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The NY State Trooper Exam is the first step you’ll need to take to become a State Trooper. As competition is fierce you may not get a second chance. Preparation is a must if you wish to succeed on your first attempt.

Prepterminal’s NY State Trooper Exam Preparation Pack is designed by law enforcement experts to help you stand out from the competition.

We provide study guides, practice questions, practice tests, and even supplementary materials to help ace the interview and background check sections of the application process.

The NY State Trooper Exam Subjects

The NY State Trooper Exam is utilized by most police agencies in the State of New York. The exception is the NYPD and the MTAPD.

The NY State Trooper Exam is utilized by the Department of Civil Service of New York in a bid to make sure that every applicant has the minimum skill-set needed to become an effective state trooper.

Let’s take a look at the subjects that you will have to tackle in this exam:

Language Fluency

In this section of the NYS Trooper Exam, your ability to read, understand, and present a clear and accurate summary of information will be tested. You will be presented with a passage, which could take the form of a bulletin, procedure, instruction, or a general account. You will need to choose the answer that most accurately summarizes the paragraph.

You may also be presented with several sentences and will need to select which sentence contains a grammatical, punctuation, or capitalization error. Or you could be asked which sentence does not contain an error.

Information Ordering

Also known as language sequencing, this section measures your ability to identify the correct sequence or chronological order of events or statements.

You may also be asked questions such as, ‘what did you see first’, ‘what did you see last’ or ‘what happened when…”.

Problem Sensitivity and Reasoning

In this section of the NY State Trooper Exam, you will be given a situation where there is a conflict or misunderstanding and you will be asked to select the best course of action. You will be given a series of choices.

You may also be given some sort of passage containing a set of laws, policies, or regulations before being presented with a situation and you will have to choose the option that best applies to the situation.

Problem Sensitivity and Reasoning is not that different from a Situational Judgement Test.

Selective Attention

This section tests your memorization and observation skills. You will be presented with a set of letters, symbols, numbers, or a mixture of all, and you will need to select the answer that matches the set exactly.


In this section of the NY State Trooper Exam, you will need to recognize an object after it has been moved into a different position or had one or a few of its parts changed or re-arranged.

You could also be presented with a person who has on a disguise. In this case, you will be shown an initial face and then a set of faces. You will need to select the face that matches the initial one.

Spatial Orientation

In this section, you will be provided with a map of varying complexity. You will then be given a set of questions to be answered according to their special requirements.

Situational Judgment

This section is similar to the Problem Solving portion of the NYS trooper exam but instead of selecting the best course of action, you will be tasked with ‘rating’ the selected course of action.

The questions will come in the form of a passage or situation followed by a response. You will need to decide how effective or ineffective the response is.

NY State Trooper Exam Prep Course

The NY State Trooper Exam Selection Process and Eligibility List

The NYS Trooper Exam is just the first step of many steps in the NY State Trooper Exam selection process.

Every aspiring NY State Trooper will have to:

  • Pass the Written Examination
  • Pass Physical Ability Test (PAT)
  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Background Investigation and Polygraph Test
  • Medical Examination

How Prepterminal Can Help in the NY State Trooper Exam

To pass the NY State Trooper Exam, you are required to get a score of 70 or more. However, this does not mean that you should settle for a passing grade.

In the NY State Trooper Exam, candidates are processed in a rank order based upon their exam score – in addition to any applicable Veteran’s Preference credits. Furthermore, the New York State Troopers typically only conduct processing for two academy classes per year with 10 candidates usually competing for a single vacancy.

Here at Prepterminal, we know that the competition is harsh. That’s why we at Prepterminal have created an accessible NY State Trooper Exam Prep Course for you.

Our NY State Trooper Exam Preparation Course, will provide you with the resources you need, not only to pass but rather to ace this test. Our study guides, NY State Trooper Exam practice questions with in-depth explanations, and full practice tests and mock tests are designed to help you succeed.

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