The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test

Last updated 09/2020

Over the years, those that are involved in the elevator industry have increasingly gained recognition. Workers, including contractors, repairers, and installers, are one of the highest-paid professions in the trade industry. However, to get any of these apprenticeships, you will have to take some exams, which will include the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT).

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Question-MarkHow to Become an Apprentice in the Elevator Industry

The EIAT is the initial screening of applicants that are applying for an apprenticeship in the elevator industry. It was developed by the National Elevator Industry Educational Program (NEIEP). It aims to measure whether the potential candidates are capable and fit to work in the mentioned industry.

The EIAT also has a number of names depending on who you talk to in the elevator industry, among them are:

  • The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test
  • The Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Entrance Exam
  • The EIAT Test
  • The Elevator Aptitude Test
  • The Elevator Union Test
  • The Elevator Union Aptitude Test
  • The Elevator Apprenticeship Test
  • The NEIEP Aptitude Test

Due to a large number of applicants that wish to work in the elevator industry, they needed to narrow down the candidates by conduc ting the exam. It is very competitive, and so you have to make sure that you prepare for it.

Question-MarkWhy is the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test Important?

Of course, if you are passionate about this specific industry, it is a given that you have to pass the elevator union test. There are still a few steps after this, and the only way you can proceed to accomplish those is by getting a satisfactory score from the exam. It would be even better if you get high scores.

Because there are a lot more people other than you that are trying for the same position you are vying for, you have to place yourself at the highest tier possible in the elevator industry aptitude test to increase your chances of getting hired. Most employers will try to employ candidates from tier one first before browsing through candidates that earned lower scores.

Components of the EIAT

The EIAT covers three areas, namely:

Numerical-ReasoningMath or Arithmetic Computation

This part of the exam concentrates on the candidate’s ability to solve basic mathematical problems quickly and accurately. In this line of work, you need to be able to come up with the right measurements and values to ensure safety and efficiency.

While preparing for the elevator union test, you have to practice calculating several sample questions that will cover not only basic numeracy but also fractions and decimals.

Mechanical-ReasoningReading Comprehension or Verbal Reasoning

Since you will be working in the U.S., you have to be able to understand all the common terminologies that are used in the elevator industry. Most of the time, you will have to fill in the missing words in the sentence based on context.

Question-MarkMechanical Aptitude

Of course, since you are aiming to build a career in the elevator industry, you must be prepared to answer questions that will cover all knowledge that is essential to the profession.

There are three main subjects that you can expect that will come out, including gears (gear ratio and meshing gears’ directionality), wheels and pulleys (wheel rotation speed, force reduction in pulleys), and force and moment (force equilibrium, the law of the lever).

In this portion of the elevator industry aptitude test, you will not perform any complicated calculations since it is mostly qualitative instead of quantitative.

Each of the three sections will contain around 30 to 35 questions, which you must finish within the predetermined time limit.

TickWhat Does the Score in the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test Imply?

The EIAT test scoring is based on a pass-or-fail system. It is a must for applicants to get at least 70% correct answers for them to proceed to the next steps, such as the interview. If you get a test result of any grade below this, you will have to resubmit their application and retake the exam.

Other than the EIAT test, you also have to take the tools recognition test, which you will answer on the same day.

Once you have gone to your interview, the interviewers will give you a grade depending on how well you can answer their questions. Just like in the EIAT test, you will need to get at least 70% to proceed to your apprenticeship.

To get the last and final score, the organization will add up all your scores from the EIAT, interview, and tools test. From that, they will divide you into four different tiers, specifically:

  • Tier 1 (96 – 100 Points)
  • Tier 2 (90 – 95 Points)
  • Tier 3 (80 – 89 Points)
  • Tier 4 (70 – 79 Points)

As mentioned before, you must strive to get a higher score in the elevator aptitude test, because the higher in the top the tier you are in, the greater the chances that the employer will choose you. However, if you don’t get hired right away, there is no need to worry.

The rank that you get during the elevator union test and the entire recruitment process would be valid for two years.

Question-MarkTips on How to Pass the EIAT With Flying Colors

1) Research on the current format of the exam sections and practice on sample questions. All potential candidates must become familiar with what you are going to face in the exam because if not, you could end up panicking in the EIAT test.

2) Many items in the exam will have too much information. Try to read through the entire question and collect only the necessary values and data needed to get the correct answer. Never waste your time by including numbers that are not required in the calculation. Remember, you are being timed.

3) The day before the elevator aptitude test, you must try to review the main points and the concepts that you have difficulty with from each section. Although you have to remember many things from the subjects, you should focus on the ones that you had notable trouble with and brush up on those skills.

4) If you have the resources, it would be best if you practice with online materials available. You can browse through different sites that offer some sample exams to help you familiarize the various topics. There are some that even offer an EIAT practice test and an elevator industry aptitude test study guide free.

Question-MarkHow Prepterminal Can Help You in the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Entrance Exam

As mentioned above, it is crucial for candidates to prepare themselves for the elevator union aptitude test, because it is a very competitive industry to be in, and you want to rise among the rest. You have to try and rank at a higher tier to get recognized by several employers.

Prepterminal can assist you in your review and preparation for the elevator union aptitude test. On their website, they provide several courses, which are up-to-date, for various types of psychometric tests and also the elevator aptitude test.

The materials Prepterminal gives its users are tailored in a very strategic way that will help you find the correct elevator mechanics exam answers in the quickest time with their EIAT practice test and study guides.

The course developers work tirelessly by researching all there is to know about the test and creating sample exams of the elevator mechanic apprenticeship entrance exam for users to try out during their practice.

Not only does this help you understand the elevator aptitude test more, but it also enables you to get used to how the exam will be conducted in the future.

If you sign-up with PrepTerminal, you can have access to both the different course materials, such as elevator industry aptitude test pdf study guides and a full EIAT practice test which also gives you the elevator mechanics exam answers with in-depth explanations inside the practice tests.

With these, you will be able to prepare for the exam, gain confidence in getting a higher score, and rank at a top tier.

Question-MarkWhat Comes Next After the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Entrance Exam?

We focused much on the EIAT test prep and the exam itself above, but now let’s talk about what comes after that step. When you are done with the elevator apprenticeship test, you will then have to take the tools recognition tests, which is a separate part but is still included in the overall score. You will have to answer the exam right after the aptitude test.

The tools recognition test will consist of various questions about the tools used in the industry and how they are used. Although it is relatively easier than the EIAT, you must still review all the tools so that you can get a higher test result.

The last part of the process is attending your interview. As discussed above, you will still be graded by the interviewers, and the score you get in this portion will be added to the scores of the two tests taken prior.

The interview will last for about 15 to 20 minutes, and there will be two interviewers, one from the IUEC, and the other would be from a company that can potentially employ you. The score you get from this step is the average of the grades given by both people.

In the interview, you might have to answer questions related to your education and work experience, your motivation, safety measures in the industry, and your work-related behavior. You must be confident when answering their questions and make sure that you give an excellent first impression.

Here are some ways you can ace the interview:

  • Do some research about the employer.
  • Highlight your personality traits that an excellent technical worker must have.
  • Make sure to talk about safety and protocol adherence since it is a significant concern in the assessment.
  • Make good use of an EIAT test prep that contains an interview guide.


1.Will I immediately get an apprenticeship after passing the EIAT?

– Passing the NEIEP aptitude test is not an assurance of an apprenticeship since there are still some steps that you have to follow after. You need to take the tools test and go through an interview with the employer and a representative from IUEC. You will be able to proceed to work as a paid apprentice once a company has chosen you after they review your scores.

2. Can I use a calculator on the exam?

– No, you are not permitted to bring a calculator in the EIAT. You must answer them manually.

3. What are elevator constructor apprentices?

– They are workers that are responsible for assisting their superior mechanics in the installation, repair, and maintenance of different types of elevators, moving sidewalks, escalators, and dumbwaiters.

4. Where can I find my EIAT results?

– You will receive an email from the iCims system. If you passed, they would also ask you to schedule the date of the interview.

5. What happens if I fail the EIAT?

– Anyone who gets a score of below 70% will be removed from the pool of candidates. If you happen to fail, you can re-apply in the subsequent recruitment period.

6. Where do I send my application and documents?

– All of your application materials, such as the completed application and a copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate, can be sent through the internet as instructed in the recruitment advertisement.

If you are genuinely passionate about becoming an apprentice in the elevator industry, you will have to put in extra effort to increase your chances of becoming one.

Do not merely aim for a passing grade, but instead strive to reach tier 1 in the elevator industry aptitude test. Remember, many people are also vying for the same position as you, which means you have to find a way to rise above the rest.

The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test

Last updated 09/2020 ?>

Over the years, those that are involved in the elevator industry have increasingly gained recognition. Workers, including contractors, repairers, and installers, are one of the highest-paid professions in the trade industry. However, to get any of these apprenticeships, you will have to take some exams, which will include the Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT).

Prepterminal’s all-inclusive guides, practice materials and authentic practice questions are the ideal preparation resource for anybody seeking to pass the EIAT

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