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The National Elevator Industry Education Program (NEIEP) was created by the International Union of Elevator Construction (IUEC) and the National Elevator Industry Inc. The program is a labor-management and education initiative.

Getting at least 70% on the EIAT is essential, as if you don’t achieve at least 70 points out of 100 you will not move on to the interview stage. Your mark on this test will play a part in your general ranking. Employers will likely recruit applicants with top rankings.

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What is The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test? (EIAT)

The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) is a test used to screen potential employers. The test assesses the reading, mechanical, and numerical abilities of a candidate. It also involves a face-to-face interview. To pass the written part of the EIAT test candidates will need to get a score of 70 points or higher.

The EIAT also has a number of names depending on who you talk to in the elevator industry, among them are:

  • The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test
  • The Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Entrance Exam
  • The EIAT Test
  • The Elevator Aptitude Test
  • The Elevator Union Test
  • The Elevator Union Aptitude Test
  • The Elevator Apprenticeship Test
  • The NEIEP Aptitude Test

Organizations will consider the results of your written test and interview to see if you are a suitable candidate for the job. It’s crucial that you get a top score on the EIAT test, if you wish to prove to potential employers that hiring you is the right decision.

EIAT Prep Course

How to Apply for an Apprenticeship in the Elevator Industry?

The steps to becoming an Elevator Construction Apprentice are as follows:

  1. Apply for the position that interests you
  2. Complete all steps in the application process
  3. Pass the elevator aptitude test
  4. Complete the tool assessment test
  5. Pass the interview process

What is the tool assessment test?

For the tool assessment test, you need to have a basic knowledge of tools and how you use them. You should also have an understanding of measuring skills. The tools include Phillips screwdrivers, diagonal cutters, lineman’s pliers, crimpers, and tape measure. Make sure you know how to read a measuring tape before you sit this test.

Pass the interview process

The test interview will be run by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC). The interview will last for between 15-20 minutes. In the interview, you will get a score from two judges, and the average of these two scores will form your final interview mark.

So, what will occur after you complete your interview?

A candidate’s interview score will be calculated according to the average of the two interviewers. You can pass or fail the interview. 70% is the minimum passing score to be granted a rank on the Local’s hiring list.

To get the last and final score, the organization will add up all your scores from the EIAT, interview, and tools test. From that, they will divide you into four different tiers, specifically:

Tier 1 (96 – 100 Points)
Tier 2 (90 – 95 Points)
Tier 3 (80 – 89 Points)
Tier 4 (70 – 79 Points)

As mentioned before, you must strive to get a higher score in the elevator aptitude test, because the higher in the top tier you are in, the greater the chances that the employer will choose you.

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What are the Components of the EIAT Test?

All candidates who complete their application in a timely fashion will be given an elevator aptitude test which will assess their reading, math skills, and aptitude.

The tests examine you on three primary skills:

  • Reading Comprehension – this section will ask the candidate to show their understanding of English, including word understanding, sentence, and reading comprehension.
  • Mechanical Comprehension – this section will ask the candidate to prove they have knowledge of the basic mechanical concepts connected to the job.
  • Arithmetic Computation – in this section the candidate will need to use basic maths skills and numerical reasoning and could need to understand typical mathematical formulas.

Each of the three sections will contain around 30 to 35 multiple-choice questions, which you must finish within 15-20 minutes. Note, that you are not permitted to bring a calculator to the EIAT test. You must answer them manually.

The is a pass or fail assessment, and you will need to get 70% or higher to pass. If you happen to fail, you can re-apply in the subsequent recruitment period. Those who pass the elevator aptitude test will need to then complete a tool recognition test and an interview. Top scores on both these tests better your likelihood of being asked to complete an interview.

Tips on How to Ace the EIAT

Tip #1. There are no penalties for choosing the wrong answer to a question. This means that it is worthwhile guessing. Try not to spend too long on one question, if you don’t know an answer, guess and move on.

Tip #2. It is not sufficient to simply pass. It is essential that you do very well on the EIAT, as you will get a ranking according to your test and interview results. Potential employers will look to see who, out of all the candidates, has received the top rankings.

Tip #3. Ensure that you practice before the day of the test as your score will influence your future.

Tip #4. Practice fine-tuning your skills. Practice and repetition will give you the skills you need to answer more questions right within the time of the test.

Tip #5. Make sure your math and reading skills are up to scratch. You may feel a little rusty in certain areas, so concentrate on these topics to make them stronger.


Who will be responsible for administering the test?

The International Union of Elevator Construction (IUEC).

What score is needed to pass the test?

You need to score at least 70 out of 100 to pass the exam. If you get 69.5 or less, you will have to reapply and resit the EIAT.

How old do you have to be to apply for an apprenticeship in the elevator industry?

Applicants need to be eighteen (18) years of age.

What are the general qualifications I need to apply? Must I have a high school or college degree?

You must have a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

What is an Elevator Constructor Apprentice, and what type of work do they carry out?

Apprentices help in the maintenance, installation, and repair of passenger and freight elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks. They receive their directions from a mechanic.

What is the process involved in becoming an Elevator Construction Apprentice?

You need to apply through an open recruitment process, and complete the application process. This involves an application, aptitude test, tool assessment, and an interview.

How Prepterminal Can Help You in the Elevator Mechanic Apprenticeship Entrance Exam

Getting at least 70% on EIAT is essential to move on to the interview stage. Your grade on the EIAT will be considered in your overall ranking.

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