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Ernst & Young, one of the Big Four accounting companies, is now officially known as EY. EY goes back as far as 1849, yet it didn’t take the name Ernst & Young until 1989, after a merger. The firm began to be known as EY in 2013, and eventually officially adopted this new name. EY provides the following services and more: Tax, Consulting, Assurance, and Advisory Services.
The company employs 270,000 individuals and boasts over 700 offices in 150 countries.

Stages of the EY Application Process

The EY recruitment process is comprised of six stages:


To begin with, you need to register and open an account with EY. This will let you select which program you wish to apply for, and your desired work location.

Application form

You will then need to complete an application form, according to the graduate program you choose. You will need to give your personal information, work experience, and education details.

Aptitude tests

Following this, you’ll be required to complete several online tests and case studies. This will last approximately 60 minutes. You will need to display different skills. Including, verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, and situational judgement.

Job simulation

If you successfully complete the aptitude tests, you will need to answer 14 questions about real work situations. You will need to provide written and video-recorded answers. This will take around 45 minutes.

Assessment center

If you pass your job simulation, you will be asked to attend an EY Experience Day. This will take place at an assessment center close to you.

Final interview

Lastly, you’ll have an interview with a senior representative at EY. You will discuss your reasons for wanting to join the company.

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EY Test types

Let’s take a look at the different EY test types in detail.

EY Situational Strengths Test

This aptitude test features a series of difficult situations that one could encounter in their place of work. And then presents several possible responses to the challenging situations.

You will need to watch 16 videos. These videos will outline specific situations. You will need to say which approach you would take in reaction to each situation. You could be asked to rank possible responses from one to five or select one answer from several options. If asked to rank your answer, you’ll need to decide how likely each answer choice is.

The exam takes around 30 minutes to complete. It is desirable to complete it as soon as you can once you get the link.

EY Numerical Reasoning Test

This is made up of 24 questions, which are to be answered in 20 minutes. The questions are about graphs, tables, and percentages. You will be required to analyze data and select the correct answer from a series of multiple-choice answers.

You don’t need any specialized maths knowledge to answer these questions. A firm grasp of basic GCSE-level maths is likely to be sufficient. EY wants to see how well you can apply reasoning to numerical information, and how you perform when in a pressurized and timed setting.

You will have a very limited time for each question, less than a minute. So you must practice before you get to test day so you are used to the pressure.

EY Verbal Reasoning Test

Verbal ability exams are created to measure your level of verbal and written comprehension. They also test your capacity to analyze tests well and quickly. And, your communication skills.

In the EY verbal reasoning test, you’ll be shown a passage of text, and some questions based on the text. You will need to decide if the answer is ‘True’, ‘False’, or ‘Cannot say’.

Ideally, you should take EY verbal reasoning test as soon as possible, after you receive the link.

EY Logical Reasoning Test

You could also be requested to sit a logical reasoning exam as part of your application process. This is a non-verbal test that measures your skill at problem-solving. You will be given a series of questions that relate to sequences of patterns and shapes.

In each of the questions, there will be a missing stage. You will be given several possible answer choices. This type of psychometric exam is often known as a diagrammatic reasoning exam.

EY Job Simulation

If you finish the online assessment stage and pass, you will be asked to proceed to the job simulation. This part of the process strives to find your strengths. It aims to see how good a fit you are for the EY job or program you have chosen to apply for.

The job simulation is made up of 14 questions. These questions are founded on real workplace situations, which you may experience when working at EY. For certain questions you will be asked to rank your responses in order; two of the questions will ask you to record your answer as a video, and others will ask to provide a written answer. Some of the questions come with a time limit.

You must complete this section in one sitting. It should take about one hour to finish.

You should dress well as you will need to record some of your answers.

You will be given a chance to practice recording yourself, however, when you record your answer you will not be able to re-record. Once you finish this part, EY will provide feedback on your strengths and how you can foster these areas.

EY Assessment Center (Also Known as EY Experience Day)

The EY Experience Day – also known as the assessment center – is the top stage of the application process. This day is made up of activities, exercises, and interviews. The aim is to measure your qualities and strengths. You should also develop an understanding of life at EY.

Throughout the day you will partake in a case study and a group exercise. You may also need to attend your partner interview.

EY Group Exercise

Throughout the experience day, applicants will be divided into groups of four. They will be provided with a package of information about work-related situations or tasks. You will be given 15 minutes to read through the information alone. Then you will have 30 minutes to discuss what you learned as a group. As a group, you will need to decide how you will handle the situation.

You will be examined on how well you work as a team member. You should pay attention to other applicants and respond to their ideas with respect. But also don’t be afraid to voice your ideas.

EY Case Study

In this part of the process, you will be given information about a made-up company. The company will need to make some challenging business decisions. You will also be given other relevant material and documents. You will have 30 minutes to read the information. You will need to study the scenario and develop an action plan.

You will need to show your findings to the EY assessors. They will ask you questions about how you chose to tackle the case study. You will need to work to discover the key problems in the information given to you.

EY Partner Interviews

Your interview could be scheduled for the end or start of your experience day, or for any other time. The interview will usually take about 25 minutes. The questions typically revolve around your strengths. You may be asked about what motivates you and your achievements.

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