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KPMG is a sought-after place to work. It is regarded as one of the Big Four professional services businesses. KPMG receives tens of thousands of applications for job positions, on a yearly basis, just in the UK. Yet, there are only a very limited number of job positions at KPMG, thus the competition for these few openings is fierce. To make the recruitment process easier, the company makes use of online aptitude testing. However, more often than not, they end up rejecting over 60% of applicants.

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Stages of the KPMG Recruitment Process

The KPMG application process consists of five stages. At each stage, you will need to do better than your competitors, if you want to move on to the next stage and ultimately land the job you want. This is why we at Prepterminal have put together this prep guide, so you can learn about the recruitment process, and see how best to prepare. The five steps of the process are as follows:

  1. KPMG Online application
  2. KPMG Situational Judgement Test
  3. KPMG Online aptitude tests
  4. KPMG Digital Submission
  5. KPMG Launch Pad Recruitment Event

#1. The Situational Judgement Test

You will receive the KPMG Situational Judgement Test within a day of completing the online application. You will have 72 hours to complete the test and the test takes approximately 30 minutes to finish. This psychometric exam features workplace scenarios and possible reactions to the given scenarios. Many of the responses you will be presented with will seem reasonable and similar, which makes this test all the more difficult. That’s why it is so important to prepare, so you can notice the difference between the given answer responses. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that KPMG has some preferred behavioral traits, which they call “Behavioural Capabilities”. It is good to become familiar with these preferred behaviors before taking your SJT. As SJT’s management will look for responses that are in keeping with these “Behavioral Capabilities”. Thus, always look to the answer that looks the most practical and demonstrates the qualities of an ideal candidate.

#2. The Aptitude Tests

The KPMG Numerical Reasoning Test is made up of 24 items, which need to be answered in 20 minutes. You will be given 72 hours to finish the exam. The questions given relate to percentages, graphs, and tables. You will be required to analyze data and select the correct answer from a series of multiple-choice answers. You will be required to take the exam again during the assessment day.

The KPMG Verbal Reasoning Test is made up of 40 items, which need to be answered in 20 minutes. You will be given 72 hours to finish the exam. You will need to read a series of paragraphs and will need to answer the questions related to these paragraphs. The options you will be given are True, False, or Cannot Tell. This exam measures your analytical abilities. You will be required to take the exam again during the assessment day.

#3. The Digital Submission

If you are successful in the aptitude tests you will be able to move on to the next stage of the KPMG recruitment process. In the next stage of the process, you will need to create a two-minute-long digital voice recording. This will give you a chance to show off your communication skills. It also gives KPMG an understanding of your career motivation.

KPMG uses the applicant’s recording to measure them in relation to three of the nine Behavioral Capabilities. Namely; ‘Seizes Business Opportunities’, ‘Career Motivation’, and ‘Makes an Impact’. You must submit the digital recording within three days of receiving the invitation to create the digital submission.

#4. EVENT and Exercises

The last stage of the KPMG recruiting process is the Launch Pad Event. Only candidates who successfully complete all four of the previous steps are eligible to participate. The Launch Pad Event provides you with a chance to get to know the members of staff, including people within the department you have applied to. This way you can learn more about the working environment that you will be joining.

KPMG uses the Launch Pad Event platform to learn more about you. You can use this platform to show KPMG that you have the qualities and skills that KPMG wants.

The KPMG Launch Pad even may involve the following:

KPMG Group Exercise
This exercise will measure your skill at working as part of a team. Throughout this exercise, different KPMG employees will watch you and see how well you resolve problems when you need to work with others.

KPMG Written Exercise
In this task, you will be required to create a response to a previously unseen case study question. This problem will be outlined in the applicant brief, which will be given to you.

Senior Partner Interview
This is a one-on-one interview with the director or partner from the area of the business you aim to join. This interview will focus on your competencies. It is your chance to show your skill, passion, and enthusiasm for your potential job with KPMG.

During the last part of the KPMG Senior Partner Interview, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. Make sure you use this chance to show that you are motivated and interested in the KPMG company. You should prepare some interesting questions in advance.

If you are successful at the KPMG event, KPMG will notify you within 2 days. If you are not successful you can ask for feedback.

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