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HSBC is a British-Hong Kong holding company. It offers financial and banking services. And, has its headquarters in London. It is the largest bank in Europe. Jobs at HSBC are sort after and many professionals and graduates who aspire to work in the banking sector apply to HSBC. In fact, tens of thousands of people apply for jobs at HSBC every year. And, there are only a certain amount of openings, making competition fierce.

So that they can sift through all of the job applications they receive, HSBC uses online aptitude tests. They assess applicants based on their performance on these tests. If you wish to stand out from your competition you need to bring your A-game to every step of the HSBC recruitment process.

HSBC Core Values

There are three core values that HSBC employers seek in their employees:

  • Open to various cultures and ideas
  • Dependable
  • Connected to communities, customers, one another, and regulators

It is recommended that you become very familiar with these values and find opportunities to show that you possess them.

The Four Steps of the HSBC Recruitment Process

The following are the four steps of the HSBC application process:

  • HSBC Online Job Application
  • HSBC Online Assessment – Aptitude Tests
  • HSBC First-round Interview
  • HSBC Assessment Centre/Super Day

HSBC Prep Course

HSBC Online Assessment Test Types

HSBC SHL Aptitude Tests

1) SHL Numerical Test

As part of almost all application processes, you will need to take an HSBC numerical reasoning test. Your capacity to understand and apply numerical data is a core part of most jobs at HSBC. On the test, you will be shown various numerical data questions. These will take the form of tables and graphs. You will need to study the graphs and tables, and answer multiple-choice questions. To get a high score on this exam, you will have to be capable of working out the answer quickly and accurately. It is highly recommended to practice so that you can stay focused and succeed in this timed exam.

2) SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

When you apply for certain job positions, you will also be required to take the HSBC verbal reasoning test. This test is created to measure how well you deal with written information. You will be given a paragraph of text and a statement relating to the passage. You must conclude if the statement is true, false, or impossible to say, based on the passage given. A great way to learn to manage your time is to practice on mock verbal reasoning test questions.

3) SHL Logical Reasoning Test

You could also be asked to take a logical reasoning test, also known as the HSBC inductive reasoning test. This non-verbal test was created by SHL to measure your abstract reasoning abilities. You will be shown a series of shapes and then some kind of pattern. Your job is to find the pattern and select the next shape in the sequence, from several possible options.

Hogan Personality Test

You could also be required to complete a personality test. The SHL personality test aims to measure how suitable you are in relation to the values of HSBC. Before you complete your personality test, it is recommended to read the HSBC values and the description of the job you are applying to. It is useful to practice using preparation materials such as those provided by Prepterminal.

Situational Judgement Test

When you apply for certain positions you will also need to complete the HSBC Situational Judgement Test (SJT). You will be shown various work-based scenarios on this assessment. You will also be presented with different potential reactions to these scenarios. You will need to select the response you deem most and least helpful. You should react to the situations in a manner that best suits the values of HSBC.

In some cases, yet not often, you may also need to take an Excel exam.

HSBC Recruitment Process

The application process is made up of several steps.

Online application form

Initially, you will need to submit an application form and a CV. You should ensure that your CV outlines your core competencies, experience, and achievements. These qualities should all relate back to the job you are applying to.

You could also be asked to answer several multiple-choice questions. These questions will ask you to rate your experience and skills, in relation to a particular job. There may also be some questions that revolve around competency.

HSBC Online Immersive Assessment

If your application succeeds you will be asked to take two online assessments. The initial assessment is an HSBC online immersive assessment.

This involves a situational judgment test, a numerical reasoning test, and a verbal reasoning test. The assessment is approximately one hour long.

HSBC Job Simulation

If you are successful in your HSBC online immersive assessments, you have the chance to move on to the next stage. This involves job simulation, which is an automated video. This video assessment is created by Hirevue. It will relate to the business area you have applied to. You will be shown made-up examples of work you could be doing on the job.

Questions could be about studying numerical information and offering a summary for a colleague. Ranking various responses to made-up work scenarios. Or, creating a video response explaining how you would deal with a specific task. You will also be required to answer some multiple-choice numerical reasoning items.

The entire test lasts for about 50 minutes. You can take both the HSBC online immersive assessment and the job simulation within a set period, outlined in your email invitation.

HSBC First-round Interview

The next stage of the HSBC recruitment process is a job interview. This generally takes the form of an HSBC telephone interview. You will be tested on how well you fit in with the bank’s values and your motivations and skills.

Your interview will be competency-based (CBI). As such, you should give examples of when you have shown teamwork, determination, leadership qualities, and the like. Consider projects you have worked on before.

HSBC’s Assessment Center/Super Day

If you apply for certain programs you will be asked to attend a half-day assessment at the HSBC center (known as a Super Day).

During this day you will be examined by senior members of the business area you are applying to. You will need to participate in individual and group exercises. You will also need to attend strengths-based interviews.

The exercises involve a case study. You will be given a pack of information about a bank. You will need to use this information to answer items and form recommendations.

You will also need to create a five-minute presentation, discussing your recommendations.

The group exercise measures how effectively you respond to a workplace situation. You will be divided into groups of 4-6 and will be assessed by two HSBC persons.

During Super Day you will also be interviewed. The questions you will be asked could be about your motivation for wanting to work at HSBC. They could also be about your strengths and qualities that are in keeping with the core values of HSBC.

In some cases, yet not often, you may also need to take an Excel exam.

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