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Deloitte is a “Big Four” accounting firm. It is also the largest professional services network, in terms of the number of professionals and its revenue.

Deloitte is rated as a top working environment for young professionals and graduates. In the UK, Deloitte assesses over 100,000 job applications, per year. In the US, Deloitte considers approximately 200,000 applications, each year.

The Stages of Deloitte Hiring Process

To ensure that the hiring process runs smoothly, Deloitte has created a four-stage recruitment process. A large part of the process is online psychometric testing. These tests manage to trip-up over 60% of candidates.

The Deloitte job application process includes the following four steps:

  • Deloitte Online Application
  • Deloitte Online Immersive Assessment: Online Aptitude Tests
  • Deloitte Job Simulation: Video Assessment
  • Deloitte Interview

Deloitte Online Application and Game-based Assessment

All applicants need to begin with an online application submission. This submission will require you to fill in your personal details and qualifications. You will also need to state your education, and possibly a few questions about your drives. The questions will ask you why you want to work for Deloitte, and why you are applying for this specific role.

Once you have completed your application you could be asked to undertake a game-based assessment. These game-based assessments will analyze different aspects of your personality. For example, how you deal with problems, and how you relate to risk.

Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment

Once your initial application has been accepted, you will need to begin the assessment testing process

Deloitte’s assessment tests are called the Immersive Online Assessment. Generally, you will need to complete a combination of:

  • situational strength test
  • numerical reasoning
  • verbal reasoning test

You could also need to complete a ‘blended assessment’, which is one test made up of several test types.

The tests you will be required to take will depend on the role you are applying for and your location.

The Situational Strengths Test

In the situational strengths test, you will be presented with questions about different work scenarios. You will need to give your answer response. The exam generally features around 20 questions and there is no time limit. The questions are particular to Deloitte and the type of situations you may experience as an employee. It’s essential that you know the core competencies of Deloitte so that you know what qualities they want their employees to hold. You can practice on mock situational judgment tests so that you become used to the style and format of these tests.

The Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test is an assessment that you may take alone. Alternatively, you may need to take it as one of the ‘blended assessments’. The verbal reasoning test is a capp-type verbal reasoning test. It will measure different verbal skills. For example, identifying correct missing words, assessing styles of communication, ranking various statements, and corrections.

The Numerical Reasoning Test

The numerical reasoning test could be formatted a bit differently from the numerical tests you have completed to date. The test publisher used is Cappfinity. These numerical tests have different types of numerical items within each test. You will need to choose the right answer from multiple answer choices. You will also need to rank the answer choices.

Deloitte E-tray Exercise

This test is generally completed online, however, you may need to attend an assessment center. You will be asked to take on a particular role within the company. Information about the role will be given to you. You will then be provided with access to a simulated online workplace system.

You will be asked to reply to emails, attend to urgent tasks, and analyze data. All of the questions are presented as multiple-choice questions. However, the last question may ask you to give your recommendation in relation to a piece of work. Which could take place within the Deloitte workplace. You will need to consider which action you should take.

Deloitte Assessment Course

Deloitte Job Simulation Assessment (Video Assessment)

Once you have successfully completed the online assessments, you will be asked to move on to the next stage of the hiring process. This stage is the ‘Job Simulation’ stage.

Deloitte’s job simulation involves a light assessment and a video interview. You will need to create emails, and answer some numerical problems according to a client’s information. You will also need to record video responses to given scenarios.

Deloitte Final Interview (Assessment Centre)

The Deloitte interview stage is made up of two types of interviews. Firstly, a competency-based interview, and secondly an interview with your prospective employer (manager).

In the competency-based interview, you will need to show that you have the skills and traits needed for the role you are applying for. You will need to give extended and targeted answers. You should write down each question to make sure you have answered all of its parts. Some question examples are:

  • Give us an example of a time when you worked as a team member to meet a deadline.
  • What would you change if you had a chance to do something over again?
  • Give us an instance when you didn’t agree with a staff member. What did you argue about? How did you reach an agreement?

If you manage to pass this initial interview, you will be invited back. The last interview will include a presentation. You will be provided with a topic. You will have a limited amount of time to develop your presentation. You will be given five minutes to present, and then ten minutes to answer questions. This final interview will involve more general questions about you, your strengths, and your work ethic. You may also be asked about your experience and understanding of the company.

How to Beat the Test and Get Hired?

To successfully pass the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment aptitude test you will need to complete a combination of situational strength, numerical reasoning, and verbal reasoning tests. And, this is no simple task.

To ensure you are prepared for your Deloitte online assessment, our psychometric experts have carefully constructed a preparatory course. Our prep course contains all the information you need to ace your test and make a solid impression.

Our Deloitte prep course consists of 17 Core Modules, including 10 Numerical Reasoning Guides, 3 Verbal Reasoning Guides, and 4 Situational Judgement Guides. These guides will enable you to seamlessly study for your test. To ensure you get all the practice you need we have also included 11 Numerical Reasoning Question Sets, 10 Verbal Reasoning Question Sets, and 6 Situational Judgement Question Sets.

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