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The ParaPro Test is an aptitude test used by school districts to measure a candidate’s abilities in reading, writing, and math. It is required in various states for paraprofessional certification. The ParaPro assessment test also assesses how well you may apply your knowledge of reading, writing, and mathematics – in a classroom. The ParaPro test was designed to meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Subjects of the ParaPro Test

The ParaPro Assessment is delivered via computer and features 90 multiple-choice questions. The questions consist of three areas: reading, mathematics, and writing. You will be given 2.5 hours to complete the assessment. Approximately one-third of the questions, in each content area, deal with the application of basic skills in a classroom.

No calculators are allowed in the math part of the test. Also, the exam may feature pilot test questions, which are unscored. There is no way of telling the difference between a pilot and a regular question, so make sure you answer all questions as well as possible. Let’s take a look at the ParaPro Assessment’s content categories:

The Parapro Reading Section

This section of the ParaPro test features around 30 questions. It deals with reading knowledge, skills, and its application in a classroom setting. It also involves understanding charts, graphs, diagrams, and tables.

The Parapro Mathematics Section

This section of the Paraprofessional tests features around 30 questions. Including, mathematical skills, mathematical knowledge, and application of math skills in a classroom. It also involves basic algebra, geometry, measurement, number sense, and data analysis.

The Parapro Writing Section

This component of the ParaPro Test features around 30 questions. Including writing knowledge and skills, and its application in a classroom setting. It also covers the identification and use of suitable reference materials

The ParaPro test may be part of the employment requirements of the school system you work in or aim to work in. School systems use this assessment to see whether your knowledge and skills are good enough to qualify you for a position as a para. You must put your best foot forward. Particularly, if there are many candidates for the advertised position(s). Schools hope to employ candidates with top knowledge and skills.

ParaPro Prep Course

F.A.Q. about the ParaPro Assessment

Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions about the ParaPro assessment test:

To assess your numerical reasoning abilities

It costs $55 to register for the ParaPro Assessment. The $55 test fee cannot be refunded, so plan carefully when you schedule your testing date. If you have to resit the ParaPro Assessment, you will have to wait 21 days or more. You can contact ETS to find out if there are any additional fees incurred when you retake the test.

What is the ParaPro Assessment passing score?

Passing scores for the ParaPro Assessment will be determined by the state requirements. A lot of states require the ParaPro Assessment. Passing scores for the test range from 455 in Virginia, to 467 in Texas (Education Service Center Region 19). To make sure you are familiar with the minimum score you need to achieve, check your state’s website. You can also look at the ETS State and School District Requirements listing on the ETS ParaPro site.

Who needs to take the ParaPro test?

If you are a prospective or practicing paraprofessional you may be required to take the ParaPro Assessment.

How long is the ParaPro Assessment?

You will have 2.5 hours to complete the exam.

Which subject areas are featured on the test?

The ParaPro Assessment subjects include writing, reading, and mathematics.

What are the questions on the test like?

The ParaPro test features 90 multiple-choice questions. Around two-thirds of the test questions are about basic skills and knowledge. The other one-third focuses on applying these skills in a classroom setting. The test is in English.

How is the test delivered?

The test is given on a computer and is administered by appointment.

What kind of job can I land?

A paraprofessional can play a central role in delivering education to students in the classroom. The position could be called “para,” “teacher assistant,” or “teacher’s aide”. The person who has the position assists with several tasks. The para typically goes with the teacher’s classroom plan and helps by assisting small groups of students or individual students. As a para, you may be asked to work with one or more teachers.

How to Pass the Parapro Test?

Passing the ParaPro test is no easy task. Preparation is a must. Our psychometric test experts at Prepterminal have put together a comprehensive prep course to help you succeed on your ParaPro test. Our course contains all the information you need to do well on your test – all in one place.

Specifically, our course features a reading guide, five writing guides, and thirteen math guides. We also provide three reading practice tests, eighteen writing practice tests, and thirteen math practice tests so you can thoroughly prepare.

What’s great is that we also provide 24/7 support and once you sign up you will have lifetime access to the course. So, you can practice as much and for as long as you like. Give yourself the tools you need to ace your ParaPro test. Enroll in Prepterminal’s prep course today.

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