Test. Our module-based course features both written and video guides. It includes a set of practice questions with answers and in-depth explanations.

The earlier you start preparing for your PERT exam the better. And, the more varied your practice the greater advantage you will have over your peers. So, in addition to our practice page, we have formulated a comprehensive PERT exam master course.

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